RHE - Chapter 2322: The Pantheon Pearl's Flaw!

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Translated by: Hypersheep325
Edited by: Michyrr


There was a series of explosions like volcanoes erupting. Luo Supreme had chosen to destroy the hundreds of thousands of formations within his dimension.

No longer bound by the formation, universal energy erupted from the shuddering earth, so concentrated that it took the form of a thick mist within the dimension, some of it even congealing into crystals that fell to the ground.

Luo Supreme was also a ruthless individual. He had spent several thousand years to accumulate this sea of universal energy and these formations. They were the manifestation of his sweat and blood. But upon confirming that Heaven had taken control of his formations, Luo Supreme had destroyed them without hesitation, not leaving behind a single one.


As the formation shattered, Heaven's body trembled, and his aura greatly weakened. His face also turned grim.

Wang Chong and Luo Supreme were both difficult individuals to deal with.

"Hahaha, Heaven, if my guess is correct, your Pantheon Pearl is still incomplete and has yet to be fully refined. It can't be able to last for too long. Otherwise, someone with your pride would have never lowered yourself to using my energy."

Luo Supreme crazily laughed. He had spent so long with Heaven that he had a keen understanding of who he was. Heaven had always had a high opinion of himself, and everyone in the Celestial God Organization had feared him. This was the first time he had seen Heaven 'lose control' of himself.

Most importantly, Luo Supreme's greatest concern, the Pantheon Pearl, had only been recently created and wasn't perfected. This meant that his and Wang Chong's situation was not as disastrous as he had initially imagined.

Luo Supreme turned to Wang Chong and said, "King of Foreign Lands, I am certain that he can't maintain this state for very long—an hour at most! No! This incomplete Pantheon Pearl can't endure a high-intensity battle for very long. If we work together and attack with all our might, his Pantheon Pearl will be able to last five minutes at most, after which it will start cracking apart. At that time, they will be the ones who have to run."

Ever since Heaven had been sealed, his avatars had been greatly affected by the seal's power. Without the Pantheon Pearl, Luo Supreme, Wang Chong, and their many clones might be enough to deal with Heaven.

More importantly, Luo Supreme was certain that until he had collected all of the Doomsday Insignias, particularly the Primal Insignia, Heaven could not risk losing a powerful ritual tool like the Pantheon Pearl.

"Is that so? If this is true, I'd like to see how many of them can get back alive." Li Xuantu's eyes flashed as he suddenly spoke.

Not even he had expected this twist. While Heaven was powerful, he was dealing with two very thorny opponents in Wang Chong and Luo Supreme.

Wang Chong had a very calm expression. While he said nothing, his mind was whirring with all sorts of ideas.

Heaven had only created the Pantheon Pearl a short while ago, and it was still incomplete. This information from Luo Supreme was extremely important, and by exploiting this fact, they had a chance of defeating Heaven.

"Luo Supreme, tell me the method to control the Decalight Universal Dampening Formation," Wang Chong said as he looked up at Heaven.

"Ah? But the formation has already been undone!"

Luo Supreme was somewhat flabbergasted.

Wang Chong had just asked him to release all of the energy he had gathered. Now that the formation was destroyed, there was no point in telling Wang Chong how to control the formation.

"Just tell me the method," Wang Chong said tersely.

Though Luo Supreme was still confused, he understood that Wang Chong had to have his reasons. Soon, Luo Supreme sent a stream of mental energy to Wang Chong, branding the method for controlling the Decalight Universal Dampening Formation into Wang Chong's mind.

"King of Foreign Lands, I've given you the formula, but Heaven's strength is not to be underestimated. Even if the Pantheon Pearl is incomplete, he is still extremely dangerous. You must be cautious." Luo Supreme used an extremely secretive method to communicate with Wang Chong.

Though he seemed very arrogant, he was always extremely cautious, and he had never been one to underestimate Heaven's strength.

His life was on the line in this battle. If Heaven lost, he would just lose a ritual tool and an avatar, but if the two of them lost, they would be losing their lives.



"Since you're so sure that the Pantheon Pearl is incomplete and believe that you can act recklessly in front of Us, We will let you truly experience the difference between men and gods, why it is that even those who have reached the peak of the Grotto Heaven realm are still only men, not gods." Heaven's voice boomed in everyone's ears.

Heaven stood tall, enormous energy radiating from his body. At the same time, he slowly raised his right palm to the sky. In the center of the palm, a bloody mist began to gush out, and in this bloody mist was a golden and red pearl the size of a walnut.

