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TL - Chapter 21: Tan Jiao 04 (3)

Noticing that his words may have been somewhat impulsive, he cleared his throat and asked, “Could you give me a description of the man?”

After carefully recalling the events that happened, I gave him a blow-by-blow account that he quickly recorded.

He asked me several questions, which I answered promptly. He showed his seriousness toward his job as he wrote down my statement diligently. His questions were simple, clear, and logical, displaying how reliable and authoritative of a policeman he was.

At the end of it all, he shut his notepad and said, “I need you to come back with us to the station. You’ll need to answer some more questions about the case.” Then he added, “The two of you will be fine as long as you have nothing to do with the case.”

I followed him to the car and could not help but ask, “Will I be riding in the same car as Wu Yu?”

He answered, “No.”


After going silent for a few seconds, he explained, “We’ll let you go after a few hours, then you two can see each other again.” I could not hear any emotion from his calm voice. Even though I wanted to explain my relationship with Wu Yu to him, it was complicated, so I left it as it was.

Plus, I did not think he still had any lingering feelings for me. After all, we had only dated for two weeks, and we did not even hold hands. With his serious personality, he would also feel pretty awkward about it if I explained it to him, right?

The other police car with Wu Yu had already left. I entered the other police car that already had a policeman seated in the driver’s seat. Yet, Shen Shiyan came up to the driver side of the car and knocked on the window, saying, “You take a seat at the back, I’ll drive.”

The guy asked, “Why?”

Shen Shiyan replied, “Just do as I say.”

It was already dawn when the police car sped toward the city, leaving the quiet outskirts behind us. On the way, the two policemen did not speak to each other. I took a glance at the side of Shen Shiyan’s statue-like, impassive face, and then I turned for a quick look at the similarly emotionless policeman beside me.

Both of them had a special aura about them, the aura of a policeman.

Suddenly, a thought sprung into my head.

I cleared my throat then said, “Shen Shiya, you’re a detective. So are you, mister officer.”

Without turning back, Shen Shiyan asked, “So?”

I let out a chuckle and explained, “Well, if this child kidnapping case was random, the first responders to appear on scene should be uniformed officers. Yet, it was you guys that appeared. Shen Shiyan, you work in the serious crimes unit, so average cases wouldn’t concern you. Which means that this is not the first case; it is a case of serial abduction.”

The two of them said nothing.

After a brief moment of silence, Shen Shiyan said, “You can’t ask so many questions.”

Leaning back, I crossed my legs and said, “I didn’t ask you any questions. I just made some logical deductions after casually thinking about it.”

The proceedings that night were exactly as Shen Shiyan had said, and I was released from the police station around dawn after several hours of questioning.

The police asked about everything, from very general questions to the most minute of details. I understood why they had to do this. I answered their general inquiries quite well, and I felt they must have eliminated their doubts about me. Yet, the other detective with Shen Shiyan could not put to rest the fact that I was dating Wu Yu. “Are you really dating Wu Yu? We did a rough search online and found that you’re a well-known author, making a decent income. You already own a house and car. Wu Yu, on the other hand, is just a repairman from another province. Why would you be dating him?”

At first, my answers were short and simple. “Because I like him.” Later on, the constant grilling annoyed me, so I answered, “He’s attractive. Not only is he handsome, but he’s also very masculine. I would date him even if he were as poor as a church mouse.”

I had no idea how Wu Yu would answer such a question, but I doubt he would have trouble answering them. After all, I had many appealing qualities.

On the other hand, poor Shen Shiyan had his head hung low with an unpleasant look on his face when I answered that particular question. I felt somewhat frustrated and thought that each and every word I said was like a slap to his face. I figured his colleague probably knew nothing about Shen Shiyan and I. Well, even if I was him, I would not tell anyone about this matter.

After they released me, I found out that Wu Yu had already gone home. I raised my face to bask in the rays of the morning sun. Although my mind was very tired after getting no rest for an entire night, I still had a thought that was sticking out.

If Wu Yu did not leave me the note, then I’m quite certain it can only be that serial criminal that appeared last night, that strange man.

But why would he lead me to the crime scene? In fact, it even ruined his chance to commit a crime. I don’t know him, so what is his purpose?

I felt there was no way to get an answer nor could I use logic to figure out this problem.

But, I was not without clues.

There was Wu Yu.

He had not told me why he had also appeared there, and my instincts told me that he knew something.

Suddenly, I became agitated and filled with a strange feeling. Even though I had only known him for three days and knew absolutely nothing about him, many things connected him and I. He looked so similar to the man on that ship, the unusual emotions he displayed in front of me, and finally, how both of us went to the same place.

Who is this guy?

I made up my mind that I would go find him to sort things out after I slept and recovered my energy.

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