RHE: Chapter 2016: Danger! The World Consciousness!

Chapter 2016: Danger! The World Consciousness!

Translated by: Hypersheep325
Edited by: Michyrr
Thunderclouds manifested, and lightning slashed through the air. Several dozen meters above An Yaluoshan, tens of thousands of lightning bolts, each more dazzling than the sun, exploded toward An Yaluoshan.
The blazing lightning bolts lit up the night, making this area outside the city walls as bright as day.
"Not good!"
An Yaluoshan was stunned, an intense sense of danger surging up in his mind.
But An Yaluoshan didn't even have a chance to dodge as Wang Chong sent all his energy, together with the power he had absorbed from Cui Qianyou and Tian Chengsi, slamming into his body!
An Yaluoshan screamed, the manifestation of the Turkic War God behind him shattering. His body flew backward like a ragdoll and slammed into the city wall, activating the large-scale formation embedded in the walls. He was repulsed, and his body crashed back into the ground in a cloud of dust.
With one blow, Wang Chong had easily defeated An Yaluoshan, Cui Qianyou, and Tian Chengsi.
But a moment later, Wang Chong frowned and turned in An Yaluoshan's direction.
Cough, cough!
Coughing came out of the dust as An Yaluoshan slowly stood up. He patted the dust off his body, appearing completely unharmed.
"Another ritual tool?"
Wang Chong's eyes chilled as he seemed to understand.
An Yaluoshan did not have the strength to block the attack, at least not to the level where he could be completely unharmed. There was no question that this was yet again the effect of a ritual tool.
"Bastard! You and I had no grudge against each other, and I've never targeted the Wang Clan, so why is it that you insist on targeting me?"
An Yaluoshan slowly emerged from the cloud of dust, his teeth gnashing in rage as he hatefully stared at Wang Chong.
"Wang Chong, I've done my best to yield to you, so why are you so determined to kill me?"
He had never had any sort of grudge with Wang Chong. This sort of hatred was something he had never been able to understand.
"Stop with the questions. I don't need a reason to kill you! Accept your fate!" Wang Chong coldly said, having no intention to explain. Hiss! Lightning once more burst out of the Origin Immortal Sword, and Wang Chong's energy once more locked onto An Yaluoshan.
"I'd like to see how strong this ritual tool of yours is, and how many of my attacks it can take!"
"Bastard! To the death, then!"
An Yaluoshan angrily roared, rising from the ground to lunge at Wang Chong. Behind him, the eight-armed Turkic War God manifested once more.
But a moment later, just when it seemed like An Yaluoshan was about to fight to the death, he suddenly turned around and fled.
"Run!" A voice rumbled out like thunder.
Cui Qianyou and Tian Chengsi immediately understood An Yaluoshan's meaning and fled for their lives.
Wang Chong was too strong!
Not even the three of them working together were a match for him. If they stayed any longer and waited for Wang Chong's reinforcements to arrive, the three of them would have no chance of escaping.
"Hurry and send the signal! Tell them to hurry and pick us up! This is the only way!" An Yaluoshan said in a panic.
An Yaluoshan had barely spoken when Tian Chengsi and Cui Qianyou sharply whistled, the sound piercing through the firmament. But a moment later, they both paled.
They were both Great Generals, and a single whistle should have been able to travel several dozen li, but in reality, their whistles had traveled only a little distance before running into some invisible barrier.
"A seal!"
Their hearts immediately sank.
"Naive!" sneered a cold and aloof voice, seeming to seize their souls.
"You only realized it now? Did you really think I would give you any chance to get help?!"
An Yaluoshan had the men in black helping him from the shadows. Wang Chong had known about this long ago, so long before this, Wang Chong had asked the Formation Elder to set up a massive sound seal around the capital. Within a certain distance, sound would only travel in the capital's direction, but not outward.
Cui Qianyou's and Tian Chengsi's whistles would not be able to attract any reinforcements. On the contrary, they would only help his reinforcements.
As Wang Chong spoke, the dark clouds roiled and winds howled. Searing lightning bolts crackled across the heavens and began to hurtle toward the trio in a destructive blast.
"This is it!"
The three of them immediately focused all their strength into blocking, but they still could not escape their inevitable defeat.
The three of them were once more blasted backward.
But this time, Wang Chong did not give them any chance to delay.
"An Yaluoshan, I said before that you can't escape! Hand over your life!" a voice that chilled the bones called out, and as the three of them flew backward, Wang Chong unleashed an attack of peerless might!
