RHE - Chapter 2209: Wushang Cavalry Versus Yeluohe!

Translated by: Hypersheep325
Edited by: Michyrr


The two strongest forces of cavalry in the world collided with each other.

Li Siye swung his giant sword, sending a fierce wave of Stellar Energy sweeping across the battlefield and several hundred Yeluohe flying into the air.

Even with their undying bodies, the Yeluohe were still insignificant to Li Siye.

At the same time, amidst a collision of flesh and armor, thousands of Wushang Cavalry and Yeluohe were knocked into the air.

This battle between these two supreme forces was shockingly gruesome. In terms of speed, the two forces of cavalry held nothing back, both accelerating to the maximum, and their impact was nothing that bodies of flesh and blood could endure.

Even inhuman creatures like the Yeluohe found it hard to endure.

…Because they were facing the Wushang Cavalry!

In a flash, both sides suffered losses, but for both armies, this was only the beginning.


As this first clash subsided, the tens of thousands of Wushang Cavalry and Yeluohe began to swiftly fight with each other.


In a cold flash of light, a Wushang horseman swung his Wootz Steel sword at the neck of an opposing Yeluohe. Almost instinctively, the Yeluohe swung its rusted sword to block.

A moment later, the two rode past each other, and a broken sword and large head went flying into the air. Without its head, the Yeluohe charged another several dozen feet before dropping to the ground.

The Yeluohe were so strong that ten-some Tang elites working together were still not enough to kill one, but the Wushang Cavalry were not ordinary opponents.

The Yeluohe's ancient swords and armor, though rusted, were extremely tough, but they were still not enough to stand against Wootz Steel swords.


In one clash, at least two thousand Yeluohe were beheaded and fell to the ground.

In this brief battle, the Yeluohe had lost more to the Wushang Cavalry than against any other force.

This lethality left the Youzhou generals stunned and flabbergasted.

It was precisely because they knew what the Yeluohe were that An Lushan and his subordinates more keenly felt how frightening Wang Chong's cavalry were.

Before this war, during An Lushan's discussions with his subordinates, it had even been claimed that no human army could stop the Yeluohe. But the Wushang Cavalry were clearly an exception.

"This man will always be a threat to me. No matter what, I must annihilate this army."

In the distance, An Lushan narrowed his eyes, sensing a formidable threat.


The Yeluohe quickly adjusted, even more Yeluohe changing directions and charging at the Wushang Cavalry.

In the hearts of the Yeluohe, the newly arrived Wushang Cavalry were far more threatening than the Nine Heavens Ten Earths God-Devil Annihilation Formation, becoming a target they had to exterminate.

"Retreat! Everyone besides the Wushang Cavalry and ballista army should retreat into the fortress!" Li Siye boomed. He swung his giant sword, explosive Stellar Energy sending ten-some Yeluohe flying into the air.

While still in the air, the chests of the Yeluohe caved inward, their bones shattered, and their bodies were cleaved in half.

With the arrival of the Wushang Cavalry, the Tang side had regained its vigor, but Li Siye knew that the current situation was not as optimistic as it seemed.

Although the Wushang Cavalry had killed two thousand Yeluohe, cutting them in half, this renowned cavalry force had also sustained an enormous impact.


Nearby, a Wushang horseman was caught off guard, a Yeluohe slashing at his warhorse as well as the horseman that had nimbly moved under its belly like a monkey.

Although this terrifying swing was blocked by the Meteoric Metal armor Wang Chong had prepared, the shock made the Wushang horseman vomit blood, his determined face paling.

But not everyone was so lucky. Elsewhere, plush! The sharp tip of a rusted sword pushed out from the neck of a Wushang horseman, instantly killing him.

The swords were not the only thing that was threatening about the Yeluohe.

In the melee, one of the Yeluohe suddenly reached out with a long arm, grabbing a Wushang horseman and raising him into the air. The moment its palm made contact, a concentrated icy energy infused with decaying death energy entered the Wushang horseman's body.

Crack! Clack! The Wushang horseman's body turned blue and soon became an ice statue.

The Yeluohe threw the corpse to the ground, and with a thud, the ice statue that had been the Wushang horseman turned into numerous shards of ice that burst out from the armor. All that was left behind was an empty suit of Meteoric Metal armor.

