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CSG - Chapter 2933: Chaotic Essence Blood

Master, in truth, from the first moment you set foot on this planet and saw senior Wind, Qing Suo and I already sensed a unique presence from him. It is like a certain part of him bears great resemblance to us artifact spirits.

Afterwards, through our numerous observations, we finally confirmed something. The senior Wind you speak of is currently offering up his body to fuse with an extremely powerful god artifact.

Once he successfully fuses with the god artifact, he’ll abandon his body and break free from his race, merging perfectly with the powerful god artifact. When he really reaches that step, he’ll be the god artifact, and the god artifact will be him.

The sword spirits explained to Jian Chen. Their voices were mixed with emotion too.

Wouldn’t he become the artifact spirit then? Don’t tell me senior Wind is trying to become the artifact spirit of a peak god artifact?” Jian Chen was surprised and filled with disbelief at the same time. Senior Wind’s cultivation already approached the apex, and he was confident enough that aside from Grand Exalts and the Sacred Beast King of the Immortals’ World, no one was his opponent across the remaining worlds.

He already possessed such terrifying strength, so why did he choose to take a path that was completely unheard of? He was actually trying to ruin his own future, forsaking his body and bloodline to become an artifact spirit.

This left Jian Chen extremely confused.

If it were not for the fact that he placed absolute trust in the sword spirits, he would have never believed this.

No, you can’t really say artifact spirit. If he succeeds, he’ll be a god artifact, one that needs no master. He’ll be its master, a special existence that can perfectly utilise all the power in the god artifact. There’s a fundamental difference from artifact spirits.

However, the path he takes only exists in the distant legends. At the very least, according to the information Qing Suo and I possess, we’ve yet to hear of anyone succeeding at this. Moreover, this senior Wind is already facing severe problems. If nothing happens, he definitely won’t be able to survive for another millennium,” Zi Qing said with absolute confidence.

Zi Ying, Qing Suo, just what exactly are the problems that senior Wind is facing?” Jian Chen became extremely stern.

The god artifact he’s fusing with is definitely no weaker than the Azulet swords. At the very least, it’s also a peak god artifact similar to the Azulet swords and the Anatta Tower. God artifacts like that are usually wielded by Grand Exalts. Even though senior Wind is a half-step Grand Exalt, he hasn’t actually stepped into that realm at the end of the day, so it’s absolutely impossible for him to succeed. The final outcome will be perishing under the backlash of the god artifact’s power. The reason why he struggles to remain sane and regularly goes crazy and loses control is because of the influence of the backlash,” said Zi Ying.

Let alone the fact that he still isn’t a true Grand Exalt, even if he becomes a Grand Exalt, a vain attempt at fusing with a god artifact will lead to the same result, as this path leads nowhere,” Qing Suo added at the end. She also was very pessimistic about senior Wind’s future.

Isn’t there anything that can be done?” Jian Chen asked, rather unwilling to just accept this.

This time, the sword spirits both fell silent. They did not answer Jian Chen.

However, right when Jian Chen was about to give up, Qing Suo’s rather hesitant voice rang out. “If it were anyone else, even a Grand Exalt, they would never be able to help him, but if it is master, then maybe there is a chance.

Jian Chen’s eyes lit up with that. He asked, “Qing Suo, you said there’s a way I can help senior Wind?

Only after a moment of silence did Qing Suo say slowly, “Senior Wind has already achieved the most initial level of fusion with the god artifact, such that he can utilise the power of the god artifact to a certain degree. That’s also why we sensed a familiar presence from senior Wind.

Though, the god artifact that senior Wind is fusing with possesses a sliver of the presence of chaos. It’s exactly because of this reason that we deduced you might be able to help senior Wind, master.

Master’s soul has fused with a strand of true Chaotic Force before. If master didn’t possess this strand of true Chaotic Force, then even if master reached the Great Perfection of the Chaotic Body, master definitely would not be able to help senior Wind.

Jian Chen sucked in a deep breath. “Then how do I help senior Wind?

Use your chaotic essence blood!” Qing Suo said.

Chaotic essence blood?” Jian Chen was taken aback. Originally, he thought that helping senior Wind would be an extremely difficult task, but he never expected that his chaotic essence blood would be enough. That was as simple as it could get for him.

All experts possessed a limited amount of essence blood, and once they exhausted it, it would take a heavy toll, but they could always recover it slowly.

The strand of true Chaotic Force that merged with master’s soul didn’t just make master’s soul evolve. It also unconsciously changed your constitution. Even though master’s chaotic essence blood is nowhere close to the level of true Chaotic Force, it has undergone a qualitative change. As such, it possesses a shred of chaotic presence from a higher level. To an extent, it shares its original attribute with the powerful god artifact senior Wind is merging with.

It’s exactly because of their similar origins that we guessed master might be able to assist senior Wind. But if you do, you’ll definitely exhaust a tremendous amount of chaotic essence blood. This will have an extremely drastic effect,” said Qing Suo.

Senior Wind first gave me the Sacred Blood Fruit of Ways, and then he personally guided my cultivation. I owe him a great debt of gratitude. How can the kindness he has shown compare to some measly chaotic essence blood?” Jian Chen said righteously.

During the following period, Jian Chen could no longer focus on cultivating. Instead, he patiently waited for the next time senior Wind regained sanity.

Time passed by silently. After who knew how long, senior Wind finally appeared before the three of them again. He also understood he would not remain sane for very long, so he cherished every moment a lot. As soon as he saw Jian Chen, Sacredfeather, and Shen Jian, he did not waste a single word, cutting right to the chase. “I’ll continue explaining the ways to you…”

“Please hold on, senior Wind!” Before senior Wind could finish, Jian Chen immediately spoke up and interrupted him. He clasped his fist at senior Wind politely. “Senior Wind, there’s something I’d like to discuss with you, so I was wondering if we could move to the side?”

Senior Wind was amiable and easily approachable. Even though he was a mighty half-step Grand Exalt, an all-powerful supreme expert, he did not possess the bearing of a supreme expert at all. In their eyes, he was more like a benevolent elder.

As a result, not only did senior Wind not scold Jian Chen when he interrupted him, he even nodded amiably. “Jian Chen, tell me what you have to say. The two of them can’t hear us anymore.”

Pipipingu, Deceptioning.'s Notes:

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Written by Xin Xing Xiao Yao (心星逍遥). Translated by Pipipingu, Deceptioning..