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CSG - Chapter 2918: Annihilation of the Pill King Clan

On planet Tianming, in the Pill King clan, on the highest floor of the Alchemy Tower, the Heartless Child sat in the air, currently engaging in idle chit chat with the Azure Ink Grandmaster. He showed absolutely no intentions of leaving.

However, his gaze was rather unfocused, sometimes drifting in the air and sometimes landing on the Azure Ink Grandmaster. His eyes were filled with anticipation as well as uneasiness.

Right now, he had reached a critical moment of whether they could deal with the Myriad Bone Guild’s greatest source of danger. If the plan succeeded, then their Myriad Bone Guild would be completely out of danger.

The threat of the Wind Venerable would be gone, and the control from the Darkstar race had been delayed indefinitely under Jian Chen’s assistance. By the time the Darkstar race had prepared for the next great ceremony, their Myriad Bone Guild might have produced a Grand Exalt already, let alone whether the great ceremony would succeed at all.

By then, th…

Written by Xin Xing Xiao Yao (心星逍遥). Translated by Pipipingu, Deceptioning..