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TL - Chapter 31: Tan Jiao 05 (7)

His response did not upset me; rather, it stirred up memories of the expression he had when we talked about the same subject last night, causing a slight ache in my heart.

Changing to a more casual tone, I said, “Fine, let’s not talk about that. We’ve met each other twice now, and I know your current and previous occupation. But, do you know what I do?”

Finally, he let out a smile and said, “Can’t tell.”

I felt a flare of joy in my heart. “I’m a web novel author. Have you ever heard of a job like this? I won’t tell you my pen name though, since we’re not that close.”

As the sun went down, the light reflecting from the sky softened. I felt a sense of tranquility in my heart after our little chat. Unwittingly, I looked toward him, fixing my gaze on his composed expression while he said calmly, “I’ll wait for the day when you tell me.”

I placed my hand behind my head and said nothing while feeling at ease with the silence between us.

Soon, we came close…

Written by 丁墨. Translated by Blender_Gaming. Edited by Nora.