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CSG - Chapter 2946: Exhausting the Essence Blood (Four)

The Wind Venerable sat with his legs crossed. The fetal membrane of the world that seemed to be obscured by mist hovered a meter above his head. Jian Chen, Shen Jian, and Sacredfeather sat thirty meters away from the Wind Venerable, staring straight at him.

To the three of them, this was not as simple as borrowing the supreme ways of the world that manifested when the Wind Venerable broke through to increase their own comprehension and understanding of the ways.

They were also there to witness the birth of a sovereign of the world.

The Wind Venerable sat there in meditation, without budging at all. His breathing was steady and rhythmic, inhaling and exhaling heavily.

Every time he inhaled and exhaled, the scene he created became more and more terrifying. As he breathed, it sounded like the roaring and rampaging of elephants and dragons. Powerful streams of air swept up the dust on the ground, blotting out the sky.

Towards the end, every breath of his could create a tidal surge in the surroundings, making the entire world respond. The whole nameless planet experienced a great catastrophe of energy, completely upheaving the place.

It was very difficult to imagine that this was actually caused by a supreme expert’s breathing.

Jian Chen, Shen Jian, and Sacredfeather were perfectly safe under the protection of the fetal membrane of the world. They were not affected.

Clearly, when the Wind Venerable fused with the fetal membrane of the world, it did not disturb the power that the membrane gave off.

The Wind Venerable spent half a month adjusting his breathing. The next step was extremely important. Not only did it impact whether he could rise up to a Grand Exalt, but it was also connected to the entire fate of the Spiritsages.

As a result, he was especially careful, spending a very long time to adjust his breathing and prepare.

Half a month later, the Wind Venerable finally took action. He directly abandoned his fleshly shell, and a powerful soul that gave off light as dazzling as the sun separated from his body.

The soul was woven with the glow of laws. It seemed to be condensed from the laws and ways of the world, almost departing from the nature of a soul and becoming an extremely special power.

Gazing at the soul wrapped in light, Jian Chen’s eyes lit up slightly, as he could clearly sense a sliver of the presence of Chaotic Force from the soul.

This was a presence that originated from true Chaotic Force.

Of course, it was just a presence at most.

Swish! Suddenly, the Wind Venerable’s soul turned into a ball of light, surpassing the restraints of space and time by vanishing into the fetal membrane of the world with an unbelievable speed.

In the next moment, the mist produced by the membrane began to surge violently. It was as if two powers were engaged in an intense clash with the fetal membrane as the battlefield.

At the same time, Jian Chen sensed the Wind Venerable’s presence from the fetal membrane of the world.

However, compared to the presence of the fetal membrane, the Wind Venerable really seemed pitifully weak.

The Wind Venerable doesn’t have the upper hand?” This made Jian Chen frown.

Suddenly, the body that the Wind Venerable had left behind began to burn by itself. An invisible fire enveloped the Wind Venerable’s body.

The fire was extremely vicious and brutal. As they blazed, they actually gradually reduced the Wind Venerable’s body to nothing.

No, not nothing. Instead, it refined the Wind Venerable’s body into an extremely tremendous and pure power before merging with the fetal membrane of the world. It allowed the Wind Venerable to grow stronger and stronger as he clashed against the fetal membrane of the world. It was like his power reserves were now full.

Very soon, the Wind Venerable’s body was completely reduced to nothingness. Having gained the assistance of his body, he gradually went from his disadvantaged position earlier to an equal opponent against the fetal membrane of the world.

The two powers had reached a temporary stalemate!

There’s still quite a difference in strength between the Wind Venerable and the fetal membrane of the world. The reason why they’re evenly matched is because of the presence of Chaotic Force on the Wind Venerable. This presence can suppress or even weaken the fetal membrane. After all, the level that Chaotic Force is from surpasses the fetal membrane of the world,” Jian Chen thought. He paid close attention to the Wind Venerable’s fusion with the fetal membrane of the world. He was filled with both anticipation and worry.

The ways that the Wind Venerable had mentioned earlier had not manifested yet, which meant the Wind Venerable’s fusion had not succeeded yet.

Suddenly, something unexpected happened. As if the fetal membrane of the world knew about its potential fate, it suddenly erupted with great resistance like it refused to let someone possess it. Immediately, it gained the upper hand against the Wind Venerable again.

“Chaotic essence blood, chaotic essence blood…” The Wind Venerable’s visibly-strained voice rang out from the fetal membrane of the world. Under the suppression of the fetal membrane’s powers, even speaking seemed to be extremely difficult.

Jian Chen’s heart immediately tensed up, but he did not hesitate. Despite the feeling of weakness from his body, droplets of chaotic essence blood flew out of his body endlessly, passing through the protective barrier created by the fetal membrane and directly merging with it.

The chaotic essence blood seemed like extremely potent poison to the fetal membrane of the world. As soon as it merged with it, the fetal membrane rapidly weakened.

It seemed to have a natural fear of Chaotic Force!

Of course, that was only limited to true Chaotic Force. If it were the fake Chaotic Force Jian Chen had nurtured through cultivation, it obviously could not achieve an effect like that.

The Wind Venerable’s soul took advantage of this and advanced hastily, suppressing the fetal membrane of the world immediately.

However, it was still the fetal membrane of the world, still an item at an extremely great level. It was equivalent to supreme god artifacts, surpassing the Wind Venerable.

As a result, despite temporarily gaining the upper hand, completely fusing with the fetal membrane of the world was still difficult for the Wind Venerable.

Jian Chen clearly noticed this too. He immediately made up his mind resolutely and drained his body of chaotic essence blood regardless of the consequences.

Currently, he was truly staking it all on this. He was ready to give up everything, tossing the concept of death aside. He completely neglected the possibility of disabling himself and offered up his chaotic essence blood madly and desperately.

At this moment, only a single thought remained in his head, which was to help the Wind Venerable get through this. He wanted to help him succeed in fusing with the fetal membrane of the world and become a sovereign of the world, no matter how severe the price would be.

Neither Sacredfeather nor Shen Jian tried to stop Jian Chen, as they both understood just how significant a sovereign of the world was. They believed that as long as the Wind Venerable could overcome this and become a sovereign of the world, he could make it up to Jian Chen no matter how great of a loss he had suffered.

Of course, there was another important reason, which was if the Wind Venerable failed, he would have to enter rebirth.

Entering rebirth could be described as another form of death.

Recently, the Wind Venerable had guided them diligently without asking for any reciprocation. They all owed him a great debt of gratitude. Whether it was Jian Chen or Sacredfeather, they all hoped the Wind Venerable could survive.

“Senior Wind, I’m completely out of chaotic essence blood. This is all that I can do.” Jian Chen’s face was terrifyingly pale. He seemed like a corpse.

That was not all. Even his body had completely shrivelled up. He looked like a wooden log that had lost all life many years ago. He was only skin and bones.

He had already offered up all the chaotic essence blood in his body, without a single droplet remaining. His vitality had dried up. He was extremely feeble.

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Written by Xin Xing Xiao Yao (心星逍遥). Translated by Pipipingu, Deceptioning..