IMDC: Chapter 2113 (Raw 2218): The First Stage Ends

Just as Gong Liangyu was about to stomp down, Xiao Chen activated his Great Desolate Eon bloodline.

After the first awakening of his Azure Dragon Divine Body, Xiao Chen could endure more of the ancient power coming from his Great Desolate Eon bloodline.

When he activated his bloodline, he instantly broke out of the Earth-Dao-Domain-infused ground. Simultaneously, three Dao Might layered on his body. Together with his bloodline, he shattered the restraints the Earth Dao put on his movements.

After fighting with the Black and White Eggs and getting humiliated for four years, Xiao Chen was no stranger to Dao Domains.

Although this was his first time seeing the Earth Dao Domain, he believed he had a seventy percent chance of breaking this Earth Dao Domain.

Xiao Chen had not done so before because his time was limited. He needed to wait for the best chance to make a move. However, Gong Liangyu had been overly cautious.

Even though Gong Liangyu had gained an enormous advantage, he still had not relaxed. His coldness and emotionlessness inspired despair.

Xiao Chen did not give up. He continued to wait. Now, this opportunity finally presented itself.

Gong Liangyu, who felt that this fight was already at an end, relaxed slightly for a moment. His perfect and flawless aura showed some openings.

Let’s have a hearty fight to the end, then!

Ten Thousand Dragons Picture, Supreme Dragon Fist. With this thought, Xiao Chen thrust out his hand, and a vast, boundless, distant, and blurry painting of ten thousand dragons flying appeared.

He instantly executed the Supreme Dragon Fist’s Leaderless Dragons. Ten thousand dragons soared and roared. With the support of his bloodline, the Supreme Dragon Fist’s might reached a horrifying level.

At this moment, Xiao Chen’s aura suppressed Gong Liangyu for the first time.

Gong Liangyu faced the danger without any fluster. He moved back to buy himself more time to come up with a plan to deal with this.

However, how could Xiao Chen allow Gong Liangyu to do so? The moment he attacked, he used the Supreme Dragon Fist, the strongest offensive Martial Technique of the Dragon Race.

Xiao Chen’s Veritable Essence Energy gushed, and his hot-bloodedness surged. He punched amid vast dragon roars, and ten thousand dragons attacked.

The ten thousand dragon images looked real. They carried Xiao Chen’s pride and hot-bloodedness, roaring and endlessly raining down on Gong Liangyu.

Gong Liangyu’s expression did not change, remaining unflustered. His hand moved continuously, forming many dense and heavy sword images.

He kept shattering the dragon images flying over to him.

However, Xiao Chen had his bloodline activated at this moment. At full power, his strength was no weaker than any Peak Sovereign Personage’s for a short period.

Furthermore, Xiao Chen had the Ten Thousand Dragons Picture supporting him. Although Gong Liangyu fought firmly, Xiao Chen still pushed him back step by step.

No one could have expected this. Xiao Chen was forcing back Gong Liangyu, the strongest expert of Secret Realm 97, the person who slaughtered all the participants for five hundred thousand kilometers around.

Gong Liangyu’s expression did not change, but his murderous intent grew significantly. I’ll let you be arrogant for a while. Let’s see how long your wild outburst can last.

Even a fool could tell that this was not a good time to clash head-on with Xiao Chen. Gong Liangyu felt very upset, but with his startling intelligence, he suppressed all his rash impulses and maintained his incredible composure.

The Supreme Dragon Fist was one of the top three offensive Fist Techniques in the world. He could not clash head-on, for now.

“Commanding the Dragons!” Xiao Chen roared, and the berserk dragons turned quiet. The earlier ferocity and violence instantly vanished.

“Is it over?”

Gong Liangyu was doubtful. Are Xiao Chen’s attacks over already?

However, this thought lasted for only an instant before Gong Liangyu’s expression changed. The Dragon Might in the surroundings gathered on Xiao Chen, making Xiao Chen’s aura and momentum increase explosively without interruption.

The oppressive air that Xiao Chen gave off felt very terrifying. He was like an ancient Great Desolate Eon dragon roaring at Gong Liangyu.


After receiving this punch, Gong Liangyu felt his internal organs rupture as the attack knocked him back by fifty thousand kilometers.

“Regretless Heavenly Dragon!”

“Raging at the Unfair Heaven!”

“Master of the World!”

“Only I Am Supreme!”


“This is the Supreme Dragon Fist!”

“He succeeded in practicing the Supreme Dragon Fist? Why did Ancestor Dragon City not take him?”

“Oh my goodness! It truly lives up to being one of the top three most ferocious Fist Techniques. Even Gong Liangyu does not dare to clash head-on.”

The reversal on the light screen for Secret Realm 97 excited all of the Desolate City zone participants and Sovereign Emperors.

Gong Liangyu received punch after punch. He gritted his teeth as he kept getting flung backwards.

Such a scene inspired excitement, agitating one’s heart.


After Xiao Chen smoothly executed the entire set of Supreme Dragon Fist, blood leaked out of Gong Liangyu’s lips. Now, Gong Liangyu had already flown five hundred thousand kilometers, pushed back into the territory of another of the top ten.

“Die for me!”

