RHE - Chapter 2137: Supreme Divine and Meteor Divine!

Translated by: Hypersheep325
Edited by: Michyrr

"Haha, since you're going to die soon, this god can tell you who we are.

"Amongst the gods, we are two of the Three Divines of Heavenly Mandate. I am Supreme Divine and he is Meteor Divine. We are responsible for dealing with traitors of the organization and other troublesome problems. In the organization, we are second only to the Supremes.

"In normal circumstances, we do not leave the heart of the organization. But alas, your lot somehow managed to kill the Tianfu Divine Lord and heavily injure Genesis Supreme. For the sake of Heaven's plan, we had no other choice but to come out and deal with these mortal affairs."

The man in black called Supreme Divine looked down from the sky with a domineering aura.

The hearts of the Demonic Emperor Old Man and Wushang Village Chief turned heavy. The two of them had encountered Genesis Supreme and the Tianfu Divine Lord before and had some understanding of the Celestial God Organization. That this man was not one of the Supremes, yet could still carry 'Supreme' in his name was proof of his power and status.

And in the clashes just now, these two had felt very unusual. Their ripples of Stellar Energy were dark and heavy, and they seemed to resonate with the energy from the heavens and earth.

"Supreme Divine, stop wasting time with chattering and kill them!" Meteor Divine suddenly said, his voice cold and aloof. "Let's hurry and get this alliance going so that we can start the Purification plan! We can't delay any longer! Heaven is already growing unhappy!"

They were both extremely old experts of the Celestial God Organization, living far longer and drawing from sources of power even greater than the Six Star Lords of the Southern Dipper. The fact that the organization had sent them was a clear sign of how important this operation was.

"It seems that we will have to send you on your way early."

Supreme Divine coldly snorted as he came back to his senses.


Thunder rumbled as Supreme Divine brought his hands together. Dark energy that transcended the Subtle realm was extracted from the void and gathered into his hands.

With a crackle, this black divine power turned into lightning, and then it turned into countless tiny tendrils of black lightning that crisscrossed his entire body.

Surrounded by crackling black lightning, Supreme Divine seemed even more frightening, his aura growing in strength.


A moment later, Supreme Divine lunged at the Demonic Emperor Old Man. On the other side, Meteor Divine rushed at the Wushang Village Chief.

Space quaked and rumbled, and the Wushang Village Chief could sense powerful torrents of energy surging out of the black space behind Meteor Divine and empowering him.

As Meteor Divine rushed forward, the summit of Mount Sanmi rumbled, slabs of stone and sheets of snow rising into the air and forming small meteors around Meteor Divine.

Each meteor was infused with inconceivable power. Boom! Boom! Boom! They began to shoot toward the Wushang Village Chief.

The power infused in these small meteors could pulverize a mountain of granite, let alone a body of flesh and blood.


The Demonic Emperor Old Man coldly snorted, brought his fingers together like a sword, and thrust forward. A moment later, the air rumbled as a miniature halo appeared around his two fingers.

This halo reverberated with faint tinges of the Grotto Heaven realm's spacetime energy. As the Demonic Emperor Old Man released this small Halo of Spacetime, his energy levels also rose to new heights.

At the apex of a skill was art, and at the apex of art was the Dao!

Although the Demonic Emperor Old Man had yet to reach the Grotto Heaven realm, he had thoroughly studied the nature of energy and thus comprehended some of the Grotto Heaven realm's powers. It was just that this energy was still not very stable.


In the blink of an eye, Supreme Divine and the Demonic Emperor Old Man clashed, radiating shockwaves of energy.

"How could this be?"

The near–Grotto Heaven realm energy from the Demonic Emperor Old Man's body surprised even Supreme Divine.

He had never imagined that this unremarkable old man would possess such ability.

"White Dragon Divine Art!"

The Wushang Village Chief unleashed his own powerful technique.


With the mighty roar of a dragon, the Wushang Village Chief swelled with power.

A white dragon with vivid scales erupted from his body, and then with another roar, a second emerged, a third, a fourth… In the space of a few seconds, nine mighty white dragons had erupted from his body.

The Wushang Village Chief's White Dragon Divine Art had grown many times stronger than before.

On the path of martial arts, the Wushang Village Chief had chosen to walk a different path from the Demonic Emperor Old Man for the time being. Although his understanding of Grotto Heaven realm laws could not compare to the Demonic Emperor Old Man's, the special nature of the White Dragon Divine Art allowed the Wushang Village Chief to venture even further down the path of power.


