IMDC - Chapter 2265 (Raw 2371): Great Battle at the Lake Center

Blood spread through the lake water unchecked. The Ninth Prince’s secret guards clearly died recently.

The Heavenly Book Scholar and Ninth Prince Wang Yan showed shock on their faces. They had not expected anyone to dare to attack a prince in the imperial capital.

The three stood at the boat’s bow, not daring to act rashly.

After all, the attacker killed so many elite guards under the three’s noses without them realizing it.

The attacker would be a Great Perfection Sovereign Emperor, at the very least. Furthermore, he possessed great accomplishments in the Water Dao Domain.

When Wang Yan saw the floating corpses of his secret guards, his expression grew increasingly unsightly.

Wang Yan could no longer restrain his withdrawn killing Qi, wildly unleashing it.


A horrifying killing Qi erupted, kicking up terrifying waves on the lake surface, making it look like the sea. The waves howled loudly and endlessly.

Xiao Chen was slightly startled at the Ninth Prince’s strength.

The Ninth Prince’s killing Qi felt so terrifying. When this person fought at the borders, he must have led the troops from the front.

He must have killed countless Demonic Dao and Abyssal Underworld cultivators. Otherwise, he could not have materialized such intense killing Qi.

Xiao Chen saw a shadow of his past self in the Ninth Prince. The other party walked the Massacre Dao.

If one got careless, one might lose control with this Dao, falling into a bottomless abyss with dire consequences.

However, the Ninth Prince had the dynasty’s Luck to support him, putting him in a much better situation than Xiao Chen back then. The dynasty’s Luck could suppress and refine his killing Qi.

However, it was a contest between the two. Killing Qi could also turn things around and refine the dynasty’s Luck. It just depended on the Ninth Prince’s choice.

“I want to see who dares to try and kill me in the imperial capital Yan City!”

The Ninth Prince felt enraged. The water surged, making the entire lake look like it would flip over.

Xiao Chen felt slightly surprised. Such a move should have startled the world outside.

With how bustling the imperial capital was around the Misty Rain Pavilion, just a blade of grass moving could startle the entire imperial capital.

The city’s guards should have arrived within ten breaths.

However, there did not seem to be any movements at all. It was like the three were isolated in another world.

“Something is not quite right,” Xiao Chen said to the Heavenly Book Scholar. Then, he activated his Alloy Dragon Armor, immediately changing his aura. The silver armor showed purple dragon motifs, and a pendant of a Thunder Dragon’s reverse scale hung at his forehead.

The Heavenly Book Scholar looked at the sky and said, “It is not quite right, indeed. We are already within someone else’s small world.”

A small world!

When the Dao Domain reaches the tenth layer, one can materialize a small world. This is somewhat problematic now.


Right after the Heavenly Book Scholar spoke, a massive, bloody mouth opened in the water and swallowed the entire boat.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

The three moved as fast as lightning, dodging early on. Then, they turned their heads to look.

They saw a snow-white snake appear in the lake below. The snake had a single horn on the top of its head, giving off a trace of Divine Might. This snake carried the White Marsh Beast’s bloodline.

“Snow Python?”

The Heavenly Book Scholar felt startled when he recognized this snake. This was a ferocious beast that only the White Marsh Beast Empire’s Royal Clan grasped.

A person sat on that snake. This person wore a straw raincoat and a conical bamboo hat and held a fishing rod in his hand.

He exuded a mysterious and unfathomable aura from his entire body, displaying the horrifying cultivation of a 6-Vein Sovereign Emperor.

Some confusion flashed in Xiao Chen’s eyes. However, before he could think, that person ferociously swung his fishing rod.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

The fishing line seemed alive; it moved in the air in a curving path as it headed for the three.

Xiao Chen’s group of three did not dare to be careless. Their figures flashed as they dodged the fishing line.

However, the attacker was too strong. The fishing line was transparent and unusually fast.

Soon, the fishing line caught the weaker Heavenly Book Scholar.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

The fishing line continuously wound around the Heavenly Book Scholar’s leg, extending up. It cut deeply into his flesh, and blood instantly covered his leg.

The fishing line was very fine and boundlessly sharp. It looked like it would soon cut off the Heavenly Book Scholar’s leg.

The Heavenly Book Scholar snorted coldly as he opened his folding fan in one swift motion. Then, the Confucian sect’s Righteous Qi burst out of his body, immediately repelling the fishing line that caught him. Then, he quickly struggled free and moved away.

The straw-raincoat-clad man on the Snow Python did not show any change in expression. He continuously waved the fishing rod in his hand.

The fishing line immediately extended infinitely, a transparent ribbon dancing in the air.

The three felt somewhat aggrieved. They could not bring out their strength, only able to dodge and hide. This fishing rod was simply too strange, making them helpless.

If one got careless and let the fishing line catch them, they would end up like the Heavenly Book Scholar.

At this moment, the most important thing was to keep their mental state stable. The Heavenly Book Scholar and the Ninth Prince both felt somewhat frustrated.

Having their strength restrained like that, limited to dodging helplessly, affected the mental state of the Ninth Prince and the Heavenly Book Scholar.

Xiao Chen remained as tranquil as still water. He calmly observed the straw-raincoat-clad man’s actions with a grave expression, not daring to be careless.

Just the cultivation of the 6-Vein Sovereign Emperor placed heavy pressure on them, making it difficult for them to win.

At the same time, Xiao Chen felt somewhat suspicious. Were there no older-generation experts defending the Ninth Prince in secret?

Were they impeded?

Was it done by the expert who encased this area in his small world or another expert? There was no way to know.

Just as Xiao Chen made guesses, the straw-raincoat-clad man suddenly called out softly, “Willingly Caught!” Then, the fishing line sank into the water.

