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CSG - Chapter 2930: The Four Races of the Daemons’ World

Sacredfeather blinked his eyes and said nothing, but he was clearly extremely surprised by how senior Wind had managed to identify him in a single glance.

Shen Jian stared at Sacredfeather in surprise for a good while. His expression seemed like he had just properly met Sacredfeather for the first time. However, Shen Jian was not familiar with Sacredfeathered Tiger Emperors, so out of curiosity, he immediately asked, “Senior Wind, is the bloodline of Sacredfeathered Tiger Emperors really extremely powerful?”

Senior Wind nodded. “The bloodline of Sacredfeathered Tiger Emperors is indeed powerful. Among the six worlds, the only ones that can surpass the bloodlines of Sacredfeathered Tiger Emperors are the successors of the warring gods.”

“The warring gods of the God clan are the most powerful bloodline and legacy publicly recognised among the six worlds. As a result, warring gods also happen to be indisputably the greatest among the myriad races of the six worlds. Never has …

Written by Xin Xing Xiao Yao (心星逍遥). Translated by Pipipingu, Deceptioning..