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CSG - Chapter 2947: Disciples of the Sword Saint

“I was careless. I thought I completely understood the power of the ancestral artifact already, but I didn’t think I’d still underestimate it. The power of the ancestral artifact is actually even greater than what I imagined. Probably even certain god artifacts wielded by Grand Exalts pale in comparison to the ancestral artifact. My little friend Jian Chen, I’m too ashamed to face you again…” The Wind Venerable’s voice rang out from the fetal membrane of the world. It was filled with guilt and self-blame.

Afterwards, he said nothing more. He used his full strength to engage the fetal membrane of the world in a battle of death, unleashing his struggle over fate.

By now, neither the Wind Venerable nor the fetal membrane of the world had any path of retreat anymore. All they could do was march ahead fearlessly and fight till death.

Regardless of who won, they would completely obtain the other’s powers, allowing them to strive forwards and become even greater.

However, once they lost, then they would be done for!

Jian Chen no longer had the strength to speak. The exhaustion of his chaotic essence blood left him extremely feeble. Even his shriveled body that sat on the ground tottered about as if it could fall over at any time.

Shen Jian and Sacredfeather had already arrived beside Jian Chen. They paid attention to the Wind Venerable’s situation as they constantly kept an eye on Jian Chen’s situation.

Sacredfeather still had a few low level pills that could recover essence blood in his Space Ring. These pills basically had no effect on Primordial realm experts at all, and in Sacredfeather’s eyes, they were all items he could discard. But at this moment, he took out all of these pills too and fed them all to Jian Chen, hoping that at least something was better than nothing.

“You don’t need to worry about me. Losing essence blood will just bring me a long period of feebleness at most. As long as I have some time, I can make a complete recovery,” Jian Chen said weakly. If any other Primordial realm expert lost all of their essence blood, the consequences would be extremely severe.

However, he cultivated the Chaotic Body. These life-threatening problems to other experts were not worth mentioning to the Chaotic Body.

Afterwards, Jian Chen began to meditate, completely unleashing the recovery powers of the Chaotic Body to produce more chaotic essence blood.

The process was very slow. Even when Jian Chen was in peak condition, it would still take him a year to produce a single droplet. Now that his vitality was drained, the process obviously became slower.

But he had no other choice.

The battle between the Wind Venerable and the fetal membrane of the world clearly would not end overnight, but after Jian Chen offered up all of his chaotic essence blood, the Wind Venerable clearly gained an absolute advantage. Victory was just a matter of time now.

In the ruins of the Spirits’ World, the Lightning God clan continued to search for the Grand Prime who took all the Origin of Ways. However, they had already expanded their search range from the Burial Zone to the entire Spirits’ World.

They suspected that the Grand Prime might have left the Burial Zone already, hiding away in a certain part of the Spirits’ World. As a result, they carried out a detailed search across the entire Spirits’ World.

However, the Spirits’ World was still a major world like the Saints’ World after all. Even when it was already ruined, with many regions off-limits or even directly vanishing, the remaining area was still extremely large. Just two Grand Primes of the Lightning God clan definitely did not possess the ability to search an entire world.

As a result, under the request of the Lightning God clan, the Violet Crepeflower clan and the Dao clan both sent experts into the Spirits’ World too, assisting the Lightning God clan in searching for the Origin of Ways.

There was a small handful of peak organisations that served as subsidiaries to these archaean clans. By now, these peak organisations had all been mobilised, personally led into the ruins of the Spirits’ World by their Grand Primes ancestors with a few commanding Chaotic Prime great elders. They all did their best to assist the Lightning God clan to find the Origin of Ways.

The operations of the three archaean clans seemed to be an extremely great deal, but they did not actually raise any attention in the Spirits’ World at all, as all of the cultivators in the Spirits' World were completely distracted by something else.

That was the legacy of a Grand Exalt!

Not only had news of the legacy spread through the Spirits’ World, but it had even reached the boundless Saints’ World too. Basically all the cultivators that moved around in the Spirits’ World had gathered where the legacy appeared.

However, the legacy of this Grand Exalt clearly could not be obtained so easily, which was why it still had not chosen a master despite all this time.

“Great elder, why are we leaving the place of the legacy? Although the chances of obtaining the legacy are extremely slim, I think that as long as we stay there, there’ll still be a chance. If we leave, wouldn’t we be giving up on that smallest bit of hope?”

A Chaotic Prime great elder from a peak organisation travelled through space with several dozen disciples near the place of the legacy. The person who asked the question was a Godking disciple. His eyes burned fervently, and he was very reluctant to leave.

Hearing that, the great elder at the very front smiled gently and said, “The legacy of a Grand Exalt can’t be obtained that easily. Only those who are fated can obtain this fortune, and we’re not fated. Instead of wasting time and waiting there foolishly, we’re better off searching some other places and seeing if we can find other fortunes.”

“But I- I find it a little difficult to just watch a Grand Exalt’s legacy drift right past me,” the Godking disciple continued.

