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New Novel, Zhan Yue!

Hello again, fellow readers!

We have another new novel released today, Zhan Yue! If you remember the age old classic, Zhan Long, then you'll probably know the author of Zhan Yue! The same author going at it again! Are the two stories related? Who knows, you'll have to read it to find out!

The translator behind the project is another powerhouse, ryangohsf. He has over 2000 chapters under his belt, and he was also the translator behind another gaming novel you might know, The World Online! He'll he pumping out 6 chapters a week, with a chance for more in the future. He has a message for you all:

"Hello everyone, I’m Ryan. Hope you enjoy the translations and continue to support us!"

The editor on the project, Mugi, is rather experienced too. Mugi edited for Virtual World: Close Combat Mage by Butterfly Blue in the past, which was another gaming novel, so you can say Mugi's quite well-versed with gaming novels!

Go read Zhan Yue!