RHE - Chapter 2325: Apex Battle!

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Translated by: Hypersheep325
Edited by: Michyrr

Heaven opened a hand, and a greenish-black Halo of Spacetime with a radius of ten-some li appeared, enclosing even that giant fissure in the sky.

"A spacetime seal!"

Luo Supreme's heart shivered in apprehension.

For Grotto Heaven realm experts, spacetime was like the water or air, while they were fish or birds, and they could easily navigate its depths. But when Heaven's greenish-black Halo of Spacetime appeared, Luo Supreme felt like his body was suddenly burdened with numerous invisible shackles, and even his Grotto Heaven Core was bound.

Heaven had already sealed their ability to use spacetime energy to flee.

"It's over!"

As that divine lightning descended, Luo Supreme turned ghastly pale. At the same time, Wang Chong felt a suffocating sense of danger.

But despite this, Wang Chong was still brimming with fighting intent, fearless and refusing to give ground.


Wang Chong's dantian trembled as Stellar Energy rumbled out. But just when Wang Chong readied himself to fight with his back to the water, he felt a strange searing sensation from his bosom.

Wang Chong wasn't concerned about it at first, but when he realized its source, he was taken aback.

The Xuanyuan Sword!

Wang Chong's heart thumped in surprise. The Xuanyuan Sword hanging from his waist, also known as the Origin Immortal Sword that the Origin Immortal Lord had gifted him, seemed to have a life of its own. Without Wang Chong's prompting, it was beginning to crackle with dazzling lightning.

What was most interesting was that when Wang Chong gripped the Xuanyuan Sword, he sensed that the sword was somehow resonating with the divine lighting Heaven had unleashed, as if they shared some connection.

The Xuanyuan Sword had the ability to control lightning, but in the past, Wang Chong had only ever borrowed natural lightning, not this artificial divine lightning. There was a large difference between the two, but from the Xuanyuan Sword's reaction, could it be…

Wang Chong had just had an idea when there was a shift on the battlefield.


In a flash, that dense deluge of lightning suddenly changed directions and began to converge on Wang Chong.


Before Wang Chong could react, the divine lightning accelerated and merged into the Xuanyuan Sword, the two of them becoming one.

This wasn't Wang Chong's first time receiving lightning, but the sensation this time was completely different.

Each of Heaven's bolts of divine lightning was infused with mountain-shattering power, but at this moment, Wang Chong could tell that this divine lightning was not striking the Xuanyuan Sword. On the contrary, it seemed tamed by the sword.

Wang Chong could even sense that he could turn this divine lightning around and use it to attack Heaven. This development was simply unimaginable.

"What is going on here?"

Wang Chong was stunned.

The Xuanyuan Sword was strong, but he did not recall it having this power or ability. Moreover, Little Nightmare had said before that the Xuanyuan Sword was sealed!

"Little Grass's sword has been unleashed!" As if in response to Wang Chong's thought, the Nightmare Beast's voice rang out in Wang Chong's mind.

The Nightmare Beast had lost almost all its power, but its memories and senses remained.

"This is the true appearance of Little Grass's sword!"

Wang Chong glanced at the sword and discovered that after being tempered by lightning, the Xuanyuan Sword had transformed.

Rays of light were radiating from the slender blade, and each ray of light had mysterious characters surrounded by thunderclouds.

Within the Xuanyuan Sword, a seal shattered like glass, and a storm of energy burst out. Within it, Wang Chong could sense the power of lightning.

"This is the true appearance of the Xuanyuan Sword?!"

Wang Chong was astonished. If he were not seeing it with his own eyes, he would have found it very hard to believe that this sword was the Yellow Emperor's personal sword, perhaps even the sword he had used to defeat Chiyou in the Battle of Zhuolu.

But such a powerful sword was not mentioned in any text, as if its existence had been intentionally concealed.


Wang Chong waved his sword, and the divine lightning was drawn away, all of it missing him. Wang Chong was even able to take half of the lightning to serve as energy for the sword.

"It's that sword! To think it would end up in his hands!"

Heaven's eyes flew open. He instantly recognized the Xuanyuan Sword and realized what it was.

"I didn't think that he would actually give it to him."

Heaven was no stranger to this sword, and it was not his first time contending against it. No matter what humans called it, for Heaven, this was an inauspicious sword.

Heaven had contemplated destroying this sword long ago, because its ability to control lightning could counter the lightning of his Divine Wrath.

