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The Dragon Overlord Has Arrived at HostedNovel!

Dragons are known to be huge and mighty beings who command great power, but even the strongest existences start from a humble beginning!

If you like dragons and kingdom building, check out I, the Dragon Overlord, where we follow Louie, an Earthling who transmigrated into another world as a lowly Jesus Lizard! 
(Here's a cute video of a Jesus Lizard, which is named for its ability to walk on water like Jesus)

Luckily, he has a 12.6% genetic fit with the dragons, allowing him to evolve to a higher being.

Watch as Louie rise through the ranks and build the greatest city ever known to the Otherworld, be it in terms of food, strength, or culture. His existence will cause rippling changes around the world, ushering in a brand new era centered around him, be it on Earth or the Otherworld.

✔️Rich world-building
✔️City management
✔️Powerful protagonist
✔️Travel between two worlds
✔️Chaos everywhere
✔️Magic + Technology

The book is translated by OneWithTheWorld and edited by TheDeadApostle, who are excellent at their work, so make sure to check out I, the Dragon Overlord!