"Trayastrimsa Heaven!"
The Trayastrimsa Heaven emerged behind Wang Chong.
Wang Chong reached behind him, upon which the Trayastrimsa Heaven coalesced into a golden spear that was twenty-some feet long. Wang Chong gripped the spear and then launched it with thunderous momentum at An Yaluoshan.
In his previous clashes with An Yaluoshan, Wang Chong had realized that his mighty sword techniques were easily blocked by the ritual tools. But techniques that could force a massive consumption of Stellar Energy presented a large threat to An Yaluoshan.
No matter how powerful An Yaluoshan's ritual tools were, in the end, they consumed Stellar Energy.
The Trayastrimsa Heaven was not as strong as the Art of God and Demon Obliteration, but it was much more effective against An Yaluoshan.
But before the Trayastrimsa Heaven's golden spear reached its target, something completely unexpected happened.
With a mighty boom of thunder, the air cracked open and the earth trembled. Wang Chong could only watch in shock as a lightning bolt descended from the heavens like a giant axe and obliterated his golden spear.
How could it be?!
Wang Chong's body shuddered as he raised his head.
The Origin Immortal Sword possessed the ability to control lightning, but Wang Chong was sure that he had not unleashed this terrifying lightning bolt.
The thunder continued to resound across the heavens. At some point, clouds had gathered above the northeastern wall of the capital and had formed into a massive vortex, crackling with silver snakes and incessantly rumbling with thunder. It felt like lightning could strike down at any moment.
Bizarrely, the rest of the capital was completely clear of clouds, and there was even a bright moon hanging in the night sky.
"User's existence presents an extreme danger to the 'Destined Foe', incurring a reaction from the world. The World Consciousness has awoken. Starting from now, 'Destined Foe' will receive the protection of the World Consciousness. The survival chance of the 'Destined Foe' has greatly increased, and the failure chance of user has greatly increased!
"Notice! Starting from now, user will incur the malice of the world, and the World Consciousness itself will intervene, increasing the strength of the 'Destined Foe'. This buff will increase with time and has no upper limit!
"User can give up on pursuing the foe, but this will not affect the strengthening! And it will not stop the World Consciousness from continuing to pour large amounts of energy into the Destined Foe! If user cannot kill the target, the Destined Foe will receive an additional reward from the World Consciousness, receiving an even greater amount of energy to become even stronger!
"Only killing the target can stop the Destined Foe from getting stronger!
"Notice! User's actions have a high chance of creating a massive shift in this world, leading to a completely different World Route. User's actions have incurred the malice of this world. For every ten seconds this pursuit persists, user will be deducted 10,000 points of Destiny Energy until user stops!
"Notice! User has incurred the 'malice' of this world, and user's status as a reincarnator is being rejected by this world. The effectiveness of user's strength against the Destined Foe is reduced to sixty percent, and it will continue to decrease as time passes, all the way until user presents no threat to the Destined Foe or user is removed by this world!
"Major event! As user has repeatedly incurred the malice of this world, the Power of Destiny mission 'World Evaluation' has begun early!
"Limited Time Event! Starting from now, while the World Consciousness is intervening, additional Destiny Energy will be rewarded to user proportional to damage done to the 'Destined Foe'. Rewards will be calculated and summarized once the event is complete!"
A string of messages flooded Wang Chong's mind, and the Stone of Destiny began to emit a dangerous red light.
Wang Chong's heart immediately sank like a stone.
The World Consciousness!
Wang Chong was no stranger to this term. From the moment he had reincarnated, Wang Chong had been like a drop of oil in a pool of water, standing out like a sore thumb and being constrained and rejected by the Power of the World.
On that stormy night two and a half years ago, when he had been pursuing An Yaluoshan, the same sort of thing had happened. Wang Chong had not expected it to happen again at this critical juncture.
What depressed Wang Chong the most was that Wang Chong had already been limited to seventy percent of his strength at the Pavilion of Petal and Sepal, but this was now down to sixty percent.
And as time went on, he would continue to weaken.

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Written by Huangfu Qi 皇甫奇. Translated by Starve, Hypersheep325. Edited by Desertdoe, Welmar, RED, Michyrr.