After enduring an entire set of Supreme Dragon Fist, the incredibly sullen Gong Liangyu seized the opportunity that appeared after Xiao Chen’s fist light vanished.

Gong Liangyu could no longer tolerate this. He could not permit a forty-seven-year-old Sovereign Personage to continue delaying him.

After being forced to such a state, he did not dare to imagine what the powerhouses in his test zone thought of him.

After enduring the Supreme Dragon Fist’s final strike, Gong Liangyu, who had been suppressed for a long time, completely erupted, turning frantic and berserk. A terrifying aura burst out of his body, and the image of an ancient peak shot up from behind him.

“Towering Peak Rising!”

Gong Liangyu pushed his Earth Dao Domain to its limits. However, just as it looked like the mountain peak would soar into the sky, Xiao Chen snorted coldly as he executed Dharmic World, a Buddhist sect Magic Skill.

Xiao Chen’s figure trembled, then enlarged, reaching three thousand kilometers tall. Gong Liangyu looked up, stunned.

All Gong Liangyu saw was a mountain-like foot stomping down on him. “Crack! Crack!” Xiao Chen crushed the rising mountain image behind Gong Liangyu with one stomp.


When Xiao Chen stomped, he crushed the surrounding mountains and fractured the ground.


“Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Amid loud thunder, the mountains crumbled, and the scene on the light screen shook continuously. All everyone saw was a colossal foot mercilessly stomping down over and over again.

This scene shocked everyone, leaving them stupefied.

Everyone said that Gong Liangyu was merciless, cold, and emotionless. However, when Xiao Chen showed his ruthless side, it was even more shocking and bone-chilling.

After being stomped on so many times, another would feel so much pain that they would wish for death. Ordinary Sovereign Personages would be crushed into a paste.

Saying that the scene in the secret realm was one of the sky falling and the ground shattering was no exaggeration. This frightened all the participants in the Desolate City zone silly.

In seven seconds, Xiao Chen stomped one hundred times. After the one hundred stomps were over, Dharmic World came to an end.

Xiao Chen revealed his true form and hovered in the air. The golden light in his eyes was already dimming. The time for his bloodline’s activation approached its end.

“Ten Thousand Swords Returning to the Heart!”

Gong Liangyu, whom everyone expected to be severely injured, executed his killing move the instant Xiao Chen’s Dharmic World ended.

A sorry figure covered in injuries and with hair in messy disarray charged out from the piles of rocks.

A resplendent light, as dazzling as the sun, burst out from Gong Liangyu’s chest. In the next moment, ten thousand sword lights shot out of his chest.

The ten thousand sword images all had blood on them.

Each sword image contained a drop of Gong Liangyu’s heart’s blood. The terrifying killing move made all the cultivators watching the light screen suck in a breath of cold air.

This was definitely a trump card that Gong Liangyu prepared for the second stage.

However, Xiao Chen forced him to execute it in the first stage.

“Oh no, the might of this Secret Technique already rivals an ordinary strike of a Divine Vein Realm Sovereign Emperor!”

When the Sovereign Emperors in the Starry Heavens above Desolate City saw Gong Liangyu execute this terrifying Secret Technique in the secret realm, they recognized the extraordinariness of Ten Thousand Swords Returning to the Heart.

If Xiao Chen did not admit defeat and get the Realm Spirit to send him out, he might die from this Ten Thousand Swords Returning to the Heart.

When Xiao Chen showed no intention of admitting defeat, disdain flashed in Gong Liangyu’s eyes as he said coldly, “You are not admitting defeat? In that case, you can die!”

“Taiji Yinyang Flame Diagram!”

A painting appeared in Xiao Chen’s hand. Then, he tossed it into the air without any haste.

When the painting unfurled, piercing, dazzling golden light filled the air.

A vast and boundless Taiji Yinyang Flame Diagram covered the sky, spreading throughout the secret realm.

No matter where one was in Secret Realm 97, one could see this startling scene if one looked up.

The Universe Origin True Flame and the Heavenly Snow Divine Flame turned into Yinyang fish, chasing each other in circles in the sky of the secret realm.


This vast Taiji Yinyang Flame Diagram fell unerringly towards Gong Liangyu as Xiao Chen pointed with one finger.

The ten thousand sword lights covered with blood bounced back, unable to break through this painting.

“How could it be like this?”

Gong Liangyu showed doubt on his face for the first time since starting the fight, stunned for a moment.

He had not expected his sure-kill trump card to be useless against Xiao Chen.

By the time Gong Liangyu recovered his wits, the painting had descended and blanketed him.

“Taiji Burst!”

Xiao Chen grabbed with his right hand, and the Taiji Yinyang Flame Diagram exploded. A terrifying flaming might radiated out. Many participants failed to dodge in time and died on the spot.

The explosion buried Gong Liangyu deep in rubble, shattered stone, and dust, his life status unknown.

At this moment, the golden light in the white-robed Xiao Chen’s eyes completely vanished. Then, he fell somewhat weakly to the ground.

“Remaining participants, congratulations. The top one hundred ranks of Secret Realm 97 have been determined—all those who survived qualify to participate in the second stage.”

The little light figure appeared before everyone in the secret realm and announced the end of the stage.

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