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TL - Chapter 23: Wu Yu 04 (2)

I took a draw from the cigarette and asked, “Do you recall those birds?”

“Birds?” she asked while looking stunned. Yet, I saw something briefly in her eyes, so I figured she must have known something about the birds.

I nodded and continued, “That’s right. The birds we saw that day on the ship; those black-colored, strange-looking water birds. I’ve never seen those birds anywhere else and couldn’t even find them online.”

The room abruptly became still as Tan Jiao seemed dumbfounded with a blank look in her eye. This made me feel somewhat uncomfortable, so I drew several mouthfuls of nicotine and let out a wry, self-mocking chuckle.

Then she asked with her soft voice, “It’s you?”

I fixed my gaze on her and replied, “It’s me.”

Devastation covered her face as she seemed to reject my answer while shooting questions at me like a machine gun, “How can this be? How could you change so drastically? There’s no way you could become like this in such a short…

Written by 丁墨. Translated by Blender_Gaming. Edited by Nora.