RHE - Chapter 2355: The Last Barrier!

Translated by: Hypersheep325
Edited by: Michyrr

There was a golden flash of light in Wang Chong's mind, and a thumb-sized Grotto Heaven Core rapidly took form before being sent into the Foundation Dimension by the Stone of Destiny.


This was undoubtedly a pleasant surprise.

The dispersed energy was secondary, as Wang Chong was already at an extremely high level of cultivation. More important to Grotto Heaven realm cultivators were laws, comprehension, and what was inside Grotto Heaven Cores rather than pure energy.

While the loss of the Qin First Emperor's energy was a pity, the Grotto Heaven Core was what was truly the most valuable. Even when damaged, it was far more valuable than pure energy.

Most importantly, the Qin First Emperor had been a peerless expert who had dominated the world. His Grotto Heaven Core was a huge boon to Wang Chong, and it could even help Wang Chong advance his Divine Embryo 3 to a higher level.

Wang Chong abruptly came back to his senses and firmly said, "Come on! Let's go! I sense that the Celestial Palace's core is up ahead."

After absorbing the core energy of the Qin First Emperor, Wang Chong had boosted his cultivation, and his Psychic Energy was stronger as well. Crucially, this had weakened the disruptive power of the Celestial Palace.

At this moment, Wang Chong could tell that an enormous energy was penetrating into the Celestial Palace from the outside, and it was rapidly approaching their position. It was clear that while they had been venturing deeper into the Celestial Palace, Heaven had not been sitting around.


Wang Chong immediately rushed past the Qin First Emperor.

Li Xuantu had watched this entire process unfold, and though he was confused about what Wang Chong had just done, he understood that Wang Chong had to have his reasons for not explaining.

Moreover, with the First Emperor's seal taken care of, the exact details were not important.


In a gust of wind, Li Xuantu vanished.

Passing through the numerous palaces in the third region, Wang Chong's group arrived at the edge of the fourth region.


Before the two of them could approach, they heard a deafening rumble and felt a formidable energy in front of them.

This energy was like a vast sea, and even Grotto Heaven experts appeared dim in comparison.

"You were right. This place should be the final barrier, behind which is the true core of the Celestial Palace," Li Xuantu suddenly said.

By now, the two of them could feel the familiar energy of the Celestial Palace engulfing the entire region.

Wang Chong and Li Xuantu shot forward.

It was here that they saw the barrier dividing the third and fourth regions.

Unlike the last two seals, this was a giant golden dome that enclosed the entirety of the Celestial Palace's core. The energy within the barrier seethed and radiated a formidable pressure.

"If we can open this seal, we should be able to enter the center of the Celestial Palace and destroy the core," Li Xuantu said, a sharp light in his eyes. A moment later, he shot toward that massive golden barrier.


Li Xuantu placed his right hand on the barrier, and there was a metallic clatter as spacetime energy erupted from his body and seeped into the barrier.

They had used this method to get through the previous barriers, so there was no reason to not use it on the last one.


Wang Chong was alarmed, not having expected Li Xuantu to be so impatient.

This final barrier didn't seem right to him.

He shot forward to try and stop Li Xuantu, but alas, he was too late.


As Li Xuantu's right hand touched the barrier, which seemed to be in a state of equilibrium, it exploded with a powerful repulsive force.

This energy was as unstoppable as a tsunami, and with one strike, it shattered the Halos of Spacetime released from Li Xuantu's right hand.

These Halos of Spacetime formed from invisible law energy shattered inch by inch, and with a scream, Li Xuantu was knocked away like a ragdoll.

"Not good!"

Wang Chong was astonished by this sight. Li Xuantu was a very experienced Grotto Heaven realm expert, and a repulsive force, no matter how strong, should have been easily neutralized by a Grotto Heaven realm expert. But the energy unleashed by the golden barrier was also infused with spacetime energy that seemed to be even more profound than Li Xuantu's.

This was simply unbelievable!


With no time to think, Wang Chong lunged at Li Xuantu. As he did, his three clones emerged from the halo divine tool in a flash of light.


Wang Chong and the three Divine Embryo clones arrived at Li Xuantu almost simultaneously. Their palms pressed onto his body, and with a resounding boom, spacetime energy surged into him.

