RHE - Chapter 2222: Preparing for Battle!

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Translated by: Hypersheep325
Edited by: Michyrr

Given how cunning Li Taiyi was, if he had really left something for Wang Chong…

The thought left Genesis Supreme extremely uneasy.

"Absurd! With this skill, you dare to try and deceive this god?!" Genesis Supreme coldly said.

"Hmph! You can believe what you want."

Rather than arguing, Wang Chong simply smiled.

Though Genesis Supreme said that he didn't believe, his expression had sold him out.

At times, the mouth was not in agreement with the mind.

The Sage Emperor had fought with Genesis Supreme and his ilk his entire life. They hated him to the bone, but they also feared him to the bone.

"Reckless fool, attempting to flaunt your skill with words! What does it matter if this god lets you remain cocky for a few more days? Once the walls fall, you will pay a price for your arrogance! No one in this fortress will leave it alive!" Genesis Supreme coldly proclaimed.

Genesis Supreme shot Wang Chong a profound glance, and his body slowly began to fade into the distance until not even a wisp of his energy remained.

Wang Chong watched Genesis Supreme leave, his eyes shining as countless thoughts ran through his mind.

"Let's go!"

Wang Chong turned around and quickly began to descend from the walls.

The days continued to pass, and while the rest of the continent actively attempted to resist the cold, within Youzhou, beneath Genesis Supreme's massive formation, an army was preparing for war.


Lightning crackled and thunder boomed. In an area not far from the alliance camp and beyond the range of the formation, hooves thundered against the ground. The Yeluohe were covered in thick layers of snow, but their movements were entirely unaffected, and they moved through this world of snow and ice as a fish would move through water, as if they had been designed for this world.

If one observed carefully, one would be able to see cold wisps of energy flowing into their bodies. In this frigid environment, the Yeluohe grew stronger with each passing moment.

A stalwart and imposing Yeluohe sat tall upon its horse, its eyes shining like stars as it surveyed its surroundings, seeming indescribably strange and bizarre.

"Hahaha, the method given by Genesis Supreme truly is effective. With this special equipment, how can we not defeat the Great Tang?!"

Smug and rough laughter broke out from behind this Yeluohe.

Nearby, An Lushan was mounted atop an ordinary Turkic steed, elated as he felt the invisible and warm energy of laws around him.

"Master, this method truly is effective. If even I can enter the snowstorm with the Yeluohe, the others will be able to as well!"

Behind An Lushan, Gao Shang was wearing a simple robe and riding upon his own horse, and his face was beaming.

Unlike the soldiers in the army, Gao Shang did not practice martial arts and did not possess a very profound cultivation. But despite the fact that he was surrounded by wind and snow, Gao Shang could feel no chill on his body on this outing with An Lushan.

If even he could endure this frigid winter, then the soldiers would definitely be fine.

They had been training with the Yeluohe for several days now. This final outing was to see if this method was truly plausible or not.

The energy radiated out from the Yeluohe as a halo, spreading out to the other soldiers, allowing them to obtain the cold resistance of the Yeluohe. It seemed that this method really did work.

And from their experiments, they had determined that a single Yeluohe could cover twenty to fifty soldiers, and with some special equipment, eighty to ninety percent of the alliance army could sortie to battle in the snowstorm.

Most importantly, over this period of time, Genesis Supreme and the Divine Works Elder had managed to solve that critical flaw of the Yeluohe—their inability to distinguish friend from foe.

In large part, this problem was because Genesis Supreme had not granted enough authority over the Yeluohe to An Lushan!


Just when the pair was celebrating the experiment's success, the thundering of hooves came from behind them. A few moments later, an Imperial Martial realm Hu general arrived, his body covered in frost and ice.

"Master, Venerable Genesis Supreme has requested that Master return to base to discuss the assault on the fortress!"

"Let's go!"

Sovereign and subject exchanged a glance before turning their horses around and riding back to Youzhou territory.

The main hall of the Youzhou headquarters was packed. Ozmish Khagan, Yeon Gaesomun, the Khitan King, and the Xi Queen were all present, and occupying the very central position were An Lushan and Genesis Supreme, who were seated next to each other.