But later on, the Origin Immortal Lord betrayed the Celestial God Organization and took the sword with him. The sword disappeared, and the Origin Immortal Lord had even absconded with a Doomsday Insignia.

The Doomsday Insignia was important, but the Xuanyuan Sword was another important reason Heaven had sent so many people after the Origin Immortal Lord.

However, the Origin Immortal Lord had utterly vanished after his betrayal, and not even Heaven knew where he was, so he had been forced to put this matter to the side for now.

"He can't be allowed to live!"

Heaven's killing intent exploded. It was truly a shock that Wang Chong was able to control the divine lightning, but as the supreme and only god of this world, Heaven did not have only one ability.


Thunder rumbled as the King of Gods reappeared. Amidst the storm, the pressure increased, and all the attacks locked onto Wang Chong.

While Heaven had come for Luo Supreme, at this moment, Heaven's desire to kill Wang Chong was far greater.

Meanwhile, Luo Supreme was also surprised. Just like Heaven, he had noticed the resplendent Xuanyuan Sword in Wang Chong's hand.

"It's actually that sword!"

Luo Supreme gave Wang Chong a deep and complicated glance, countless thoughts passing through his mind.

Luo Supreme suddenly recalled several rumors related to the Xuanyuan Sword, rumors that had existed for a long time but had always been regarded as exaggerated.

"Activate the Archon's Power!

"Activate the power of purification!"

Wang Chong didn't know what Luo Supreme was thinking, nor did he care. As Wang Chong used the Xuanyuan Sword to take control of the divine lightning, he used the highest powers afforded to him as Archon of Destiny.

The Pantheon Pearl had been created through the energy of another world. As long as this remained true, the Stone of Destiny could act as a counter to Heaven.


There was a golden flash of light in Wang Chong's mind, and then a black suit of armor emerged and covered Wang Chong. At the same time, as Wang Chong used the Archon's Power, the world in front of him transformed.

"As expected."

His eyes darting around, Wang Chong quickly spotted black-red tendrils of law energy in the frenzied tides of energy.

This was the target of Wang Chong's purification power. Though this wasn't enough to defeat Heaven, it could weaken him.


But just when Wang Chong was about to use the purification power to scatter Heaven's energy as before, he suddenly turned his gaze to a certain spot on the body of the King of Gods, and his eyes widened.

There was a greenish-black spot surrounded by a thick black halo, and this spot was right where the heart of the King of Gods would be.

Wang Chong hadn't noticed it at first glance, but as he took a closer look, he saw a familiar figure and familiar energy within that ball, causing his heart to tremble in shock.

"Luo Supreme, call back your clone. Let's change tactics and aim all our attacks on Essence Supreme's body!" Wang Chong called out.

"His power is based on consuming Essence Supreme's physical body. The more power that's used, the faster the body is consumed. So long as we can accelerate the consumption of Essence Supreme's body, Heaven's attack will fall apart and the Pantheon Pearl will lose its ability to serve as a vessel!"

Heaven was able to almost singlehandedly suppress all seven of them, and this was only Heaven's avatar through a ritual tool. He appeared limitlessly powerful and terrifying, but this sort of power came with a price.

When Essence Supreme first appeared, he had the appearance of a handsome silver-eyed youth of around seventeen, but after Heaven occupied his body, after a few rounds, his body had begun to radiate death energy, and he appeared like an elder of sixty or seventy.

It was clear that even a perfect body created by Essence Supreme could not bear this sort of price.

It was just that Heaven had used his exquisite control over spacetime power to conceal Essence Supreme's physical body. Earlier, Luo Supreme had concluded that Essence Supreme's body would only be able to sustain Heaven for an hour, but it now seemed that it would be even less than that.

Wang Chong glanced at Li Xuantu and called out, "Crown Prince, go!"


Seizing this unique moment, Wang Chong gripped the Xuanyuan Sword and charged at the King of Gods. This time, his target was extremely clear, and he took direct aim at Essence Supreme's body located in the chest of the King of Gods.

"Trayastrimsa Heaven!"

With a furious roar, a thirty-three-story pavilion emerged and then rapidly transformed into a spear that was several thousand feet long.

Wang Chong instantly threw the golden spear at Essence Supreme's body.

Hypersheep325, Starve's Notes:

Heaven's weakness! The rapidly aging body of Essence Supreme!

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Written by Huangfu Qi 皇甫奇. Translated by Hypersheep325, Starve. Edited by Michyrr, Desertdoe, Welmar, RED.