RHE - Chapter 2221: Genesis Supreme's Death Day!

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Translated by: Hypersheep325
Edited by: Michyrr

Half a year ago, Old Eagle had managed to capture an extremely unique polar bird from the far north that was extremely resistant to the cold. He had long ago learned from Wang Chong about the coming ice, so he had begun training a flock of special birds that could fly through extremely cold weather while still scouting and delivering messages.

Now, the results of his training were on full display. By now, almost all of the Great Tang's scouting was being done by Old Eagle's birds.

Wang Zhongsi, Zhang Shougui, and Abusi frowned at Old Eagle's words, their hearts sinking. The alliance was progressing faster than they had anticipated, and this was ill news for the Great Tang.

The Great Generals turned to Wang Chong, but when they saw the expression on his face, they froze.

Wang Chong was totally unperturbed.

"I see," Wang Chong indifferently replied, leaving everyone else flabbergasted.

While no one was certain about the empire's situation, it was undoubtedly in bad shape. Both the Imperial Court and the northeastern front line would not be able to last for very long. Wang Chong should have understood this more than anyone else, so no one understood why he was so composed.

"It's not fast enough or rushed enough. This bodes ill for our future operations. As for Youzhou, the world is sealed in ice. Whether it comes to food or heat sources, they should be in a worse situation than we are.

"Youzhou's formation cannot completely keep out the cold," Wang Chong said as he looked into the distance.

Everyone turned pensive.

This was true. While the alliance was powerful and had the Yeluohe, a force that could shatter the war's equilibrium, it also had to feed many more mouths.

The alliance had already been extremely lacking in food. Given their numbers, they would run out much faster than the Great Tang.

Moreover, their surveillance had revealed that while the men in black had set up an enormous formation in Youzhou that had been able to keep out most of the cold, this didn't mean that it was as warm as spring in Youzhou.

The common folk of the alliance still needed heat sources, which the alliance had not made any preparations for.

One could even say that the alliance didn't even have access to heat sources. On the vast Turkic steppe, there was little that could be used to provide warmth.

The alliance was probably more anxious than even the Great Tang.

"So what should we do now?" Crown Prince's Junior Guardian Wang Zhongsi asked.

Wang Zhongsi and the other Great Generals did not know much about the war plan. Wang Chong was the only one who knew the entire thing, but so long as Wang Chong was confident, they were certain of their victory in this battle.

"There's no reason to rush. Continue with our current plans. The more it's like this, the more we can relax. The more confident we are, the more worried Youzhou will be."

Wang Chong lightly tapped his fingers against the wall, his voice brimming with confidence.

This war in Youzhou would be the last war between human empires on this continent.

Step by step, Wang Chong had gradually reached his current position. Not only had the Great Tang not declined through successive disasters, it was stronger than ever before.

So long as he stood here, An Lushan would never have a sliver of success.


As he was thinking, a sharp eagle cry came from overhead, this cry completely different from before.

Wang Chong frowned and immediately turned to Old Eagle.

"This is bad. It's a message from the snow eagle. It seems that something is—"

Old Eagle's eyes flashed as he looked doubtfully at the sky.

Old Eagle far surpassed anyone when it came to surveillance with birds. The unique bird language he had developed could convey information on an extremely detailed level.

But eagles were not people and could not express themselves as easily as humans. This sound the eagle had made was one that Old Eagle had rarely heard before, and it was not part of the language he had established.

Before Old Eagle could finish, a screech came from above, and the cry of the snow eagle came to a sudden stop.

Old Eagle paled.

A few moments later, Wang Chong's face turned grim in realization, and he peered into the depths of the snowstorm.


The others didn't notice anything at first, but soon, what sounded like a muffled boom of thunder began to approach the steel fortress.

The sound was very faint at first, but it quickly loudened to a deafening level. A few moments later, a frenzied storm of energy shot toward them.

"Genesis Supreme!"

Wang Chong's pupils constricted, his gaze turning cold.

Wang Zhongsi and the others grimaced. This energy was simply too immense, far above the Great General level. It was not an attack that any of them could take.

