RHE - Chapter 2326: Heaven's Secret!

Translated by: Hypersheep325
Edited by: Michyrr


This sudden development left Luo Supreme flabbergasted. With danger hanging over his head, he had been thinking about retreating, not a twist like this.

Heaven was simply too powerful, and his masterful arts had concealed the aura of Essence Supreme's body. Luo Supreme didn't have Wang Chong's unique abilities, so he was unable to sense where Essence Supreme's body was within the god king or make any good determinations. But at this time, he chose to trust in Wang Chong.


Luo Supreme reached out with his palm, which began to exert a powerful pull. In a flash, a figure shot up from below and into Luo Supreme's hand. This was the heavily injured body of Alpha Supreme.

"We just have to try out every possibility."

Luo Supreme poured half his energy into Alpha Supreme's body, forcefully activating the arts in Alpha Supreme's body so that the two could attack together.


The two turned into blurs as they charged at the King of Gods.

"Beginning of Light and Shadow!"

"Chaos Storm!"

With furious bellows, Luo Supreme and Alpha Supreme launched a frenzied attack.

Alpha Supreme was in terrible condition, but Luo Supreme could no longer care much about that.

If Heaven didn't die, they would be the ones dying, and he wouldn't be losing just an Alpha Supreme clone.


With one explosion after another, the attacks of Wang Chong and Luo Supreme slammed into the King of Gods' chest, and the situation swiftly changed.


The six-armed god king bellowed as a hint of disarray appeared. Originally, the King of Gods had been aloof and uncaring, constantly using all of its power to suppress Wang Chong and the others. But at this moment, the heedless offensive of Wang Chong and Luo Supreme forced it to turn some of its power to defense.

Despite Heaven's supreme martial arts, he began to panic a little.

More importantly, Luo Supreme could tell now that Wang Chong had been correct. He could sense thick death energy from the chest of the King of Gods, and this death energy was growing more and more concentrated, so much so that it was becoming visible.

This should have been impossible for someone with Heaven's divine strength.

"An excellent chance!"

Luo Supreme was invigorated by this sight.

He had always felt a deep awe and fear when it came to Heaven, and this awe even deterred him from emerging for several thousand years, even though he knew that Heaven's original body was still sealed and only his avatars walked the earth.

But now… what did Heaven matter?

Even if he had produced the Pantheon Pearl, he could still be killed.

"Hahaha, Heaven, have you ever heard of the term 'the executing heavens'? Today, I will be the one executing Heaven!"

Luo Supreme suddenly laughed and then gathered up his Grotto Heaven Stellar Energy. Countless streams of chaos energy battered the King of Gods, particularly Essence Supreme's body in its chest.


The King of Gods created by the Pantheon Pearl remained imposing and awesome, but its massive body trembled, the shuddering intensifying. Its luster also began to dim, and even the universal energy it was gathering from Luo Supreme's dimension was showing signs of dispersing.

This situation had never happened before!

Wang Chong's plan was working.

"It really works!"

While battling with Heaven, Wang Chong could sense that Heaven was growing anxious.

The pressure on Essence Supreme's body increased as time went on, and it was growing weaker and weaker, causing Heaven's power to grow increasingly unstable. This instability was even affecting his ability to fight.

In the battle, it was obvious that Heaven was making many mistakes in how he controlled energy.

This wasn't because Heaven was incapable, but because the basis of his avatar, Essence Supreme's body, was impeding him.

Even so, Heaven's terrifying strength remained a major threat.

"A pack of rats!"

Heaven's furious bellow resounded through the sky as a wave of Stellar Energy exploded from his dantian. In a flash, a tide of frenzied energy swept toward Wang Chong.


Wang Chong used spacetime energy to create numerous Halos of Spacetime, which allowed Wang Chong to constantly change positions.

Under Heaven's seal, the use of Grotto Heaven realm energy in this dimension was greatly restricted, but it was still possible to use in a small range.

In addition, even though he could use Grotto Heaven abilities, Wang Chong did not completely rely on spacetime energy. Instead, he used various movement techniques to constantly maneuver around a small range, making him difficult to pin down and allowing him to dodge Heaven's attacks again and again.