These white dragons, each one several hundred feet long, lashed with their claws and gnashed with their teeth, obliterating the meteors sent by Meteor Divine.

With an earthquaking explosion, the two swiftly began to battle.

Waves of Stellar Energy swept out one after the other as four supreme experts battled in the skies above Mount Sanmi.

"Damn it! How could the Great Tang have such powerful experts?!"

The Youzhou commander watched as the four experts became tiny dots in the sky, gnashing his teeth in both shock and rage. He was well aware of just how powerful the men in black were. They called themselves gods, and when one considered their frightening strength, such a name was not at all excessive.

"Milord, what do we do now?" one of the Youzhou officers asked, his voice tinged with panic.

They had been extremely confident on this mission, believing that just sending out Supreme Divine and Meteor Divine would be enough. But matters had developed in a way completely different from imagined.

The Youzhou commander fell silent, the expression in his eyes shifting and inconstant.

"Don't worry so much! Just think of a way to kill Barshad! Once we kill him, it won't matter what the Great Tang tries."

There was no doubt now that Fourth Prince Barshad was colluding with the Great Tang. If they killed him now, then even if the Demonic Emperor Old Man and Wushang Village Chief won their battle, they would not be able to stop the Western Turks from joining the alliance.


The Youzhou soldiers quickly came to their senses and charged.


Meanwhile, in another direction…

"Fourth Brother, where are you off to in such a hurry?" said a faint voice in Barshad's ear. He had seized upon the chaos to flee, but two figures now appeared to bar his path.

The leading man was none other than First Prince Irbis Shiyun. The muscular figure standing behind him was naturally Great General Wunu Shibi.

The steppe around Mount Sanmi was a chaotic battlefield. The soldiers in this area were split into two factions that were engaged in fierce combat.

The sounds of combat resonated with the battle of the four peerless experts above, striking fear into everyone's hearts.

But in the midst of this chaos, the Youzhou emissaries were not the only ones who had found the solution. First Prince Irbis Shiyun was holding the same idea.

With the death of Barshad, everything would be solved.

"First Imperial Brother!"

Barshad's heart sank upon seeing his brother. At his side, Duwu Sili solemnly took out his saber.

"Hmph, I can't accept being called 'First Imperial Brother' by you. Fourth Brother, this is the last time I will call you my good brother. You have truly opened my eyes! I truly did not think that all of your shows of weakness were to conceal just how scheming you really were. You've even brought an army! This should all be things you prepared not too long ago, right?" Irbis Shiyun mocked.

He had truly miscalculated. His fourth brother was far more difficult to deal with than he seemed, but the more this was the case, the more he needed to kill Barshad.

"First Imperial Brother, you did not underestimate me. You were just too confident in yourself!"

Seeing that he would not be escaping easily, Barshad calmed down, his face fearless.

"You and Imperial Father both want to use me to make your stance known to An Yaluoshan and the other countries, want me to tie myself up and wait for death, but how could I do so? If you had not struck, my men would have never made their move."

The Western Turks did not have stories that idealized waiting for death, unlike the Central Plains. Ishbara Khagan and Irbis Shiyun wanted to sacrifice him, but Barshad would not go without putting up some resistance.

"Moreover, if you look at this matter objectively, both you and Imperial Father are joining this alliance for selfish purposes, not to help the Western Turks escape this calamity. Neither of you even seriously considered the pros and cons of this alliance. I will not permit you to drag the Western Turks with you into the abyss!" Barshad sternly said.

As a member of the imperial household, he had been taught two things since he was a child. The first was to get stronger, and the second was that he was responsible for the people of the Western Turkic Khaganate.

The Western Turks were little different from the Central Plains in this aspect.

The title of Khagan had never been just for oneself!

"Absurd! Empty words!"

Irbis Shiyun angrily smiled.

"Barshad, you can't escape. Today, no matter what, you must die! Wunu Shibi, kill him!"

Bzzz! Wunu Shibi had already been growing impatient, and the moment Irbis Shiyun spoke, he immediately unleashed a dazzling silver band of saber energy that cleaved through space and hurtled at Barshad.

"Barshad, Duwu Sili, accept your fate! I'll send you off together!"

Wunu Shibi's voice rumbled. His attack was aimed at both Barshad and Duwu Sili.

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