Thirty thousand feet!

Twenty thousand feet!

Five thousand feet!

The destructive energy moved with incredible speed, and as it surged forward, it absorbed energy from the surrounding cold wave. By the time it reached the steel fortress, this ball of energy had swelled to a diameter of several thousand feet, carrying an unstoppable momentum that left all of them alarmed.

Only Wang Chong maintained his composure, simply standing on the wall and showing no intent of stopping it.



With a massive bang, an invisible barrier stopped that destructive sphere of energy about ten meters from the walls.

With an explosion, a destructive wave of energy swept over the earth, but none of this energy was able to penetrate the barrier.

On the walls, the armor of the Great Generals clattered, but none of them were injured.

Wang Chong placed his hands behind his back and said, "Genesis Supreme, you have always called yourself a god, so are gods scoundrels that ambush others?"

After a moment of silence, cold laughter came out of the snowstorm.

"Impudent thing, you still dare to speak so brazenly in front of this god, not even realizing that the day of your death is near!"


As this voice rang out, energy erupted out of the storm, sweeping the wind and snow aside.

Everyone focused and soon spotted the figure of Genesis Supreme, floating in the sky one thousand feet away.

He was still wearing that suit of golden divine armor, and he exuded an immense majesty that exerted great pressure on everyone besides Wang Chong. Those cold and sharp eyes were brighter than the sun, and not even the snow could obscure them.

Genesis Supreme stared at Wang Chong, making no effort to conceal his killing intent.

This steel fortress was much sturdier than he had expected. He had used seventy percent of his strength in that strike, but in the end, it had failed to shake the fortress in the slightest.

After being bitten by a snake once, one would fear rope for ten years. In the capital, Wang Chong had borrowed the power of the Xiangliu Formation to destroy Genesis Supreme's physical body, almost taking his soul with it. Now that he was facing another large formation, how could he dare to test it with his body?

Even though this fortress did not have the Xiangliu Formation, Genesis Supreme did not dare to try.

Who could tell if there wasn't another trap?

And Wang Chong was also in the fortress, making Genesis Supreme even less inclined to be reckless.

The two were in a bizarre stalemate.

"A pile of nonsense! The one whose death day is nearing is you!" Wang Chong jeered in reply, and as everyone watched in shock, he stepped forward and left the walls.

Genesis Supreme's pupils slightly constricted at this small movement, his face grimacing.

This was a brazen challenge. He had never imagined that in a few months, this youth that had been about as significant as an ant would have reached this level.

Wang Chong took in Genesis Supreme's reaction and mentally grinned.

The times had changed, and Wang Chong had already reached a point that countless martial artists could only dream about, matching ancient existences like Genesis Supreme.

Even without the protection of the formation, Wang Chong felt no fear.

"You might not know this, but before his death, the Sage Emperor left behind a slip of paper predicting the day of your death!

"When you escaped the capital last time, your death day hadn't come, but this time, there's no escape!" Wang Chong coldly said.


Wang Chong's casual comment instantly made Genesis Supreme pale, and he lost his confidence.

As the leaders of the Celestial God Organization, each of the Supremes had an extremely high view of themselves. Mortal royalty and elite experts weren't worth mentioning to them, but in all these years, there had been one exception.

That man was the now-deceased Sage Emperor, Li Taiyi.

Li Taiyi had been very strong, but his schemes were even more frightening.

The Celestial God Organization had attempted to kill him many times, and Li Taiyi had intentionally revealed flaws and weaknesses.

Even though the Celestial God Organization had been on their guard against such things, they still took the bait each time, for Li Taiyi's plans were simply too profound.

And the final result of their probes was that the Celestial God Organization lost two Supremes to Li Taiyi.

Though Genesis Supreme was extremely arrogant, he still feared Li Taiyi.

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Genesis Supreme and Wang Chong once more engaging in a war of words.

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Written by Huangfu Qi 皇甫奇. Translated by Hypersheep325, Starve. Edited by Michyrr, Desertdoe, Welmar, RED.