Time seemed to stop for a moment as Halos of Spacetime appeared all around him: on his shoulders, back, and chest. As these Halos of Spacetime radiated outward, they neutralized the spacetime energy that had erupted from the golden barrier.

After some time, that spacetime energy within Li Xuantu's body that had originated from the barrier was finally neutralized. Li Xuantu's expression relaxed, and he descended to the ground with Wang Chong and the three Divine Embryos.

For a moment, all was still.

Wang Chong broke the silence. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine, just a little surprised."

Li Xuantu shook his head.

"There's something strange about this last seal. I didn't expect there to be such powerful spacetime energy inside it!"

While the repulsive force of the barrier had been powerful, Li Xuantu had sensed that the seal contained an even greater energy.

Li Xuantu had noticed this irregularity at the final moment as he withdrew his hand. Otherwise, the energy unleashed by the final seal would have been even stronger.

Wang Chong said nothing, his brow furrowing in thought.

Little Nightmare suddenly spoke up. "Master, something's not right. Do you recall what the Qin First Emperor did?"

Li Xuantu seemed to realize something, his face grimacing.

Wang Chong appeared unperturbed, but it was precisely because he had realized it already that he thought something was off.

"The Qin First Emperor had left behind his power to stop us. Perhaps it was to prevent us from being injured by the Celestial Palace's seal?"Little Nightmare said.

Though it rarely spoke, because it had lost its physical body and was now a spectator, it could examine the situation in greater detail. Moreover, as the spirit beast that had accompanied Yellow Emperor Xuanyuan from his youth, the Nightmare Beast was more sensitive than humans in certain aspects.

The Qin First Emperor naturally hadn't left behind that seal simply to stop others from getting injured by the Celestial Palace's seal. The Qin First Emperor's style was known by all to be domineering. He had buried Confucian scholars alive and had no regard for human life. These were proof of his personality, and he would not have cared one bit if Wang Chong and Li Xuantu had died here.

His last actions had clearly been to protect something, though the group could still not determine what.

This was what made them feel so conflicted.

Wang Chong said nothing. He had sensed far more than this. Li Xuantu might have felt that this seal was incredibly powerful and frightening, but Wang Chong could tell that there was a furtive and familiar energy within it.

When assisting Li Xuantu in neutralizing this energy, Wang Chong had even sensed that he was somehow linked to a certain object in the depths of the Celestial Palace, like something was calling him.

Wang Chong's brow furrowed as his mind churned and he attempted to seek out this energy source.

This energy… It's the Stone of Destiny!

Wang Chong was alarmed and frightened by this thought.

It couldn't be wrong. This was the Stone of Destiny's power, though that energy somewhat differed from the Stone of Destiny in his mind.

In other words, there was another 'Stone of Destiny' in the center of the Celestial Palace. Was this why the Qin First Emperor's will still remained after his death, continuing to hold that sword and prevent any outsiders from entering?

As these thoughts flew through his mind, Wang Chong suddenly raised his head and looked at the golden barrier, his expression completely different now.

"Rest first. I'll try," Wang Chong said.

He shot forward, the Stellar Energy in his body rumbling as he prepared to use the power of the Stone of Destiny.


At this moment, just when Wang Chong was about to take action, the entire Celestial Palace trembled as if it had been clenched by some giant hand.

"You can't escape! Did you really think you could oppose Us? I will end all your hopes now!"

Heaven's callous voice rumbled through the Celestial Palace like thunder.

As this voice spoke, an enormous energy appeared in their senses.


Without the slightest warning, this energy surged forward and blasted through the first barrier of the Celestial Palace, and a few seconds later, the second barrier collapsed.

Wang Chong and Li Xuantu both paled.

The breaking of the second barrier meant that nothing stood between them and Heaven. This meant that Heaven could arrive at any moment and deal them a thunderous blow.

The two of them instantly felt greatly endangered.

"Not good! Heaven is coming!"

Li Xuantu's face tensed as he prepared to face down this major threat.

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It seems like another Stone of Destiny, and its holder, awaits Wang Chong in the heart of the Celestial Palace.

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