RHE - Chapter 2130: Fortress Completed!

Translated by: Hypersheep325
Edited by: Michyrr


Even Wang Zhongsi and Abusi couldn't help but be stunned at how an enormous fortress had risen from the earth in the space of several hours.

Wang Chong had only said he wanted to establish a forward base around the Cang Province. He had never talked about setting up such a comprehensive steel fortress.

This wasn't their first time fighting alongside Wang Chong, but they were still left astonished by his unique way of fighting.

"With this steel fortress, we have a foothold in the northeast and can easily deal with the other countries."

Abusi had a calm expression, but his mind was whirring with ideas.

Wang Chong's methods were a shock to both his enemies and allies.


Hammering continued to ring out. At this time, Wang Chong, mounted upon a warhorse, was not paying any attention to Wang Zhongsi or Abusi behind him.

His eyes flitted here and there as he kept track of the construction of the fortress.

It wasn't just walls. If one observed closely, one would realize that a massive formation was being set up at the same time, but only a few people besides Wang Chong knew about this formation.

"How is it?"

Chill winds blew at the cape on Wang Chong's back as he turned to the nearby Formation Elder.

What was coming next would be an unprecedented clash with the foreign countries. Walls and internal defenses were far from enough.

And Wang Chong would have never entrusted his hopes to a simple fortress of steel.

"The formation is sixty percent complete. Once the last parts of the formation are linked, the formation will be done!" the Formation Elder sternly said.

Wang Chong had requested a formation of unprecedented complexity. It was made of tens of thousands of smaller formations, with the fortress itself serving as only part of the formation.

"The fortress will take around another three days to complete. I leave what happens next to you!" Wang Chong indifferently said.

Another great rumbling could be heard as a steel wall that had been ten-some meters high was raised to an even higher level.

The fortress was rapidly reaching completion.


The Formation Elder nodded. The sound of the construction and the hive of activity taking place amidst the snow had left the Formation Elder astonished.

Even from the Formation Elder's perspective, this steel fortress was truly shocking. He had never seen anyone build a fortress like this, and on such a scale. And though many people had been gathered, everything was proceeding in an orderly fashion.

All of this had every right to be called the work of a god!

This sort of construction technique didn't seem to belong to this world!

Meanwhile, Wang Chong was preparing to discuss his future plans with Wang Zhongsi and the others when suddenly—


Wang Chong's eyes twitched as he raised his head and looked toward the north.

An Yaluoshan!

His pupils constricted and his face instantly turned ice-cold.

Although he couldn't see with his eyes, he could sense an extremely familiar energy far to the north.

Wang Chong instantly shot away like a bolt of lightning, and when he next appeared, he was atop the thick steel walls on the northern side.

Meanwhile, atop that tall hill in the distance, An Yaluoshan suddenly raised his head and looked over.

"Bastard! It really is him!"

An Yaluoshan's body trembled all over, his face transforming into a nasty scowl.

The faces of the others darkened. They hadn't understood what An Yaluoshan was talking about at first, but when they saw the hatred on his face, they instantly understood.

"It's him!"

They all turned in the direction he was looking, all of them falling silent.


A moment later, an immense energy rocketed into the air. Atop the wall, Wang Chong stomped forward, releasing his boundless energy.

It was a giant beam of energy that pierced through the heavens, visible even from several dozen li away.


This pillar of energy was clearly a challenge.


Wang Chong coldly laughed as he pushed his energy to the limit.

At the same time, clack!


Atop the hill, An Yaluoshan, Gao Shang, Cui Qianyou, and Tian Chengsi scowled.

Before, they only had vague conjectures that Wang Chong might be in the fortress, but now, by erecting this banner, Wang Chong had flagrantly declared his presence.

Wang Chong really had come to the northeast!

"An Yaluoshan, would you like to guess when this king will come to take your dog life?" A powerful mental wave crossed through the air, carrying with it a resounding and emotionless voice to that distant hill.


The people on the hill couldn't help but be enraged by the contempt they heard in that voice.

This cocky thing was going too far!

Did he think that this fortress made him invincible?

Once the third batch of twenty thousand Yeluohe arrived and the Youzhou army was combined with the armies of the other countries, not even Wang Chong's fortress would be able to hold.

"Let's go!"

An Yaluoshan suddenly turned around and rode away.

"Now is not the time to meet with him!

"Genesis Supreme is still recovering, and we're still no match for him. Once everything is ready, I'll kill him together with that dog Emperor!"

Minor impatience could ruin great schemes. Only by stomaching his momentary disgrace could he eventually hold his head high in victory.

One day, he would make Wang Chong pay for his arrogance!

"Hmph! I'll let you live a few more days!"

There was a savage light in all their eyes. No matter how unwilling they were, they knew that now was not the time to get emotional and act on impulse.


A few moments later, they rode away, vanishing into the snow.

Standing atop the high wall, Wang Chong could sense An Yaluoshan's group fading away, but Wang Chong did not pursue.

An Yaluoshan was an extremely crafty man, and they had chosen to stay very far away. Even if Wang Chong went after them, they would have more than enough time to escape.

Moreover, Gao Shang wasn't dead and would remain a thorn in his side. Wang Chong was scheming against An Yaluoshan, but it was hard to be certain that An Yaluoshan wasn't also planning something.

Wang Chong turned his head and sternly said, "Pick up the pace! The rest of the army will be here soon!"

"Yes!" everyone behind him yelled in unison.


The furnaces blazed and the hammering grew even louder, shaking the entire world.

Wang Chong stood atop the wall, gazing at Youzhou with an expression that grew colder and colder.

A thought flashed through Wang Chong's mind. Only the Western Turks are left!

Once this steel fortress was complete, the Great Tang's foundation in the northeast would be firm. When it came to positional advantages, it was now at least on par with Youzhou and its allies.

The only uncertain factor now was the stance of the Western Turkic Khaganate.

Wang Chong had already received word that Dalon Trinling had unexpectedly chosen to side with An Yaluoshan. Once the Western Turks finally yielded, that momentous war from his memories would immediately erupt.

Wang Chong was confident that An Yaluoshan was right in the middle of trying to recruit the Western Turkic Khaganate.

But no matter what, Wang Chong could not let him succeed.

Wang Chong turned in the direction of the Western Turkic Khaganate.

His gaze seemed to pierce through space, peering into infinity.



Three days later, with a great rumble, Wang Chong's steel fortress was finally completed!



As time passed, the blizzard crossed Lake Baikal and reached the edge of the steppe, but after that, its advance seemed to slow down.

The other countries all appeared to be trying to deal with this ice calamity, and there seemed to be no activity from the people, but in secret, the various courts of these countries were all tensely looking toward the Western Turks.

After several days of ravaging from the snowstorm, the temperature of the Turkic steppe had gotten even lower.

Turkic cavalry rode around the vicinity of Mount Sanmi, but the entire region seemed to be getting more and more desolate.

Not far from Mount Sanmi, within a golden tent that was covered in a thick layer of fur, a charcoal fire burned. Duwu Sili leaned against a table as he idly sipped on wine.

Nearby was a young man wearing silk clothes, bent over a desk as he read a book.

He was not reading some Turkic text, but a book from the Great Tang called 'Righteous Individuals and Important Political Figures'.

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