Two thousand, three thousand, five thousand… the Wushang Cavalry were suffering much greater losses than anticipated.

The sight made Li Siye's heart bleed.

These soldiers had been with him through life and death, brothers in battle.

Moreover, before this, the Wushang Cavalry had only consisted of about ten thousand people. If not for the recruitment of new blood, the shipments of Hyderabad ore from Sindhu, and the Meteoric Metal sent over by Wang Liang, they would have never been able to expand to this scale.

But now, in just a few moments, the Wushang Cavalry had lost more than half its number.

Even so, nobody backed down, even though they knew their opponents were nearly inhuman.

This was because all of them knew that they were the last barrier for the Great Tang, the protector of the millions of people of the Central Plains.


At this most intense moment of the battle, the ballistae thundered. Su Hanshan, who had brought even the ballistae that had previously remained in the fortress, had once more entered the fray.

In a flash of light, a Yeluohe that was fighting with a Wushang horseman dropped to the ground, its head obliterated by ten-some ballista bolts.

The ballistae fired in row after row, and several hundred Yeluohe were beheaded.

Su Hanshan's eyes flashed as he scanned the battlefield and suddenly ordered, "Change targets! Aim at the joints of the horses' legs!"


The ballista army swiftly executed Su Hanshan's order, and ballista bolts began to explode through the air and strike the forelegs of the Yeluohe horses.

With a loud neigh, a horse lost its balance and collapsed into the ground, stirring up ice and snow as the Yeluohe atop it was thrown forward.

It took only a few moments for thousands of Yeluohe to be affected and thrown from their horses.

Su Hanshan's impromptu change of tactics immediately sowed chaos in the Yeluohe ranks, greatly reducing the pressure on the Wushang Cavalry.

On the other side, with the Wushang Cavalry and the ballista army holding off the Yeluohe, the others sensed that this was the best moment to retreat.

"All soldiers, withdraw in batches!"

Tongluo Great General Abusi was first to issue orders, after which Sun Zhiming, Chen Burang, and Zhang Shougui began to give similar orders.

Though he was extremely unwilling, Zhang Shougui was still a top-class Great General, and he immediately understood that the appearance of the Yeluohe had altered the balance of the battlefield.

These inhuman Yeluohe were simply too powerful. Retreating to the fortress was currently the best option.

"Let's go!"

Zhang Shougui swiftly gave the order to retreat, but not directly. He first attacked the opposing Youzhou soldiers, particularly the soldiers that An Lushan had newly recruited, before beginning his retreat.

"Pass on my order! Prepare to withdraw!"

At the same time, Crown Prince's Junior Guardian Wang Zhongsi saw the flag signal in the distance.

He had yet to exert his full strength in this battle, but the initial goal had been achieved. The alliance army was in disarray, lost and confused. The Eastern Turks, the Khitans, the Xi, the Goguryeons… the alliance soldiers were all stricken with panic and fear.

The appearance of those two armies had completely upset their plans. More importantly, their initial momentum had been stopped and their confidence annihilated.

As for Youzhou, the appearance of the Yeluohe and Genesis Supreme had left An Lushan devoid of any trump cards. From the Great Tang's perspective, he did not have any secrets.


Coming to his senses, Wang Zhongsi whistled in Bahram's direction.

Wang Zhongsi had interacted with Bahram a few times and was confident that the man would understand what he meant.

Wang Zhongsi drew back his gaze and spoke to a black-bearded subordinate. "Zhou Cang, pass on my order! Order the Yellow Sands Army to cover our retreat!"

'To fight in yellow sands until armor turns golden.' This was a maxim that Wang Zhongsi had carved into his desk, and he had established the Yellow Sands Army based on this motto.

Wang Zhongsi's army did not fight for fame or fortune, but to protect the country and its borders to the death!

So long as the country was at peace, it did not matter if their bones were left scattered across the yellow sands. This was the conviction held by the Yellow Sands Army.

Time was short, and several groups of Yeluohe were charging toward them. It was clear that An Lushan had noticed Wang Zhongsi's movements and wanted to use the Yeluohe to hold them down.

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