IMDC - Chapter 2198 (Raw 2305): Flying yet Not Soaring

The atmosphere turned strange in the ancestral hall. No one dared to speak, including the group of Elders and Luo Yun. They all found this increasingly hard to bear; the hall fell so quiet that they could hear heartbeats and breathing.

This silence was very unbearable, but the Elders did not dare to move. It was like they feared upsetting some sort of balance.

This group of Sovereign Personage normally called the shots in this Ink Sea Cluster, essentially supreme existences.

Despite the appearance of a Sovereign Emperor, Sovereign Personages were still very rare in the Ink Sea Cluster. No matter where they went, they were aloof existences.

Even so, they still found being sandwiched between two Sovereign Emperors unbearable. In coarser terms, they did not even dare to let out a fart.

The fight between Xiao Chen and Qingyan Shangren had already started. They fought with their auras, spreading their auras to every corner.

They secretly stored up power, seeking openings in each other and trying to suppress the other party’s aura.

The invisible struggle was incredibly fierce. All the onlookers here were Holy Venerates or Sovereign Personages. Naturally, they understood what was happening.

At this moment, any movement would be like pouring oil on a fire. It would immediately trigger an explosion.

It was like time stopped in the hall. No one moved or even changed their expression.

Qingyan Shangren felt somewhat shocked. Although the youth before him had not opened a Divine Vein, that youth could freely control his aura, not showing any opening, displaying perfect control.

There seemed to be a dragon image behind Xiao Chen, roaring furiously—Dragon Might. This person was an outstanding talent with a Great Desolate Eon bloodline!


Just at this moment, an Azure Smoke Pavilion Elder’s endurance snapped. His body moved slightly, making a soft sound. However, that sound felt deafening.

It was like a drop of water falling into a calm lake. However, instead of just ripples, it kicked up towering waves as tall as mountains.

Luo Yun’s face sank. He knew that things were bad. He and the group of Elders hastily executed their Movement Techniques, fleeing quickly.

At that instant, the situation took a one-hundred-eighty-degree turn. It seemed like everyone came back to life and moved at extreme speeds.

However, even though everyone moved rapidly, they were still slower than Xiao Chen and Qingyan Shangren.

The insubstantial dragon image behind Xiao Chen gathered and turned substantial, becoming an enormous azure-colored dragon image roaring furiously.

Qingyan Shangren showed a cold expression as he slammed his armrest. Then, he brought out all of the Azure Smoke Pavilion’s accumulations.

The image of a huge incense burner appeared before Qingyan Shangren. Three sticks of incense in the incense burner released azure smoke.

Qingyan Shangren flicked a finger, and the lingering azure smoke immediately turned into thousands of sword images that shot out.

The two auras instantly clashed. The resulting shock waves immediately reduced the ancestral hall to rubble with a loud ‘boom.

“Pu ci!”

Luo Yun and the Azure Smoke Pavilion Elders vomited a mouthful of blood. The Holy Venerate Elders, who were weaker, died on the spot, killed by the aftershocks of the clash between the two auras.

Not only were Luo Yun and the others helpless to interfere in this battle, but if they got careless, they might even lose their lives.

A fight between Sovereign Emperors covered a large area. It was not something that these Sovereign Personages could imagine or block.


The crisp clangor of weapons rang out, echoing and buzzing endlessly throughout Heavenly Cloud Mountain—a blessed land larger than a great realm.

Heavenly Cloud Mountain was very large and vast, measuring at least fifty million kilometers across. Previously, dozens of Rank 4 sects coexisted there.

However, this Heavenly Cloud Mountain could also be considered small. The shock waves from Xiao Chen and Qingyan Shangren’s fight radiated across half of Heavenly Cloud Mountain.


A purple figure moved back above Heavenly Cloud Mountain’s main peak. As this figure moved back, he crashed into many peaks. The seawater surged up in endless, horrifying waves.

This person was not moving back alone but with the aura and momentum that he carried.

It was not him that crashed into the mountain peaks but his aura and momentum. Everything moved back, even the seawater that turned into waves.

“Humph! To think that you dare to be disrespectful of me in this Heavenly Cloud Mountain. Not to mention your not having opened a Divine Vein, but even if you had opened one, you would not be a match for me.”

Qingyan Shangren stood proudly above the summit. At this moment, his skinny body seemed to overflow with boundless power. When people looked at him, it was like looking at heaven.

A strong wind blew as Qingyan Shangren coldly watched Xiao Chen fly back. Then, he said, “You have a powerful backer. I will not kill you. I will take you hostage, and my Azure Smoke Pavilion will rule the Ink Sea. We will not have to worry in the future.”

“Old Ancestor!”

When the many Azure Smoke Pavilion disciples saw Qingyan Shangren’s valiant figure, they felt thrilled, their hot-bloodedness surging.


Xiao Chen pressed his feet against the surface of the sea. Then, he braked, stopping his backward motion.

The rushing mountains and endlessly gushing seawater settled slowly, landing very gently, spreading out together with Xiao Chen’s aura.

What was even more mystical was that the tall mountain peaks and retreating seawater also moved back.

