RHE - Chapter 2211: The Battle Deep in the Clouds!

Translated by: Hypersheep325
Edited by: Michyrr

"Let's go!"

A shockwave blasted outward as Wang Chong's original body and his two Divine Embryos flew out together like a cannonball at Genesis Supreme.

"Dark Judgment!"

"Jade Descent into Yellow Springs!"

As Wang Chong charged out, two sharp barks came from behind him, and two resplendent streams of Stellar Energy streaked toward him like comets. It was none other than the Divine Lords who had come with Genesis Supreme.

But Wang Chong was entirely focused on Genesis Supreme up in the clouds, not even paying them a glance.

After comprehending the mysteries of the void and ascending to the Grotto Heaven realm, Wang Chong had reached a profound and unfathomable level. Even Divine Lords presented little threat to him.

Without even turning his head, Wang Chong reached out, took two Trayastrimsa Heaven spears from his two Divine Embryos, and threw them downward.



Cries of alarm came from the two Divine Lords. With stunned eyes, they watched as the spears easily pierced through their torrents of Stellar Energy toward their faces.


One of the Divine Lords dodged to the side in panic, but the other Divine Lord was too slow. He had barely moved a few feet when Wang Chong's golden spear stabbed through him, and he plummeted to the ground as he screamed.

Meanwhile, Wang Chong was long gone.

Even powerful Divine Lords would find it difficult to perceive battles of the Grotto Heaven realm.


Deep in the clouds, in a place where reality intersected with the depths of spacetime, Genesis Supreme floated, adorned in his ancient divine armor, with a golden halo behind him that added to his majesty. He truly seemed like a god that had stepped out of mythology.

But at this time, Genesis Supreme's focus was entirely on the swiftly approaching Wang Chong.

The halo behind Genesis Supreme's head was a powerful ritual tool, a divine weapon that Genesis Supreme had brought with him from the Celestial God Organization.

The Purification Plan was far too important, and no mishap was allowed. This was the reason 'Heaven' had granted him this divine weapon.

Genesis Supreme was keenly aware of how powerful that strike had been. No one should have been able to survive this. Yet not only was Wang Chong still alive, he seemed to have not even been heavily injured.

This was far too abnormal!

"Is it that suit of armor?"

Genesis Supreme's attention quickly turned to that unique suit of black and gold armor.

"These are the abilities of the Child of Destruction?"

Though he wasn't clear on the situation, Genesis Supreme managed to quickly snatch at an aspect of the truth.

This only increased Genesis Supreme's killing intent.

"I'd like to see how capable you are."

In a flash of light, Genesis Supreme popped out of existence, vanishing into the depths of spacetime.

Wang Chong was extremely strong, much stronger than he had imagined. But in the end, the accumulation of hundreds to thousands of years could not be overcome by just one or two months.

Seeing Genesis Supreme disappear, Wang Chong tensed, his face turning solemn.

Genesis Supreme was significantly stronger than he was, and that strange halo behind his head only made him stronger. He moved through spacetime as a fish moved through water, and Wang Chong found it difficult to track him down.

Wang Chong combined the Psychic Energy of his two Divine Embryos with his own, countless strands of Psychic Energy reaching into the depths of spacetime. This time, Wang Chong finally managed to find a trace.


In a tiny spacetime equilibrium point behind him, Wang Chong found a tiny and faint trace of Genesis Supreme's energy.


Wang Chong immediately turned around and unleashed a punch of golden light.

In a flash of light, Genesis Supreme's divine figure appeared out of the void. His body seethed with Grotto Heaven Stellar Energy that condensed into a pitch-black spear more than twenty meters long.

At the Grotto Heaven realm, the sort of technique used was not important, as every attack of a Grotto Heaven expert contained the crushing power of spacetime. This sort of power far surpassed any kind of technique.

With a massive boom, the fist and spear collided, torrents of destructive energy sweeping out from the impact site.

Clackclack! The fabric of space shattered like glass from this clash of energies.


With one strike, Wang Chong destroyed Genesis Supreme's black spear, and he lunged forward to launch his own counterattack.

The power of his two clones made Wang Chong much stronger and made Wang Chong believe that this battle was winnable.

