RHE - Chapter 2324: Wang Chong's Fighting Intent!

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Translated by: Hypersheep325
Edited by: Michyrr


Wang Chong and his three Divine Embryos shot forward as giant dragons and slammed into the King of Gods. Stellar Energies clashed and laws intertwined. The fabric of space became as fragile as paper, and it tore apart.

This clash of unimaginably large amounts of Stellar Energy even caused a shower of 'Stellar Energy hail' within the dimension.

"Heaven, come!

"I won't let this world become a toy in your hands! Even if you're a god, I will pull you from your throne!"

Wang Chong stared at the sky, controlling his four dragons as he unleashed a flurry of attacks at Heaven's King of Gods.

As someone who had already lived two lives, he was gradually getting closer to the truth of this world and seeing for himself the archcriminal that was Heaven.

This was the Sage Emperor's greatest foe and his greatest opponent.

Wang Chong was certain that everything he had experienced, including that unexplainable great calamity, was connected to him.

Other people might have feared Heaven, but not Wang Chong. He had been looking forward to this battle for far too long.


The four dragons collided again and again with the body of the King of Gods, their jaws biting, their claws slashing, and their tails swinging.

Each of the four dragons had the power to sunder the earth with their strikes and could easily batter apart mountains, but that enormous King of Gods blocked all of their attacks.

Around the King of Gods was an invisible barrier that succeeded in stopping all of Wang Chong's powerful strikes. Not only that, the King of Gods' greenish-black palm swung down, breaking apart Wang Chong's four dragons. A dragon's tail, horn, and body were instantly reduced to the tiniest particles in the face of the 'divine power' of the King of Gods, vanishing into the void.

Moreover, after this collision, even Wang Chong's three Divine Embryos were struck by a backlash, their internal organs injured.

Even so, Wang Chong didn't back down.

"God-Executing Sword!"

As these four dragons made from universal energy collapsed, a dazzling, sun-like disk appeared. Wang Chong unleashed a dazzling golden Sword Qi that slashed at the body of the King of Gods.

This sword sliced through the defenses of the King of Gods, causing several cracks to appear in the barrier.

Heaven's Pantheon Pearl was even more frightening than imagined, but Wang Chong's frightening attacks were still effective.


Before the four dragons could completely dissolve away, Wang Chong took in even more of the universal energy that Luo Supreme had gathered up.

In a flash of light, the four dragons reassembled.


With a mighty roar, four dragons, each nearly ten thousand feet long, turned in the air and slammed into the King of Gods from all sides.


With a chorus of screams, the four dragons were once more obliterated, breaking apart inch by inch. Besides that, azure bolts of divine lightning traveled along Wang Chong's Stellar Energy and into his body.

The prestige of the god king could not be offended!

Putting aside the vast amount of energy it could throw around, the King of Gods could both attack and defend. Anyone that dared to attack Heaven would be countered with divine lightning. Heaven didn't even need to do anything to reduce Subtle realm experts to dust, and even Grotto Heaven realm experts would be badly wounded from the massive backlash.

If not for the fact that Wang Chong and Luo Supreme had already reached the peak of the Grotto Heaven realm, making their bodies like independent universes, let alone fighting against Heaven, they would have been rendered immobile after the very first attack.

Even so, Wang Chong and Luo Supreme were already pushing their limits.


More dragon roars rang out as universal energy continued to converge.

With this vast energy, Wang Chong continuously brought back his dragons, swiftly reforming them and continuing this suicidal attack against the King of Gods, using this method to constantly wear away at Heaven's energy.

"Ice-Sealed World!"

"Trayastrimsa Heaven!"

"Buddha's Fury!"

"Imperial Dragon Shakes the World!"

Wang Chong's three Divine Embryos were at the same time united and independent. While using the giant dragons to smash into the body of the King of Gods, they also unleashed their various techniques to barrage the King of Gods.

Li Xuantu was also going all-out. Although he had said that he wasn't willing to associate with Li Heng, he was still a member of the House of Li. Heaven sought to make the mortal dynasties his plaything, so he presented an enormous threat to the Great Tang. No matter what, he could not be allowed to destroy the Great Tang as he had destroyed past civilizations.


The combined attack of these four supreme experts was terrifying and awesome to behold.

On the other end, Alpha Supreme and Luo Supreme used this chance to unleash their own frenzied assault.

