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CSG - Chapter 2902: Pointing the Sword at a Chaotic Prime

Sheng Yi’s appearance was definitely beyond everyone’s expectations; it was not because they feared his strength, but because of his background. He came from the Myriad Bone Guild.

The paramount existence of the Myriad Bone Guild was one that stood at the apex of the Saints’ World, possessing terrifying strength only second to Grand Exalts. As soon as they recalled the Myriad Bone Guild’s strength, many Chaotic Prime great elders present from various peak organisations shivered inside.

If the Myriad Bone Guild had also become interested in the resources on Yang Yutian, then they would be stuck between a rock and a hard place.

This is impossible. The Myriad Bone Guild has never sent anyone into the Darkstar World before, which means they have no interest in the resources in the Darkstar World. Since they have no interest, they shouldn’t be contending with us…

Is Sheng Yi completely acting out of his free will right now, or is he under the orders of the upper echelon of the Myriad Bone Guild behind him…

Don’t tell me Yang Yutian already anticipated the trouble he would be facing today, so he paid a hefty price for protection from the Myriad Bone Guild? But that’s impossible. The Myriad Bone Guild is an organisation of assassins. They only accept missions to kill people. Never have I heard of the Myriad Bone Guild accepting a protection mission across the countless years it has existed…



The Chaotic Primes who attacked Jian Chen all changed in expression rapidly, but in the next moment, they all demonstrated resolve. So what if the Myriad Bone Guild was interfering? With the resources that Yang Yutian had exposed so far, the risk was already worth it. Moreover, none of them knew whether Yang Yutian was still hiding even more treasures on him.

Their priority right now was to obtain the items. Even if they offended the Myriad Bone Guild, they could come to an agreement over it as long as it was not some deep hatred or grievance.

“All of this Soil of Divine Blood and the various precious resources Yang Yutian has yet to publicly expose are enough for our Jade Pill sect to take this risk.” A sliver of madness gradually appeared in the great elder of the Jade Pill sect’s eyes. With a wave of his hand, an hourglass immediately appeared.

The hourglass contained powerful Laws of Time. The moment it appeared, it immediately disturbed the flow of time in the region.

In the next moment, several dozen beams of light with the Laws of Time shot out of the hourglass, enveloping the Chaotic Primes that had taken action instantly.

Even Sheng Yi and the sword transformed from a fan spine hurtling towards the great elder of the Jade Pill sect became trapped in the light from the hourglass.

Immediately, time suddenly came to a standstill in the space around the Chaotic Primes. The dozen or so Chaotic Prime great elders and Sheng Yi all halted in that moment.

The great elder of the Jade Pill sect approached Jian Chen as quickly as he could. His eyes shone with temptation, madness, and excitement. He erupted with the surging energy of a Fourth Heavenly Layer Chaotic Prime and directly swung his sword at Jian Chen’s hand mercilessly.

It was also at this moment that the great elder’s eyes met Jian Chen’s. He failed to see any of the panic or franticness he had been expecting in Jian Chen’s eyes. Instead, he was completely calm. His eyes even flashed with a smear of coldness.

The great elder immediately sensed that something was amiss, but before he could think too much about it, he sensed a startling sword intent that even made his soul shiver suddenly erupt from Jian Chen.

The great elder of the Jade Pill sect only saw a flash from three streaks of white light. In the next moment, he experienced heart-wrenching pain from his soul. He had almost fainted from it.

At the same time, Jian Chen took action. A resplendent streak of sword Qi swept past, slashing directly towards the great elder’s head.

The great elder’s soul was heavily injured. In that moment, he was basically completely defenceless, but he could clearly sense the danger. Ignoring the agony from his soul, he forced himself to remain conscious and used everything he had in him to dodge.


The sword Qi that Jian Chen sent towards the great elder’s head landed on his waist in the end. Blood immediately spurted out. The great elder had been bisected along his waist, split into two.

Jian Chen’s face began to pale, showing a hint of feebleness. Against a Fourth Heavenly Layer Chaotic Prime, he dared not be careless. He used three strands of Profound Sword Qi at once, immediately draining over seventy percent of the power of his soul.

At that moment, Jian Chen also felt dizzy. He was even close to losing his footing. Having lost so much power of his soul in a single instant, the side-effects were extremely obvious.

The time the hourglass influenced returned to normal at the same time. The other Chaotic Primes that attacked Jian Chen had already missed the optimal time to block the attack from the fan, so they were all launched far away.

But at this moment, they could not care about Sheng Yi beside Jian Chen at all anymore. Instead, all of their gazes gathered on the great elder of the Jade Pill sect. Seeing how he had been split into two, all of them changed in expression.

Although their bodies had become stuck in time, their souls were unaffected, so they understood exactly what had happened just then.

An Infinite Prime had actually injured a Fourth Heavenly Layer Chaotic Prime to such a point; this completely overturned their understanding of the world.

Although some startlingly talented Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Primes could challenge those at higher realms of cultivation and take on Chaotic Primes, those were only Chaotic Primes that had just broken through to the First Heavenly Layer.

As for the great elder of the Jade Pill sect, he was an expert who had reached the Fourth Heavenly Layer. He could not be compared with First Heavenly Layer Chaotic Primes.

Of course, the most important point of all this was that when Jian Chen struck out, these Chaotic Primes with extraordinary insight had seen through Jian Chen’s cultivation. He did not seem to have reached the Ninth Heavenly Layer yet. He was still at the Eighth Heavenly Layer.

This child is something else!” He Qianchi suddenly became stern. His eyes shone brightly as he stared straight at Jian Chen, unable to hide his shock.

He Qianqian had already widened her eyes a long time ago. Even her mind stopped working. She was dumbfounded.

What had she just seen? A Godking that she had recruited in the past, someone not even a thousand years old, had actually injured a Chaotic Prime to such a degree in front of a crowd of staring people.

This sight was as unrealistic as a dream to He Qianqian.

In the surroundings, the eyes of all the Chaotic Primes, over two hundred of them, flashed. They stared at Jian Chen in utter disbelief.

If he cultivated fast, then so be it, but even his battle prowess was so startling. Jian Chen’s display of power was enough to throw all the Chaotic Primes present into inner turmoil.

“Yang Yutian, y- you…” To another side, half of the Jade Pill sect great elder’s body hovered in the air, tottering about as if he could fall out of the air at any time. Blood oozed out of his eyes as he forcefully endured the excruciating pain from his soul, pointing at Jian Chen as he stuttered.

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Written by Xin Xing Xiao Yao (心星逍遥). Translated by Pipipingu, Deceptioning..