"Fool! Since that's what you want, I will thoroughly crush your hopes!"

Genesis Supreme's expression was cold and aloof as he brought his hands together, and the visage of an ancient god that seemed rather similar to his own appeared behind him.

The god was adorned in golden armor, and on its back, seven spears of white gold manifested. Each of these spears was covered in golden inscriptions, making them seem both extremely sacred and extremely dangerous.

"Spear of Judgment! Face your destruction!"

Genesis Supreme waved his hand, and the seven spears flew out, rippling with spacetime energy as they took aim at Wang Chong.


The spears almost instantly shot up to Wang Chong's face, moving with terrifying speed.

But a moment later, Wang Chong reached out his hand to block the seven spears. It moved so quickly that rather than seeming like Wang Chong had moved his hand up to block, it was like his hand had been there the entire time and Genesis Supreme had specifically aimed his spears at it.


The seven spears instantly froze, pinned to space across from Wang Chong's extended hand.

"Ice-Sealed World!"

As Genesis Supreme's eyes filled with shock, a voice came out of the depths of spacetime, and Genesis Supreme saw a smile on Wang Chong's lips.


Time seemed to return to the primordial ice age as the temperature for tens of thousands of feet around instantly plunged. Everything froze, even the fabric of space.

The Ice-Sealed World was the ability of Divine Embryo 3, but as Wang Chong was linked with two of his Divine Embryos, he could use their abilities freely. However, the power was much greater than when used by Divine Embryo 3.

"What is this?"

Genesis Supreme was alarmed by this sight. This was no simple technique, for Genesis Supreme could sense extremely pure ripples of law energy.


Genesis Supreme stepped forward, manifesting a golden-white halo that took him into the depths of space to avoid this move. But the moment this Halo of Spacetime appeared, it was fixed in space.

At the same time, a destructive tide of energy swept through Genesis Supreme, fixing him into place.

Wang Chong had not yet reached the Grotto Heaven realm in the battle at the Caspian Sea, and the Ice-Sealed World had still been able to freeze Firmament Supreme. Now that he was much stronger, the Ice-Sealed World had grown stronger as well.

"Spear of Slaughter!"

Now that Genesis Supreme was frozen, Wang Chong summoned the Trayastrimsa Heaven for both his original body, Divine Embryo 1, and Divine Embryo 3. The moment the three Trayastrimsa Heavens appeared, they fused together.

With a flick of his wrist, Wang Chong produced a golden spear that was as thick as his wrist.

And he was still not done. Thwish! The golden short halberd that he had seized from Firmament Supreme joined the spear, serving as the tip.

"Spear of Slaughter!"

It was the same name, but the power it held was on a completely different level.


The moment the spear had taken form, Wang Chong charged forward, shooting at Genesis Supreme like a bolt of lightning.

Genesis Supreme didn't even have the ability to dodge this attack, for the Ice-Sealed World had even frozen the flow of time around him.

All he could do was use his mind to summon a metal visor to protect his face.


Right after Genesis Supreme did this, Wang Chong's attack arrived, the terrifying Spear of Slaughter slamming into Genesis Supreme's heart.


This fierce attack was a heavy blow to Genesis Supreme. While his divine armor had blocked Wang Chong's attack, the destructive energy mixed with the Power of Spacetime traveled through the spear tip and into his body.


Genesis Supreme trembled, blood ejecting from his mouth. His divine and majestic face turned ghastly pale, and the power of the spear cast Genesis Supreme down from the heavens.

Wang Chong's attack was essentially 'repayment' for Genesis Supreme's attack from earlier!


Genesis Supreme plummeted to the ground, and a plume of dust rose more than one thousand feet into the air. But a moment later, Genesis Supreme once more vanished into the void.

"It's that halo again?"

Standing in space, Wang Chong looked down to the ground and immediately realized what had happened.

Genesis Supreme's ancient suit of armor could not be much stronger than the Samsara Battle Armor, at least when it came to defense. But that mysterious halo behind his head had various frightening abilities.

It seems that without a giant energy core or formation helping me, it really is difficult to kill a Supreme, Wang Chong said to himself.

While Wang Chong had come out on top in that exchange, he did not dare to be careless.

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