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CSG - Chapter 2934: The Artifact Soul Race

“Senior Wind, are you currently fused with an extremely powerful god artifact?” Jian Chen did not waste any words, cutting right to the chase. He stared at senior Wind with shining eyes.

Hearing that, a smear of surprise appeared in senior Wind’s eyes. He glanced at Jian Chen deeply and chuckled. “With your current realm of cultivation, you definitely wouldn’t know about this. The two sword spirits lurking on you must have told you this.”

“However, the two sword spirits are extraordinary too. Even though I can sense that they have yet to completely recover, they still originate from yin and yang qi. Them noticing my abnormalities would make sense.”

“Senior Wind, are you aware that the path you are taking right now is very dangerous?” Jian Chen asked sternly.

Senior Wind smiled gently. He dismissed Jian Chen’s worries. “Tell me, what else did the two sword spirits tell you?”

“They said that the path you are taking is a dead end. It’ll be very difficult to make it anywhere,” said Jian Chen.

“A dead end?” Senior Wind broke into a chuckle. “Sword spirits will still be sword spirits. Even though they’re the powerful Azulet swords, they’re still sword spirits after all. Even if they’re knowledgeable, they can’t compare to their past master.”

“If their past master were still alive, then he definitely would not reach this conclusion after seeing my state.”

“Senior Wind, do you really feel confident about overcoming this?” Jian Chen was rather taken aback. To him, the sword spirits had basically always been omniscient. If the sword spirits drew a conclusion over something, it was basically impossible for it to be wrong. This was the first time he had ever seen the sword spirits being refuted.

“Since I’m bold enough to walk this path, I obviously have a certain level of confidence. I don’t have a lot of confidence, only thirty percent. However, even if I fail, I won’t perish completely. I’ll only have to pay a heavy price, which is escaping with a strand of my soul and entering rebirth,” said the Wind Venerable.

“That's impossible! You’ve taken a path of no return. Once you fail, you’ll perish completely, so how can you still have the chance to undergo rebirth?” The sword spirits appeared and conjured two figures above Jian Chen’s head, confronting the Wind Venerable.

Senior Wind looked at the sword spirits and said slowly, “You only speak for the existences you’ve seen in the past, and you’re not wrong. Probably no one out of all the existences of the present day, of the six worlds, can take this path, but I’m an exception.”

Reaching there, senior Wind paused for a moment. He continued, “In the past, a myriad of races existed in the Spirits’ World. Among these races was a relatively special race known as the Artifact Soul race. Members of the Artifact Soul race all possess a natural ability, which is fusing with any god artifact on the same level as them. After fusing, they obtain all of the abilities of the god artifact, drastically strengthening them.”

“Although true members of the Artifact Soul race have already vanished from history, part of their bloodline still managed to flow on through the intermarriage of the Artifact Soul race with various other races. As a result, while the Artifact Soul race has vanished, a part of their bloodline has still managed to make it to today.”

“I happen to be one of the people in possession of it.”

Reaching there, the Wind Venerable sighed gently. “It’s just a pity that the hint of bloodline belonging to the Artifact Soul race within me is impure. Just like Shen Jian right now, the power of the bloodline has already grown so thin that it’s on the brink of completely dispersing. Otherwise, my chances at successfully fusing with the god artifact would reach fifty percent at the very least.”

“The Artifact Soul race. There’s actually a race like the Artifact Soul race.” Zi Yin and Qing Suo came to a realisation. Although they had once followed a Grand Exalt and learnt about many secrets, they were not true Grand Exalts after all.

After reaching the realm of Grand Exalts, they could peer into the deepest secrets of the cosmos. As long as a race had appeared in the past and left a mark in the world, Grand Exalts could use their ability to peer into the secrets of the world to learn about their existence.

Artifact spirits did not have that ability.

As a result, Zi Ying and Qing Suo also understood that their past master might have known about the existence of the Artifact Soul race, just that he never told them about it.

“As artifact spirits, we can see certain things that Grand Exalts can’t see, but the opposite is true too. Some Grand Exalts can see what we artifact spirits can’t see.” The sword spirits comforted themselves. They could not help but look at Jian Chen and finally recovered some confidence.

At the very least, Grand Exalts could not see through the secrets hidden behind Jian Chen.

“Zi Ying, Qing Suo, since senior Wind has the bloodline of the Artifact Soul race, can I still help senior Wind?” Jian Chen asked. That information lay beyond his reach. With his current knowledge and experiences, he still could not come into contact with a topic of such a profound level, so he needed to ask the sword spirits.

“Of course you can. If we were only seventy percent certain before, then we’re a hundred percent certain now. If master helps you out, then you’ll definitely fuse with the god artifact successfully as long as no accidents happen,” the sword spirits said, guaranteeing it.

The Wind Venerable also realised what the sword spirits were saying. His expression immediately changed; he said in shock, “What did you say? Jian Chen can help me?”

However, then he shook his head. “That’s impossible. Even Grand Exalts that resemble the heavenly ways cannot help me with the path I walk. I can only rely on my own luck and fortune. Why would Jian Chen possess the ability?”

Hearing the Wind Venerable, the sword spirits smiled mysteriously before both looking at Jian Chen.

Jian Chen understood what they were waiting for him to do. He immediately forced out a droplet of chaotic essence blood from his body. The moment the essence blood emerged, he immediately felt like his body was being sapped of strength.

“Senior Wind, my chaotic essence blood is rather different. It might be able to help you.” Jian Chen made the droplet of chaotic essence blood hover over to the Wind Venerable.

“That’s impossible. Your current level of chaotic essence blood is far too low in my eyes. Moreover, let alone the fact that your chaotic essence blood has not completely matured yet, even chaotic essence blood from a Chaotic Body that has reached the Great Achievement will be useless to me-” the Wind Venerable shook his head, but as soon as he reached there, he came to a halt. His eyes widened, becoming fixated on the droplet of chaotic essence blood. Even his breathing seemed to stop.

In that moment, time seemed to come to a standstill. The world seemed to stop operating. Only senior Wind’s eyes grew wider and wider, and his face became filled with shock and disbelief.

“T- t- this is Chaotic Force… This is true Chaotic Force…” A long while later, as if the Wind Venerable had finally confirmed his thoughts, he began murmuring to himself. He was completely dazed.

“Impossible! That’s impossible! That’s absolutely impossible!” Currently, even the Wind Venerable’s unshakable mental fortitude began to shift uncontrollably. He was thrown into great emotional turmoil. In particular, his expression made him seem like he had just seen a ghost.

Pipipingu, Deceptioning.'s Notes:

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Written by Xin Xing Xiao Yao (心星逍遥). Translated by Pipipingu, Deceptioning..