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CSG - Chapter 2945: Exhausting the Essence Blood (Three)

Very soon, all of the teleportation formations on the planet had been destroyed. To be on the safe side, the Wind Venerable checked through every inch of the place again. Only after confirming that he had missed nothing at all did he arrive before Jian Chen, Shen Jian, and Sacredfeather again.

However, Jian Chen was a little worried. He asked anxiously, “Senior Wind, the Myriad Bone Guild has infiltrated here and cast down these teleportation formations, which means that the powerful formation around the planet cannot stop them anymore. If you only destroy these teleportation formations, you’ll only temporarily prevent them from reaching this place directly. If they hop through formations, they can still enter this place.”

“My little friend Jian Chen, you don’t need to worry at all. After all, I’ve lived for such a long time. I obviously understand such a simple principle. I have my ways of dealing with this,” the Wind Venerable said patiently. His current treatment towards Jian Chen was worlds apart from when he first arrived here. He basically answered every single query that Jian Chen had. He did not possess the slightest haughtiness as a peak expert.

The Wind Venerable drew through the space gently with his hand. Jian Chen could clearly sense a startling, terrifying power hidden within the tip of his finger.

Not only did the finger seem to contain devastating energy, but it also possessed the power of laws. It was like that gesture caused the omnipresent three thousand great ways to respond.

Grand Exalts could directly control the ways of the world and set down their own laws.

The Wind Venerable could not directly control the ways like Grand Exalts, but he could shake them with ease.

Right as the Wind Venerable drew through space, an altar several hundred meters across stood within the forbidden grounds enveloped by numerous formations within the Spiritsage clan.

This altar only enshrined a single item, an object that seemed to be blurry and shrouded in mist.

At first glance, it seemed like a transparent piece of film, but at a closer glance, it would respond according to the person’s thoughts. It could turn into anything, whether it was a blade, a sword, or various weapons of bizarre shapes. It could even turn into any ancient structure.

Or even any type of creature!

The object did not seem to possess a stable form. It was completely up to the eye of the beholder. It would turn into different objects in the eyes of different people.

This was the ancestral artifact of the Spiritsages!

But at this moment, the ancestral artifact of the Spiritsages suddenly erupted with mist, enveloping the ancestral artifact that seemed to be capable of assuming the form of anything in the world.

When the mist gradually dispersed, the ancestral artifact enshrined on the altar had already vanished.

The ancestral artifact had vanished completely silently. It did not cause the slightest disturbance among the Spiritsages, as not only did it give off no pulses of energy, but it did not give off a presence either.

Moreover, all the experts of the Spiritsages firmly believed that the ancestral artifact could not be taken away, which was why not a single expert had been sent to guard the ancestral artifact.

On the nameless planet where Jian Chen resided, the Wind Venerable cut through space with his finger before just pausing there. He maintained the tiny cut in space, preventing it from closing up as if he was calling for something.

A few seconds later, an object wrapped in mist appeared as if it had just passed through the numerous layers of space. The Wind Venerable grasped it in one hand, and the crack in space slowly closed too.

Jian Chen, Shen Jian, and Sacredfeather’s eyes were all drawn away by the object in the Wind Venerable’s hand. All of them widened their eyes, glued to the object shrouded in mist, as to their surprise, they discovered that they could not make out what it was.

“You can’t see this item with your eyes, nor can you sense it with your soul. Only through touch can you learn about its true form,” said the Wind Venerable.

“Senior Wind, is this the legendary ancestral artifact of the Spiritsages?” Shen Jian was filled with surprise. Curiosity flooded his eyes.

The Wind Venerable nodded. ‘That’s right. It is the ancestral artifact of the Spiritsages. The Spiritsages have thrived in the Saints’ World, facing many problems and even numerous threats that could have destroyed the clan in the process, but every single time, when it was the most dangerous, it had always been the power of the ancestral artifact that saved us.”

“However, the ancestral artifact also has its flaws. It can only be used to protect. It has no offensive capabilities.”

“The various clans of the Saints’ World all believe that the ancestral artifact of us Spiritsages is an extremely impressive god artifact, but that’s not the case. Strictly speaking, the ancestral artifact is not a god artifact of any quality. Instead, it’s a fetal membrane of a world, a fetal membrane left behind after the Spirits’ World shattered.”

“The object I’m fusing with is this fetal membrane of a world.”

The Wind Venerable looked at the fetal membrane and became eager. He continued, “Actually, I’ve already completed the most basic fusion with the fetal membrane, which is merging part of my soul with the membrane.”

“That’s exactly why I’m under the influence of the fetal membrane, making me lose my mind regularly.”

“Originally, I would go crazy for a very long time before gradually recovering. Even after I recovered, the chances at merging successfully would be thirty percent at most. If I fail, all I can do is undergo rebirth, and the Wind Venerable will cease to exist in the world.”

“But with your appearance, my little friend Jian Chen, not only have I broken free from the influence of the fetal membrane, but my chances at success have greatly increased too with the assistance from the chaotic presence.”

The Wind Venerable looked at Jian Chen with a wide smile. With how friendly and approachable he was, he basically seemed like a kind grandfather looking at his grandson.

“My friend Jian Chen, you’ve basically given me a second lease on life with what you’ve done.”

“Senior Wind, you definitely can’t put it like that. Perhaps this is the will of the heavens. Perhaps it’s the heavens that think the Spiritsages deserve a sovereign of the world, which was why they arranged our meeting.” Jian Chen smiled.

“The will of the heavens, is it?” Senior Wind smiled. He did not agree with that. Upon reaching his heights, Grand Exalts represented the heavens. If there truly were the will of the heavens, then that would only be the will of Grand Exalts.

But even Grand Exalts could not control true Chaotic Force.

In the next moment, the fetal membrane of the world gave off an invisible power, silently enveloping the entire planet.

The power of the fetal membrane and the numerous formations around the planet formed a total of two lines of defence, protecting this place. Even if the Myriad Bone Guild could pass through the formations outside, they definitely could not get through the power of the fetal membrane.

After making all these arrangements, the Wind Venerable began to truly fuse with the fetal membrane of the world.

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Written by Xin Xing Xiao Yao (心星逍遥). Translated by Pipipingu, Deceptioning..