It was like time had reversed. In reality, it was just Xiao Chen’s aura spreading out again.

The mountain peaks had already shattered. All the mountain peaks visible were the mountains from Xiao Chen’s aura.

It was like a painting. As Xiao Chen moved back, the white clouds, mountains, rivers, and sunlight had all entered the painting. At this moment, it was just a matter of opening the painting again.

Then, Xiao Chen looked above the main peak at Qingyan Shangren, who stood proudly like the overlord of the world.

The other party’s strength did not surprise Xiao Chen. A Rank 5 sect’s accumulations erupting from the hands of a Sovereign Emperor was no child’s play.

However, since Xiao Chen dared to come, he definitely had taken the other party’s geographical advantage into account.

“You are courageous. Even after seeing my Azure Smoke Pavilion’s accumulations, you still dare to remain. This is what youth is like, not fearing anything and thinking the world of themselves. Today, I will teach you a lesson and show you what fear is!”

Qingyan Shangren smiled coldly. Then, he waved, making the lingering azure smoke wind around his fingertip. The instant his thumb and index finger touched, countless sword hums rang out, resonant. It was like the sky fell, and the netherworld opened up.

What the azure smoke represented was the sincerity of the many Azure Smoke Pavilion disciples since the establishment of the Azure Smoke Pavilion, using the sword to visualize the incense burner.

Qingyan Shangren flicked his finger, and the countless sword hums gathered together, forming one sword hum that swept from south to north, spreading through the entire blessed land.

Driven by this sword hum, that thirty-thousand-kilometer-tall main peak of Heavenly Cloud Mountain released a resplendent light, looking like a sharp sword as it lit up the entire blessed land.

When Qingyan Shangren flicked that strand of sword light out, only black and white remained for fifty million kilometers around; everything turned black and white except for Qingyan Shangren.

The sword light lit up Xiao Chen’s eyes and delicate facial features, making them look even sharper. The sword wind made his hair flutter about. His graceful aura appeared even more unruly.

The sword light, which carried the sect’s accumulations and looked like it could split the world, immediately shot over.

Everyone in the Azure Smoke Pavilion sighed at the sight of this sword strike. They had only heard legends about how their founding ancestor once sent out such a sword strike.

Today, these disciples saw this legend unfold before them. There was no way to describe their shock.

Everyone thought that Xiao Chen would die from this sword strike.

Even if Xiao Chen did not die, he would be severely injured, no longer able to fight.

Xiao Chen showed a grave expression. However, he did not fluster in the face of danger. He quietly merged his Yin and Yang Divine Energy Seas and spread out his Taiji force field. 


When the Taiji force field appeared, a light shone from Xiao Chen’s body. The initially black-and-white world regained its color.

This was Xiao Chen using his strength to suppress the other party’s aura by force, breaking the momentum and aura of the sword strike.

However, Xiao Chen did not dare to receive this sword strike. This was a sword strike that contained thousands of years of a sect’s accumulations.

If he tried to receive it, he would be like an ant trying to shake a tree; he would be overestimating himself. Not to mention whether he could receive the strike, receiving it would be foolish.

After the sword light, which seemed capable of piercing space and time, entered the Taiji force field, it became significantly slower to Xiao Chen.


Xiao Chen pushed with the tips of his toes and gently moved to one side. It looked like he dodged the sword light by luck.

When the sword light hit the sea, it was like a river entering the sea, vanishing silently.

The spirituality that the sword light contained scattered after it lost its target, and the sect’s accumulations returned.

“He dodged it?”

This shocked Qingyan Shangren. Xiao Chen actually dodged the attack that Qingyan Shangren had been sure would land. He snarled, “Let’s see how many times you can dodge.”

Qingyan Shangren flicked his finger a second time, sending out the sword light that could pierce through space and time at Xiao Chen again, making the world lose its color once more.

Xiao Chen did not dare to be careless. He drove the Primal Chaos Divine Energy in his body to its limits. Then, he used his Taiji force field to reduce the sword light’s speed and dodged it again.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

“Damn it! I don’t believe that I can’t kill you.”

The frustrated Qingyan Shangren continuously flicked his finger, repeatedly sending out sword lights at Xiao Chen.

Night and day reversed in the blessed land. The world would turn black and white; then, color would get restored.

It was like the sun rising and setting but sped up. The Azure Smoke Pavilion disciples were horrified to discover that they aged as the sky switched between day and night. Their black hair turned white, as though time had accelerated.

“Let’s see how long you can last,” Qingyan Shangren laughed cockily.

Xiao Chen appeared to be unable to keep up with the barrage of attacks. Just as Qingyan Shangren was about to unleash another sword light… 

“Enough!” Xiao Chen, who had been silent, suddenly shouted. This shout sounded like thunder, immediately kicking up countless horrifying waves on the vast sea.

“You are really vicious, draining your sect’s accumulations that way, without care for the lives of your disciples. I have a saber strike I would like you to give me your opinion on!”


A drop of seawater soared up from the sea amid the horrifying waves. Xiao Chen moved nimbly like a swallow as though he would fly yet did not soar. Then, he flicked his finger.

Fiend Saber inheritance, Water Droplet Destroying the Firmament!

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