IMDC - Chapter 2217 (Raw 2323): Exchanging Smiles

After Xiao Chen’s Soul Energy reached the level of a 3-Vein Sovereign Emperor and one Divine Vein opened, Xiao Chen wanted to see whom the Underworld God Guards were fighting.

Beside him, Lin Feng said sullenly, “The Underworld God Guards are the Underworld God Hall’s core force, something like the Heavenly Alliance members. To become an Underworld God Guard, one needs to be a Sovereign Emperor. Such an elite force usually does not interfere with mundane matters. They are mostly used to deal with the Righteous Dao super factions.”

Xiao Chen thought for a while before saying, “You mean to say that they might be fighting the Profound Heaven’s Holy Son and his group?”

Lin Feng nodded. “That might be possible. However, we will know when we go and take a look.”

The two gently pushed off the ground and landed on the Demon Blood Vulture’s back. Then, they flew towards the fight.

The Demon Blood Vulture flew very quickly in the Final Blood Battlefield. Furthermore, it was a demonic beast. Within this Final Blood Battlefield, Xiao Chen and Lin Feng could hide from the eyes of others while on its back.

Others would only notice a demonic beast flying by but not realize that Xiao Chen and Lin Feng rode it.


Suddenly, a piercing, white sword light erupted above, five hundred thousand kilometers in front, lighting the sky up like it was day.

Stunned, Lin Feng said, “It is most likely the group from the Profound Heaven.”

That light was clearly the Light Dao Domain. It looked very similar to the mysterious phenomenon that appeared when Wenren Yu attacked Luohou Wang.

“Let’s go and take a look.”

The Demon Blood Vulture increased its speed, continuously flying forward. Sword hums rang out like flute music in the surroundings. A cold and sharp sword light surged over from a distance, making one feel like that one’s body was being shredded.

“What a strong sword intent! Even before we approach his Dao Domain, the sword light already makes it feel difficult to approach.”

Lin Feng frowned slightly. Then, strands of black Death Qi spread out with a thought.

The sword wind was invisible as it spread out. However, when the invisible sword intent clashed with Lin Feng’s Death Qi, sizzling sounds rang out. The vast sword intent lingered and corroded his Death Qi instead.


Lin Feng felt greatly startled. He knew how strong his Death Dao Domain was. Aside from the Life Dao Domain, he had not suffered a disadvantage before, yet his Death Qi actually got eroded in this clash.

Even Xiao Chen’s three Dao Domains only barely blocked Lin Feng’s Death Dao Domain after they overlapped.

Xiao Chen looked around, and his eyes immediately lit up. What a familiar sword light!

“Never mind the Demon Blood Vulture. Let’s go over first.”

Xiao Chen felt some anticipation in his heart as he leaped up gently. Then, he faced the sword wind and flew over alone.


A figure immediately followed. Lin Feng also felt very curious. Since when did the Profound Heaven Holy Land have such an expert? I should quickly follow.

After a while, the two landed on the summit of a peak one after another, stopping there.

If the two went any farther, they would enter the range of the Underworld God Guards’ and the mysterious expert’s Dao Domains. Once they entered, they would get dragged into the battle.

Many mysterious phenomena danced wildly like a group of demons in front. Nearly twenty Underworld God Guards were flying around messily and executing killing moves. Demonic Qi surged, appearing like a vast and boundless sea.

One of the people in front held up a sword without becoming flustered. He gave off a light that resembled Primal Chaos. He simply dodged the killing moves, not attacking. When he attacked, he used a thirty-kilometer-long sword light to sweep through the sky, lighting the place up. The cold light of the sword lit up a vast world.

That person showed a faint smile as he calmly dealt with the nearly twenty Underworld God Guards surrounding him.

As he held up his sword, he used the least possible effort to weave a tight defense.

“What exquisite sword skills! Who is this person? He does not seem to be from the Profound Heaven.”

Lin Feng felt slightly surprised. This person’s Light Dao Domain was terrifyingly strong. He managed to suppress the Underworld God Guards, who cultivated Demonic Dao Cultivation Techniques, all by himself. Unexpectedly, this person was not from the Profound Heaven. Lin Feng did not recognize him.

“Chu Chaoyun,” Xiao Chen muttered to himself. Indeed, it was him. Xiao Chen had found the sword light somewhat familiar when he saw it earlier.

Now that Xiao Chen saw this person’s face clearly, who else could it be but Chu Chaoyun?

Xiao Chen could not help revealing a faint smile, feeling gratified in his heart. Since parting in the Kunlun Realm, if he included the time in the Faux God World, they had not met each other for twenty-odd years already.

Twenty-odd years had passed in a rush. Chu Chaoyun looked as magnificent as before.

“You know him?” Lin Feng looked at Xiao Chen curiously.

Xiao Chen sighed softly as he said, “Not just that…” 

It was not as simple as just knowing Chu Chaoyun. He had initially become entangled with Chu Chaoyun shortly after leaving Mohe City.

In the Sky Dome Realm and the Kunlun Realm, the two seemed like frenemies. 

The last time they fought each other, Xiao Chen gave him the divine item the Tianwu Emperor left behind. He personally made Chu Chaoyun leave the abandoned land. With the various things between the two, knowing each other could not cover their relationship.

“Let’s make a move and rescue him. These Underworld God Guards seem like they are only delaying him, waiting for reinforcements. Here, take this.”

