RHE - Chapter 2223: Self-Satisfied Genesis Supreme!

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Translated by: Hypersheep325
Edited by: Michyrr

An Lushan slowly turned to Genesis Supreme and the Divine Lords attending him.

An Lushan's final words made everyone silently curse. After all those words, in the end, An Lushan was just flattering Genesis Supreme.

"Lord Protector-General, it seems like this lowly woman underestimated you. Everyone says that Lord Protector-General has a proud personality, but it seems like this was an exaggeration. Lord Protector-General, it seems like you're even more formidable than all of us added together!" the Xi Queen said with a cold laugh.

An Lushan did not take this comment to heart. There was probably no one in the northeastern countries that did not know about the Xi Queen's ability to make insinuations.

"Venerable One, what should we do now?" An Lushan directly asked Genesis Supreme.

"In seven days, we will utterly destroy that steel fortress to our south!" Genesis Supreme coldly said, getting straight to the point.

Everyone paled at these words.

Goguryeo Emperor Yeon Gaesomun hesitated before sternly saying, "But, Venerable One, the Great Tang's steel fortress is far too tall and sturdy. Ordinary siege ladders don't even reach halfway up the walls, making taking the walls a difficult venture. Moreover, in this period of time, we've tried many methods to destroy the outer walls, but all of them failed!

"Every foot of those walls has been implanted with ten times the number of inscriptions and formations walls normally have. As for their toughness, even precious swords and sabers can only leave a few faint scars, and this even damages the blades of the weapons."

The greatest problem was not the powerful Tang soldiers, but those soaring walls. The alliance army primarily consisted of cavalry, and not even the most formidable cavalry could fly over the walls. As for infantry…

There was no empire in the world that could contend against the Great Tang's infantry.

Without the walls hindering them, things would be much easier to resolve. At the very least, they would be much more confident in their chances of victory.

"There's no need to worry yourself. This god has made plans for everything. In eight days, the fortress is certain to fall!" Genesis Supreme indifferently said, his eyes half-closed.

Genesis Supreme's voice instantly silenced the hall, and everyone stared speechlessly at him.

Was Genesis Supreme saying that he had already found a way to breach the walls?

Everyone almost instinctively turned to An Lushan and Gao Shang.

These two were rather calm, their faces unperturbed. It seemed that they had known about this beforehand.

"Venerable One, be at ease. We will do everything in our power to cooperate. I am confident that everyone else will do the same, yes?"

An Lushan softly chuckled.

Everyone was taken aback, but they quickly responded.


"We will naturally follow Venerable One's lead!"

Everyone bowed.

At this point, they didn't have many choices. Without Genesis Supreme's help, the alliance would be no match for the Great Tang. Putting aside anything else, the removal of the formation around Youzhou would instantly cause grievous losses to the alliance.

They were now meat on the chopping block, and Genesis Supreme had invisibly taken control of the alliance.

While this meeting was called a 'discussion', Genesis Supreme had really summoned them to give orders. He had no plans to discuss anything with the alliance.

The meeting quickly ended, and the alliance quickly began to prepare for the battle in a few days.


As the alliance got to work, the steel fortress remained calm. It appeared that the Great Tang was not at all concerned by this unprecedented Great Ice Age and the alliance army.


Howling winds swept over the world!

In the middle of the raging snowstorm, the soldiers of the alliance swiftly approached the fortress.

These were master scouts carefully selected from the ranks of the alliance. They were all Imperial Martial realm commanders, and even in this extreme cold, they could use their reserves of Stellar Energy to endure for at least two hours.

The Yeluohe were strong and did not fear the cold. In this weather, they were like fish in water. This should have made them the finest scouts, but in the end, the Yeluohe were lifeless creatures. Even if An Lushan could control the Yeluohe from a distance, his control was limited to ten-some Yeluohe, which was far too few.

In the end, actual humans were needed to gather intelligence.

The walls of the steel fortress were so imposing that their outlines were visible even in the middle of the snowstorm.

This wasn't their first time seeing these walls. Ten-some days of constant scouting had made the alliance scouts extremely familiar with them.