Heaven was simply too powerful. Just like Wang Chong, Luo Supreme was under immense pressure, waves of countering energy coming from Heaven and divine lightning crashing down. Only someone in the middle of it all could sense the discrepancy between Grotto Heaven experts and Heaven's Pantheon Pearl avatar.

This was a massive chasm, and in normal circumstances, it would be impossible to defeat Heaven. Just like Wang Chong, Luo Supreme chose to gather large amounts of universal energy and grind away at Heaven's energy through his attacks.

This battle quickly became a test of energy reserves.

At this time, Heaven's heart was ice-cold.

In a duel, neither Wang Chong nor Luo Supreme would be any match for him. Even without using his real body, the Pantheon Pearl avatar would be enough to deal with them.

But Wang Chong working together with Luo Supreme, their many clones, and Li Xuantu meant that at least six Grotto Heaven realm experts were attacking him. Even Heaven would find it hard to kill them all in a short amount of time.

"I'd like to see how long you can last!" Heaven's furious voice came from above.

Space trembled as the massive body of the god king transformed once more, torrents of universal energy flowing into it.

With thunderous booms, Heaven's arms flickered, and with Luo Supreme's gathered universal energy, he created four more arms.

The King of Gods had now become a six-armed god king, even more terrifying than before.


The six hands of the King of Gods opened, the palms crackling with lightning as they took aim at Wang Chong and Luo Supreme and descended.


Wang Chong's Divine Embryo 1 couldn't react in time, and the dragon was struck by the descending arm and the crackling lightning within the palm. Scales shattered, bones snapped, and Divine Embryo 1 was directly ejected from the dragon.


At almost the same time, Luo Supreme's 'Alpha Supreme clone' was also struck by a bolt of divine lightning and sent flying away, badly wounded.

Both Wang Chong and Luo Supreme grimaced.

Of the three Divine Embryos, Divine Embryo 1 had Earth Element abilities and possessed the most formidable defense. However, Divine Embryo 1 had been badly wounded, and if any other Divine Embryo had been in its place, the situation would have been even worse.

As for Alpha Supreme…

Though it wasn't as innately tough as Divine Embryo 1, everyone in the Celestial God Organization knew that Alpha Supreme had possessed an extremely powerful defensive art. When it came to defense, it far surpassed any other Supreme.

Yet Heaven's one attack was enough to almost kill them. This strength was simply too horrifying.

"The obedient prosper while the rebellious die! Since you insist on your delusions, We will grant you death. Luo Supreme, it's about time you returned those two Doomsday Insignias to Us. As for you, for ruining Our plans several times, We will not let you leave alive!"

Heaven's voice resounded through the dimension as the six arms of the god king began to rapidly punch.


With two booms, Wang Chong's Divine Embryo 2 and Li Xuantu were blasted away.


Wang Chong paled, and he immediately began pushing his Shadow Fiend Art and spacetime power to the limit to dodge Heaven's attack.

But the offensive was far from over. After those heavy punches, the six-armed god king raised an arm, and then countless bolts of lightning emerged around Heaven.

The lightning arced around Heaven and formed a giant formation.

"Divine Wrath!" Heaven's voice boomed, and countless bolts of divine lightning descended like tens of thousands of rivers, dense lightning engulfing the region for several dozen li around the god king.


Under Heaven's attack, Luo Supreme's dimension finally seemed to reach its breaking point, and with a sharp crack, a massive fissure appeared in the sky that extended from north to south.

The dimension began to rapidly dissolve from the sides of the fissure into tiny particles, revealing the darkness of space behind it, bleak and lonely.

"Not good!"

As that enormous 'net' of lightning descended, Wang Chong and Luo Supreme paled. At this moment, the two of them could sense a great calamity hanging over their heads.

At the center of the god king's forehead, a large pearl began to radiate blinding light that swept out through the dimension.

There was no doubt that Heaven had used the Pantheon Pearl's strongest ability to kill them both at once and end this stalemate.


Wang Chong and Luo Supreme lunged away, trying to leave the range of the divine lightning, but before they could move, Heaven's voice rang out.

"It's useless. You cannot escape from Us."

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The King of Gods is preparing his ultimate attack! What will Wang Chong do?

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Written by Huangfu Qi 皇甫奇. Translated by Hypersheep325, Starve. Edited by Michyrr, Desertdoe, Welmar, RED.