Xiao Chen saw nearly twenty Underworld God Guards with one glance. Even with his current strength, he would not have much hope of victory when facing so many Sovereign Emperors. At best, he could only leave easily.

While Chu Chaoyun did not look disadvantaged, he actually could not get out of the encirclement. The nearly twenty Underworld God Guards formed a killing formation, but they dodged instead of fighting, merely surrounding him without aiming to kill him. Clearly, they wanted to drain Chu Chaoyun’s Divine Energy and Soul Energy while they waited for reinforcements to charge over.

Lin Feng caught the treasure that Xiao Chen tossed to him. At first, he did not pay it much mind. However, after he checked it, he let out a startled cry.

“This is a Medial Grade Soul Tool?”

Qiongqi Beast Ghost Pennant!

That was one of the three Medial Grade Soul Tools that the Scarlet Blood Pirate King left behind. Soul Tools were also known as Forbidden Treasures; only Rank 6 sects and above could have them.

An Inferior Grade Soul Tool could become the foundation of a Rank 6 sect. Only Rank 7 sects had Medial Grade Soul Tools.

Even super faction Sovereign Emperors with Inferior Grade Soul Tools were rare. Sovereign Emperors with Medial Grade Soul Tools were much rarer.

Furthermore, that was not all—Xiao Chen took out the God Shadow Bow. Lin Feng felt somewhat stupefied.

“Another Medial Grade Soul Tool…Xiao Chen, you hid very deeply,” Lin Feng sighed. Then, he continued helplessly, “With such trump cards, we would not be in such sorry states had you taken them out earlier.”

As Xiao Chen fiddled with the God Shadow Bow, he pointed out indifferently, “Wealth should not be displayed. Had I taken out the Soul Tools earlier, we might have attracted big trouble. Furthermore, I was previously just an initiate Sovereign Emperor, able to bring out merely forty percent of this Medial Grade Soul Tool’s might.”

“What about now?”

Xiao Chen said softly, “Focus on saving him first.”

As Xiao Chen spoke, he drew back the bowstring. Previously, he could pull the bowstring only slightly. Now, he easily drew it back until the bow resembled a full moon. The Soul Energy in his Divine Seal continuously drained like a gushing river flowing out.

However, Xiao Chen did not find this unbearable. It felt like all the conditions were right, and he could freely control it.

When the bow took on a full-moon shape, it glowed with a hazy red light that seemed to seep out like blood.

A baleful aura spread out from the bow, making the sky tremble.

The thin bowstring seemed to move the sky, the ground, the wind, and the clouds. When Xiao Chen’s Heart Flame spread on the arrow, the boundless momentum of the mountains, rivers, grass, trees, and the Demonic Qi for five thousand kilometers around moved, as well.

The hearts of the Underworld God Guards surrounding Chu Chaoyun skipped a beat. Fear surged in their hearts for some reason.

They could not understand what was happening, but it felt like the grim reaper was approaching, and they had already taken one step towards the gates of hell.

“There’s danger. Quickly scatter!” someone shouted. The nearly twenty Underworld God Guards simultaneously gave up on Chu Chaoyun and dispersed.


However, it was already too late. When Xiao Chen let go, the arrow vanished, striking an Underworld God Guard at the same time as he let go. That Underworld God Guard’s body immediately exploded, and his soul perished. Boundless lifeforce disappeared in just one second.

“Ancient Qiongqi Beast, the rage of the Great Desolate Eon!”

On the other side, Lin Feng activated the Qiongqi Beast Ghost Pennant with his Death Great Dao, bringing out an unimaginable, horrifying might. An enormous Qiongqi Beast image charged out of the pennant, carrying a rage from the Great Desolate Eon that could destroy the world. This knocked back the group of Underworld God Guards and instantly made them vomit blood.

This attack shook the Underworld God Guards’ souls and minds and nearly crushed their bodies into a pulp. They wavered in the air, unable to stabilize themselves.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

Xiao Chen attacked again, shooting three arrows. He killed a Sovereign Emperor with each shot.


Repeatedly pulling the God Shadow Bow to full draw and shooting four arrows in one breath was somewhat taxing; Xiao Chen started breathing heavily.

However, he had a smile on his face, not showing any fatigue.

Clearly, Xiao Chen still had energy to spare, not injuring himself this time. Previously, when he used the God Shadow Bow, he ended up taking some damage from overdrawing on his reserves. Now, that did not happen.

This was the strength of a 3-Vein Sovereign Emperor’s level of Soul Energy.

On the other side, Lin Feng started laughing maniacally. While grasping the Qiongqi Beast Ghost Pennant, he was pleasantly surprised to discover that his Death Dao Domain could be used exceptionally smoothly with the Qiongqi Beast Ghost Pennant.

Lin Feng even managed to touch the hidden Great Desolate Eon rage in the Qiongqi Beast Ghost Pennant, controlling the ferocious beast image to charge over and panic the remaining Underworld God Guards.

Although this attack was not as shocking as the one-shot-one-kill of the God Shadow Bow, it displayed even greater might when used over a prolonged period.

Of the remaining ten-odd Sovereign Emperors, not a single one could flee.

Below the peak, Chu Chaoyun appeared slightly confused. When he raised his head, he happened to meet Xiao Chen’s gaze.

Immediately, the two’s gazes met across five thousand kilometers. After a while, they exchanged smiles. The gratification and many emotions went without saying.

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