The surface of this pearl was covered in golden cloud patterns. If one looked carefully, there were even nine-clawed dragons within the clouds in various postures: crouching, rising, biting, slashing… They seemed mysterious and resplendent. And amidst these nine-clawed golden dragons and clouds was a tadpole-like, golden-black inscription that seemed infused with immense power.

But most striking of all was that half-inch-tall sculpture of a god-devil at the top of the pearl.

"The Pantheon Pearl!"

Wang Chong's eyes flew open. Even though he had not seen it before, the moment he saw the pearl, he knew that this was the Pantheon Pearl that Luo Supreme had spoken of, the important divine tool that served as a vessel for Heaven's power.


The moment the Pantheon Pearl appeared, the world rumbled with thunder and lightning, and greenish-black mist spewed out from the Pantheon Pearl.

Moreover, the moment the Pantheon Pearl appeared, Wang Chong, Li Xuantu, and Luo Supreme felt a weight on their shoulders, like countless mountains had descended. Their eyes immediately turned grave.

All of this power came from the Pantheon Pearl, and they understood that when the Pantheon Pearl emerged, it meant that Heaven was determined to kill them, to use this pearl to end all their lives and this battle.

"A firefly dares to compete against the bright moon! Luo Supreme, you believe yourself to understand Us well, so let me show you whether or not this incomplete Pantheon Pearl can kill you!"

As Heaven spoke, he waved his hand, bringing Grand Supreme and Radiance Supreme into the Pantheon Pearl.

Without the vast majority of their energy, Grand Supreme and Radiance Supreme were in grave danger in this sort of apex battle.


After doing this, Heaven raised the Pantheon Pearl with both hands, his eyes cold.

A dazzling bolt of lightning shot out of the Pantheon Pearl, and at the same time, roiling black mist appeared. A moment later, Heaven merged with the pearl and vanished into the sky.

Luo Supreme's heart chilled as he hastily called out, "Careful!"

As Heaven disappeared, that omnipresent pressure rapidly increased rather than weakening. All of the pressure came from high in the sky.


In less time than it took to blink, a black dot the size of a sesame seed appeared in their vision, and it began to rapidly expand.

With a massive boom, the now greenish-black Pantheon Pearl crashed down, instantly creating an explosion that rippled through the dimension.

The universal energy released by the destruction of the Decalight Universal Dampening Formation erupted outward before being pulled back by an invisible energy. An unfathomable amount of energy was drawn into the Pantheon Pearl and was manipulated by the Pantheon Pearl into a destructive storm that descended toward those below.


Even before Heaven's attack had fully formed, the immense pressure began to strain the dimensional fabric, and the dimension began to show signs of collapse.

"Watch out! We can't let him take all the energy!"

Luo Supreme's expression chilled as he took control of Alpha Supreme, and the two of them shot into the air, their bodies radiating a massive pull so as to frantically capture the universal energy around them.

At the cultivation level of Alpha Supreme and Luo Supreme, while they couldn't seize energy in the same way as Wang Chong's Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art, absorbing energy from the surroundings was a most basic ability. In a flash, energy surged in, Alpha Supreme and Luo Supreme swallowing it up like whales.

Meanwhile, Wang Chong didn't need Luo Supreme's prompting to understand his situation. The Pantheon Pearl was already extremely powerful, its might and quality above the halo divine tool. If it were allowed to absorb all the universal energy, Heaven would be nigh impossible to deal with.

"Move out!"

Wang Chong's eyes flashed as he shot forward. Using the Shadow Fiend Art, he became an almost undetectable black streak.

"Heaven, with me here, don't even think about it!"

His cold voice resounded through the dimension.

While Heaven was powerful, Wang Chong did not consider himself inferior to anyone when it came to absorbing energy from the surrounding world.


As Wang Chong spoke, the surrounding space rippled, and tens of thousands of Halos of Spacetime appeared.

At that moment, the hundreds of thousands of formations that had been undone seemed to be recharged and began to turn once more. Large amounts of universal energy changed directions and began to converge on a different point. Even Heaven was affected, some of the energy splitting off from him and toward Wang Chong.

"Kid, what did you do?"

Even Heaven couldn't help but grimace at this sight.

For Wang Chong to be able to seize universal energy from his grip was utterly unbelievable.

Not only that, Luo Supreme's Decalight Universal Dampening Formation had clearly been undone. How had he managed to use those formations to help him absorb energy?

Hypersheep325, Starve's Notes:

It turns out that Luo Supreme's own formations were being used against him. Let's see how the battle goes now!

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Written by Huangfu Qi 皇甫奇. Translated by Hypersheep325, Starve. Edited by Michyrr, Desertdoe, Welmar, RED.