An Lushan was nominally the supreme commander, but everyone knew that Genesis Supreme was the real deciding voice. After all, he had been the one to call this conference.

But at this moment, nobody cared. Their attention was entirely focused on the model fortress cast from metal in the center of the hall.

The steel fortress!

This miniature model fortress was none other than the Tang base not far to their south, the steel fortress that Wang Chong was using against the alliance.

This was their battlefield model.

The metal model was intricately constructed, with all the barracks, towers, and walls almost identical to the real fortress.

The alliance had not created this model recently through scouting and observation. In truth, they had known the exact layout of the steel fortress long before this.

The Celestial God Organization had sent those disguised men in black to infiltrate the Tang ranks, and they had gone undetected for a long time. In that period of time, they had copied down the interior layout of the fortress, and when they returned, they had worked with the craftsmen under the Divine Works Elder to produce a diagram from which this exquisite model had been produced.

This sort of scouting mission had been as easy as blowing away dust.

For a group of rigorously trained and powerful martial artists, memorization with a single glance was an extremely basic skill.

"Truly the work of gods!"

Even though he had seen it numerous times, the Khitan King still couldn't help but sigh in wonder, though it was hard to say whether it was over the craftsmanship of the Divine Works Elder's subordinates or Wang Chong's steel fortress.

"With this model, things will be much easier once we break through the walls! At the very least, their defensive measures will be ineffective against us."

"But reports from the Tang capital are saying that they plan to fight us in the complicated streets and lanes of the fortress in the final phase of this war."

Cavalry were not omnipotent. As much as three months ago, the alliance spies in the capital had learned that the King of Foreign Lands was intending to fight a city battle like never before, fighting in lanes and streets to deal with the alliance soldiers.

The explanation was that the power of a cavalry charge was greatly reduced in complicated streets, while infantry could exploit the terrain to their advantage.

They had all taken this for an exaggerated rumor, but now that they saw the internal layout of the steel fortress, they could not rule out the possibility.

"We can't get careless! If it were anyone else, that would be one thing, but I'm sure all of you remember the Great Tang's steel defense line, and how the Arabs reacted when those steel modules first appeared on the battlefield."

An Lushan's words that left everyone surprised.

"Lord Protector-General has never gotten along with that King of Foreign Lands, as if there is some deep-seated grudge between the two of you. Why are you suddenly praising him?" the Xi Queen said, smirking. "This doesn't match Lord Protector-General's style!"

"He must be killed, and even now, I have not spoken about sparing him," An Lushan coldly replied, completely unmoved.

"But killing him doesn't mean that I can underestimate him when it comes to strategy. Anyone who could erect this sort of fortress could be considered a genius deserving of everyone's respect, and in this world, no one can ever look down on a War Saint!"

An Lushan glanced at the metal model, his eyes flickering.

Even he couldn't help but praise Wang Chong's ability.

He had to admit that many of the things Wang Chong had done were things that the people of this world had never attempted in the last several hundred years, perhaps even in the last one thousand years.

That fortress to their south was not as they had imagined, a main hall and several barracks. Different from how fortresses had been built for hundreds of years, Wang Chong had constructed an incredibly complicated base.

The place was crisscrossed by defense lines, at least two hundred layers set up in all directions. Moreover, these defense lines supported each other rather than standing alone.

This layout meant that even if they broke through the walls, they would still have to go to great lengths to destroy the Tang army.

These intersecting defense lines could also buy the Tang army critical time to engage in a strategic retreat.

If he weren't seeing it with his own eyes, An Lushan would have never believed that someone would ever build such a complicated fortress.

The mood in the hall turned strange. Hearing An Lushan give Wang Chong such a high evaluation, even Genesis Supreme couldn't help but subtly shoot him a glance.

"But even a genius is still a human, not a god, and a human is bound to make mistakes. In this battle, his fate is sealed!"

Hypersheep325, Starve's Notes:

The greatest problem facing the alliance is still the fortress. Has Genesis Supreme, with all his resources, thought of a way to break it down?

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