About eight thousand feet from the fortress, a Khitan brave suddenly said, "There's no sign of activity. It seems that the King of Foreign Lands is prepared to use this fortress to defend to the very end!"

"The Yeluohe are simply too strong, and no human soldiers can stop them," an Eastern Turkic scout said. "The Wushang Cavalry are so strong and have defeated so many other elite cavalry forces, but in this one battle, they lost ten thousand men. If they had not made a timely retreat, they could have been completely wiped out. If I were him, I wouldn't sortie lightly either."

This period of time in which all the members of the alliance had mingled had gradually caused the alliance soldiers to realize something.

There was a chance that Youzhou's Yeluohe simply weren't human. No human could possess this sort of fighting power, could survive even being punched through by a Tang ballista.

Any martial artist who had a body of flesh and blood could not possess this ability.

Moreover, their crimson eyes were cold and emotionless. Whenever they trained with them in the snowstorm, the alliance soldiers would always shiver whenever they saw those eyes.

If their superiors hadn't given orders, the alliance soldiers might have fled a long time ago. After all, no one wanted to spend time together with a 'corpse'.

"Let's go! Everyone, just make a few rounds and then return to deliver our reports," a Xi warrior said.

In the northeast, the various countries stood alone, but when it came to communicating with each other, there were no barriers.

Excluding Goguryeons, almost everyone in the region shared Turkic as a common language, even in An Lushan's Youzhou army.

An Lushan had originally had many Hu under his command. Thus, when allying with the other countries, there was little problem when it came to communication.


With three members to each scout team, they began to ride toward the steel fortress's northern walls. As before, they would also need to patrol the eastern, western, and even southern walls.

From the model, they knew that the Great Tang had three other gates. In the previous battle, Wang Zhongsi had used the western gate to get out and lead the surprise attack force against them. The alliance had to guard against this.

Eight thousand feet!

Seven thousand feet!

As they got closer and closer, the outer walls grew clearer and clearer. Everything was normal for these men, but a few moments later, they noticed something different.

"What's that?"

A Xi warrior pulled his horse to a stop and looked up at the walls.


The others frowned, astonishment on their faces.

What could there be on the walls? They had come here many times and had never discovered anything new. Moreover, the fortress had an enormous Psychic Seal that prevented even Psychic Energy experts from gathering any information. The others felt that the Xi warrior was making a fuss over nothing, but when they looked up, they were immediately struck dumb.

"That's… fire?"

Through the snowstorm, they could see blazing fires atop the walls.

Moreover, they could also hear roaring laughter from within the fortress, so loud that there had to be tens of thousands of people laughing.

But because the winds were blowing from north to south and they were standing upwind, it was difficult to hear unless they were up close.

What were they doing?

They speechlessly glanced at each other.

Unable to suppress their curiosity, they immediately rode up to the walls.

The surging cold wave hindered the vision and judgment of master archers, serving as a cover for them.

After riding another several thousand feet, they were able to smell a thick and oily fragrance in the air.

"This is… the smell of roast pig? They're roasting pigs in the fortress?"

The three of them couldn't even remember the last time they had eaten roast pig. They would have never imagined that on this cold and frigid battlefield upon which the cold wave ran rampant, they would once more smell this nostalgic fragrance.

"No, not just roast pig, but roast lamb too! And they've sprinkled it with cumin."

The Xi warrior's nose twitched as he spoke.

Compared to roast pig, they were more familiar with the scent of roast lamb. The familiar fragrance made their fingers twitch. The three of them quickly realized that the Great Tang was holding a feast for its army.

"Impossible! That can't be. I must be dreaming. How is this even possible!?" the Eastern Turkic warrior murmured in a daze.

The three of them felt like they were in a dream. It was like this place wasn't a bloody battlefield, but a peaceful and friendly city.

The three of them didn't say a word. They were seemingly entranced by the scent, their bodies involuntarily taking them toward the walls.

Hypersheep325, Starve's Notes:

Everyone is preparing for the imminent battle, and Wang Chong is doing so by...holding a feast?

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