The great elder smiled mysteriously. “Don’t worry. Since the legacy of a Grand Exalt has appeared, our Divine Sect of One Qi obviously won’t just let it slip by. My senior uncle is lurking outside the vestiges right now, waiting for a ‘fated person’ to gain the recognition of the legacy. Once they obtain the legacy, senior uncle will personally take the legacy from the ‘fated person’.”

“The legacies of Grand Exalts are difficult to retrieve from their vestiges, but if someone obtains it, it’ll be much easier. Fortunately, the passageway to the Saints’ World just happens to be blocked right now, so no one can come here. With my senior uncle’s cultivation, he doesn’t have a lot of opponents that are his equal in the Spirits’ World.” The great elder smiled evilly.

However, when he passed by the fragment of a meteor, his eyes suddenly narrowed. He sensed around closely before ravishing in joy. “The Origin of Ways. This is the presence of the Origin of Ways. We’ve actually encountered the Origin of Ways here.” He had never seen the Origin of Ways before, but the sect he came from was a peak organisation with a lengthy history, so they obviously possessed information regarding the Origin of Ways.

“It can’t be wrong. It definitely can’t be wrong. It’s identical to the ruins in the sect. This is definitely the Origin of Ways.” The great elder of the Divine Sect of One Qi was overjoyed. He sensed around carefully and locked onto the source of the Origin of Ways very quickly. His gaze suddenly landed on the meteor fragment nearby, and he struck out with his hand.

Boom! With a great rumble, the several dozen concealing formations on the meter fragment tore apart like paper, exposing the four brothers.

The four of them had set up layers upon layers of defence, carefully hiding there to absorb the Origin of Ways, but they were still discovered unfortunately. 

“It’s actually four Godkings? Even four measly Godkings can obtain the Origin of Ways?” Seeing the four brothers, the great elder of the Divine Sect of One Qi was stunned. Soon afterwards, his face darkened from anger, and his expression twisted. He burned with rage.

“You’ve already absorbed a part of the Origin of Ways? Dammit, dammit! The legendary Origin of Ways isn’t something that can be absorbed by the likes of you. You’re basically sullying the Origin of Ways.” The great elder flew into a rage and took action immediately. He struck out with his hand again, and the tremendous energy immediately condensed into a huge hand. It fell towards the four brothers with tremendous pressure well beyond what they could endure.

“Let’s go!” However, the four brothers responded extremely quickly. They immediately unleashed their sword techniques in an attempt to escape.

However, right when the hand of energy was about to land on them, right when the four brothers were about to use their sword techniques, a strand of sword Qi suddenly appeared out of thin air. It was completely silent, piercing the hand of energy with lightning speed.

Immediately, the hand of energy condensed by the great elder collapsed, and the sword Qi continued onwards with the same force, piercing through space with indescribable speed and penetrating the great elder’s forehead instantly.

In the next moment, the great elder was completely reduced to ashes despite his Chaotic Prime cultivation, not even able to let out a cry. He did not even have a moment to respond before he perished completely.

An old man in white robes silently appeared before the four brothers. He was ruddy and sage-like in appearance, making him seem like an enlightened grandmaster.

He hovered there silently without giving off the slightest presence. He seemed to have fused with the space there completely, preventing anyone from sensing his existence.

“The great elder! Y- you killed the great elder of our Divine Sect of One Qi!” On the other side, the several dozen disciples of the Divine Sect of One Qi finally responded. All of their faces changed drastically, staring at the old man in complete fear.

Their great elder was a Chaotic Prime after all, yet he had just been reduced to ashes right before them like that. The methods used and the mysterious circumstances of his death immediately left them utterly shocked.

At this moment, the old man in white robes glanced past the disciples, and soon afterwards, they all followed the footsteps of the great elder. Their bodies were silently reduced to ash, perishing for good.

With the old man’s appearance, the four brothers could not help but halt their escaping sword techniques they were about to complete. Their eyes all gathered on the old man in white.

The old man turned around and glanced past the four brothers indifferently. He said with a dignified voice, “I am the Celestial Sword Saint. Are the four of you willing to accept me as your master?”

The four brothers exchanged glances before all of them knelt down and formally acknowledged him as their master. “We’re willing. Greetings, master!”

The Celestial Sword Saint nodded gently as if he accepted this acknowledgement. Afterwards, he flicked his finger at the four brothers gently, and they immediately experienced a strange false impression as if something on them had shattered.

But before they could think too much about it, the Celestial Sword Saint waved his hand, and all of them vanished.

Soon after they left, Fang Jing appeared there silently. She gazed around, and her face was extremely ugly.

“There are no traces at all. It’s all been wiped clean, so clean that even peering around is useless. Even if I turn back time, I won’t be able to find anything. Who was it exactly?” Fang Jing’s eyes were sharp, and her voice was stern. She immediately became agitated, as she had discovered she had completely lost track of the four brothers.

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Written by Xin Xing Xiao Yao (心星逍遥). Translated by Pipipingu, Deceptioning..