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IGK - Chapter 1.2: Wang Ke (2/2)

“Uhh? ”

“And, what did I instruct you guys previously? Do you even know how to ‘tout’? If not for my impeccable control, the entire sale would have been destroyed by you!” Wang Ke said with a deep voice.

“I’m sorry, it’s my mistake!” That subordinate immediately bowed his head and admitted his shortcomings.

“Forget it. It’s my first time selling this financial product. The result is good enough! Oh yeah. Have you selected the people I want?” said Wang Ke while he looked at that subordinate.

“Worry not, Clan Lord, most of today’s guests were wicked people. I made things difficult for the good and kind hearted, all to prevent them from participating. They weren’t allowed to purchase!” the subordinate replied respectfully.

“That’s good! I, Wang Ke, only earn money from those who earn money through wicked ways!” Wang Ke said with satisfaction as he took another sip of the tea.

“Indeed. Clan Lord, you said that these financial products can be claimed at any time. What if they really come to claim them?” the same subordinate asked with worry.

“Then let them! Have you forgotten our reputation in the Zhu Cultivation Town? Credibility. We’re equal to credibility in this town!” Wang Ke said with a deep voice.

“Huhhh? We would need to return the money we scammed from them with our skills?”

“Humph, if we don’t allow them to claim, how would they buy even more financial products?” Wang Ke replied calmly.

“Ahhh? Oh!”

Wang Ke took a breath and said in a serious tone, “Wait till we absorb all the spirit stones in the Zhu Cultivation Town. We will leave immediately once we do!”

“Leave the Zhu Cultivation Town? That’s such a pity. We’ve been operating here for a decade!”

“Great profits involve great risks! Since we urgently need spirit stones, we can make up for this need by taking all the spirit stones from all the cultivation towns,” Wang Ke said with a deep voice.

“Clan Lord, you’re so awesome... Don’t you have other ways? It would be such a pity to leave like this!” That subordinate seemed a little reluctant.

“I do! We can open a bank and sell insurance!” Wang Ke said, after taking a deep breath.

“Ahhh? Bank? Insurance? What are those?” the subordinate asked in confusion.

Wang Ke sighed slightly. “Forget it. Don’t think about it for now. Without a strong backing, even if we open the bank, we would only be taken advantage of! I will teach you how to do banking and insurance sales when the time is right. Your current task is to sell our financial product and empty each major cultivation town of their unrighteous wealth to strengthen ourselves! One thing at a time!”

“Yes, sir!” the subordinate answered.

“The Zhu Cultivation Town is just the beginning. I will have to rely on you to include the other towns!” Wang Ke said to his trusted subordinates.

“You can count on us, Clan Lord!” the questioning subordinate replied respectfully.

“Okay. You may leave!” Wang Ke laid back on his chair, visibly pleased.

“Yes, sir!” that subordinate acknowledged the order and left.

At that moment, another subordinate came running into the main hall.

“Clan Lord, a man claiming to be your good friend arrived. He wants to see you!” the subordinate said respectfully.

“How could I have good friends? What does he look like?” With a raised brow, Wang Ke had a suspicious expression in his face.

“His appearance? A little plump. He’s dressed in a black scholar robe and carries a folding fan in his hand. I couldn’t gauge his cultivation, but his face is a little... a little...!” It suddenly became difficult to describe that man’s face.

But Wang Ke seemed to have guessed who it was, and his expression changed. “Does his face... look extremely wretched?”

“Ahh, yes. He does have a wretched face!” that subordinate replied awkwardly.

Wang Ke’s face blackened. He stood up instantly and said, “That shameless guy, why is he here?”

Before he could even finish his sentence, he saw the plump man barge into the main hall.

“Ahh, Brother Wang, I knew you were here. You’re so difficult to find!” The black-robed man ran up toward Wang Ke passionately.

Two clan members chased after him as they cried out bitterly, “Clan Lord, we... we couldn't stop him!”

But Wang Ke seemed to have expected it. He waved his hand and said, “Don’t worry, it’s not your fault. You may leave now.”

“Yes, sir!” All the Wang Clan members left the main hall in confusion.

“Brother Wang, you’re really enjoying life. What a wonderful place you have here! Why didn’t you inform me before you moved back then? It took me ten years to find you!” The black-robed man walked closer to Wang Ke, laughing.

Seeing the man, Wang Ke’s face blackened. “Zhang Zhengdao, you have a dog’s nose. I was trying so hard to hide from you, and yet you found me?”

“Brother Wang, why are you so fierce to me all the time? I missed you so much I had a hard time eating and sleeping all these years!” Zhang Zhengdao immediately closed in on Wang Ke with a hideous smile.

“Get lost. Haven’t you caused me enough trouble? I’ve been haunted by bad luck after what happened last time. Oh, how quickly you fled! Humph!” Wang Ke said, staring at him.

“Last time? You can’t blame me for that. We went to dig out the demon king’s ancestral grave, which was an immoral business in the first place. So, it’s only natural to meet with some bad luck. Didn’t you harvest a whole bunch of benefits anyway?” Zhang Zhengdao replied while laughing.

“It was all your fault. You didn’t have accurate information!” Wang Ke said as he stared at the plump fellow.

“That... That was not my fault. I was also a victim! I wasted so many enchanted artifacts and spirit stones but received nothing in return. I haven’t even dared to set up fake accidents to scam people in all the years we’ve been apart! Brother Wang, you’re a really talented man! Staying in this small town is such a waste of your talent. Why don’t we do something big again?” Zhang Zhengdao said with his pea-sized eyes glowing.

“You want me to help you choose targets to scam, right?” Wang Ke asked with a black face.

“How could you consider that a scam? We’re merely taking from the rich to help the poor. You see, I’m so poor right now... and you always complain about being poor, too. We are so wretchedly poor, and we need help from the filthy rich! You have a quick brain, and I’m as thick-skinned as they come. We’re an invincible pair!” an excited Zhang Zhengdao said with pride.

Wang Ke narrowed his eyes. He was unmoved by Zhang Zhengdao’s shameless display.

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Written by Guan Qi — Watching Chess. Translated by IcyRain. Edited by Calofel.