Torrents of energy brushed past his body, but Wang Chong continued to counterattack while dodging. It was a precarious balancing act, with the smallest mistake leading to death or severe injury, the loss of any ability to fight back against Heaven.

Even so, Wang Chong had no intention of retreating. On the contrary, he seized the initiative in this battle, as if Heaven was the weaker party.

"Celestial Fortress!"

Wang Chong took out the halo divine tool, transforming the dazzling golden disk into a wall. Boom! It just barely managed to stop one of Heaven's punches.

Wang Chong's halo divine tool shuddered, but compared to before, Heaven was much weaker.

"God-Executing Sword!"

As he blocked Heaven's attack, Wang Chong turned the halo divine tool into a golden sword that cleaved through space as it slashed at Heaven.


At the key moment, Wang Chong summoned a Halo of Spacetime, avoiding Heaven's defenses and attacks to appear in front of the god king's chest.


The sword exploded with light. Wang Chong mustered his own Grotto Heaven Stellar Energy and the universal energy of Luo Supreme's dimension, even the divine lightning within the Xuanyuan Sword, and poured it all into this attack.

This attack's power was so immense that it far surpassed the strongest attack Wang Chong was normally capable of in his peak state.


With a sharp crack, the destructive blow exploded on Heaven's chest, the fusion of so many energies creating a qualitative transformation. The sword managed to pierce through Heaven's defenses and stab into the depths of the six-armed god king's body.


A scream of pain came from within—not Heaven's voice, but that of the long-disappeared Essence Supreme. And at the point where Wang Chong's sword had plunged into the body, golden blood began to seep out.

If one could see into the body of the six-armed god king, they would discover that Wang Chong's sword had pierced through a layer of Heaven's steely Stellar Energy and stabbed into Essence Supreme's curled-up body.

The sword had pierced into his chest, and it was from here that the golden blood seeped out.

In normal circumstances, Heaven's consciousness would be the active one, but the immense damage done to Essence Supreme's physical body had been enough to forcefully awaken Essence Supreme's slumbering mind.

Within the six-armed god king, Essence Supreme said nothing, but his open eyes were brimming with shock.


Essence Supreme was stupefied.

In this operation, Grand Supreme and Radiance Supreme had both believed that the Supreme Essence Compass and Heaven's essence blood were the trump cards to deal with Luo Supreme, but Essence Supreme had known the entirety of the plan.

He had never before imagined that when Heaven had complete control over the situation and had his most powerful avatar with the Pantheon Pearl, Wang Chong would still be able to hurt Heaven, even heavily wound Essence Supreme's body which had been protected in the depths of the god king's body.

Essence Supreme was truly and utterly stunned.

"Haha, kid, you really didn't disappoint me! Heaven, it's no wonder you're so wary of him, even using that plan in the capital. It seems that he really is that person that is said to be the person you fear the most!"

Luo Supreme's eyes brightened, and he heartily laughed as he joined Wang Chong in rushing at Heaven.

He suddenly understood why Heaven's actions in the capital were so different from how he had acted in previous Purification plans.

Luo Supreme could even sense that Heaven was growing anxious, which had never happened with him before.

When he saw this twenty-some-year-old human youth wounding Heaven, Luo Supreme had understood.

Firmament Supreme's death, Genesis Supreme's death, the failure of the Purification plan, Heaven's emergence—these seemingly unrelated events were all connected.

"Kid, didn't you want to ask me about what was happening in the capital? Let me tell you a secret, a secret that Heaven has done his utmost to conceal, that few people even in the Celestial God Organization know about. Moreover, this secret is also connected to the now-deceased Origin Immortal Lord…"

Luo Supreme crazily laughed, his voice resounding through the world.


Wang Chong was flabbergasted by Luo Supreme's words. As he dodged to the side and barely avoided a bolt of lightning from Heaven, he glanced at Luo Supreme.

The Origin Immortal Lord!

Wang Chong truly had come for the two Doomsday Insignias and information on what was happening in the capital. The Sindhu High Priest had said that Luo Supreme, while extremely inconspicuous, had spent the longest time with Heaven. There was a high possibility that he knew the whole story.

But Wang Chong had not expected to hear the name of the Origin Immortal Lord.

He had the advantage of having been reborn, but his encounter with the Origin Immortal Lord on his trip to the northwest had also been an enormous boon to him.

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