Mysterious ripples spread out on the water. The fishing line seemed to have sunk into another time and space, looking extremely strange.

In the next moment, the fishing line actually managed to pull out a ferocious beast amid loud splashing.

“Fishing alone in the cold snow, not falling asleep as the moon sets,” the straw-raincoat-clad man muttered. He smiled under the conical bamboo hat.

Directed by the fine fishing line, the enormous ferocious beast moved freely, flying towards the three.

“Even if a great wind blows in the night, my heart remains at peace!

“Outside the howling wind, the cold shadows, and the dust, a lone boat accompanies the straw raincoat!”

As the straw-raincoat-clad man called out, he not only sent the pulled-out ferocious beast thrashing about in the air but also made the three feel very bitter as various mysterious phenomena appeared.

“The night is still, the water is cold, and the fish are not biting; the boat remains empty as the bright moon returns!”


The situation turned even more terrifying. A bright moon suddenly appeared, rising in the air and startling the three.

“Be careful!”

“I know who he is now. He is the White Marsh Beast Empire’s Royal Teacher, Sikong Shu!”

Xiao Chen showed a grave expression. Before this straw-raincoat-clad man fully brought out his strength, danger already surrounded the three.

When the bright moon appeared, it flabbergasted everyone.

Just at this moment, a strand of extremely strong Soul Energy silently shot towards Xiao Chen like a sharp arrow.


The Soul Energy crashed into the reverse scale pendant on Xiao Chen’s forehead. A metallic clangor rang out together with a ferocious dragon roar, shattering the strand of Soul Energy.

Xiao Chen’s expression immediately changed significantly. This Soul Energy attack was directed only at him, not the Ninth Prince and the Heavenly Book Scholar.

In the end, this assassination targeted Xiao Chen.

How infuriating!

When Xiao Chen understood this, he was immediately enraged and snorted coldly.

Flipping over his Divine Energy Sea, he turned his Spiritual Energy Divine Energy into Demonic Qi Divine Energy and circulated the Demonic Cloud Heaven Swallowing Art. Overwhelming Demonic Qi radiated from his body.

Then, he activated the Scarlet Moon, a Xuewu Dynasty sacred tool.

A scarlet moon immediately rose behind Xiao Chen as he hoisted the scimitar with his palms towards the sky, holding up this vast blood moon.

“Bang!” The two moons crashed into each other when Xiao Chen ferociously hurled the blood moon.

The bright moon that the straw-raincoat-clad man bought out shattered with a loud noise. Xiao Chen used the Scarlet Moon, the Xuewu Dynasty’s sacred tool, to smash the other moon apart.

The fishing line took this opportunity to wind around Xiao Chen’s ankle and spread upwards. Soon, it tightly bound Xiao Chen. However, the fishing line that could cut into the Heavenly Book Scholar’s flesh could not reach Xiao Chen’s skin. The Alloy Dragon Armor protected his body, preventing the fishing line from hurting him.


The straw-raincoat-clad man stared at Xiao Chen from under his conical bamboo hat while sitting on the Snow Python, his eyes glinting with a cold light.

Then, the straw-raincoat-clad man yanked on his fishing rod, wanting to pull Xiao Chen over.

However, just as the straw-raincoat-clad man tried to put in more force, electricity shocked the hand holding the fishing rod, nearly causing him to drop the fishing rod. A horrifying amount of electricity traveled along the fishing line, crackling and flashing as it did so.

With the Alloy Dragon Armor’s support, Xiao Chen’s fourth-layer Thunder Dao Domain reached the might of a fifth-layer Thunder Dao Domain.

Even a 6-Vein Sovereign Emperor would sustain significant injuries from this lightning-quick strike.


The straw-raincoat-clad man seated on the Snow Python grunted. For the first time, the person that looked like an old fisherman calmly fishing stood up.


The instant the straw-raincoat-clad man stood up, the horrifying aura of a 6-Vein Sovereign Emperor and the might of his Divine Seal surged out.

The Ninth Prince and the Heavenly Book Scholar, who were dealing with the attacks from the ferocious beast and the mysterious phenomena, were shocked upon seeing this.

The old man directed his aura entirely at Xiao Chen, so the two of them were only slightly affected.

The straw-raincoat-clad man wanted to use the horrifying might and pressure of his 6-Vein Sovereign Emperor cultivation to crush Xiao Chen’s Thunder Dao Domain.

However, Xiao Chen smiled coldly as his royal Azure Dragon bloodline gushed endlessly within his body. He did not show any weakness before this powerful aura.

“The White Marsh Beast Empire’s royal teacher already made his appearance. Where are the experts from my Divine Dragon Empire? Are you still not going to show your mugs?!” Xiao Chen shouted coldly. Then, he pressed his tongue against his palate and used his 3-Vein Sovereign Emperor Soul Energy, which he inherited from the ancient Demonic Sovereign, to ignite the Divine Lightning Talisman in the depths of his Soul Pool.

Thunder immediately boomed endlessly, shaking the entire small world.

All along, Xiao Chen could use only the Divine Lightning Eye to wield this Divine Lightning Talisman that the Immortal Epoch’s Thunder Immortal Ancestor left behind in him.

However, the situation forced Xiao Chen’s hand. He had to risk using his 3-Vein Sovereign Emperor Soul Energy to drive it directly.


The Divine Lightning Talisman instantly ignited. The talisman from the Immortal Epoch’s Thunder Immortal Ancestor erupted with the fearsome might of Divine Lightning.

Every sound became like thunder as Ten Thousand Tribulation Divine Lightning berserkly spread out in the small world.

Electric light flickered all over Xiao Chen. When accompanied by the Demonic Qi that the Demonic Cloud Heaven Swallowing Art gave off, Xiao Chen was as terrifying as the ancient thunder god that punished all things in the world.

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