RHE: Chapter 2017: The Child of Heaven's Will!

Chapter 2017: The Child of Heaven's Will!

Translated by: Hypersheep325
Edited by: Michyrr
Someone began to loudly laugh.
Ever since An Yaluoshan had fled the Imperial Palace, he had been panicked and afraid, particularly when he and his subordinates had been defeated by Wang Chong.
But a moment later, An Yaluoshan stood up and looked at the massive vortex of thunderclouds above him, his body brimming with joy.
"Wang Chong! You see! Even the heavens are helping me!
"What does it matter that you've opposed me at every turn? If even the heavens are helping me, how can you possibly fight me?
"I don't know what secrets you're hiding, but everything you've done has only made me stronger, more and more terrifying! One day, I will be able to crush you underfoot and slice off your head!"
An Yaluoshan was trembling like a madman, not showing even a shred of fear.
What a familiar feeling!
He once more felt that sensation from two and a half years ago… Two and a half years ago, no matter how much Wang Chong had pursued, he had always seemed to be slightly lacking, lightning coming down to strike his attacks or his attack missing by barely a hair.
At that time, he seemed like the master of the world, that the entire world was helping him!
But that sensation had not been so strong as now!
The moon and stars had been shining brightly, with not a cloud in the sky!
But at his moment of greatest danger, thunderclouds appeared overhead, and lightning blocked Wang Chong's attacks. If one disregarded all this, that giant vortex of thunderclouds was the best proof of all.
That wasn't all!
Boundless power!
An endless stream of energy was flowing into his body, strengthening him… and also Cui Qianyou and Tian Chengsi. It was far more intense than before.
And this energy was pouring into him completely on its own!
When those people had said that he was the 'Child of the World', he had not believed them at first, but now, he had no doubt.
Yes, he was the true Child of the World!
"Wang Chong, you can't kill me!"
An Yaluoshan's eyes turned savage and as sharp as blades. He gave Wang Chong a challenging stare, showing not even a shred of fear!
If the entire world was standing on his side, there was nothing in this world that he needed to fear.
Wang Chong's pupils constricted and his expression chilled.
What did it matter that he had the support of the Power of the World?
If he wanted to kill someone, no one could save them!
Even if the entire world was helping him, he would still have to die!
Wang Chong's body swayed as he pushed his movement technique to the limit, transforming into a puff of smoke.
"Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art!
"Origin Immortal Art!
"Life Execution!
"Myriad Spirit Sea Art!"
Above An Yaluoshan, countless bolts of energy rained down in a deluge, carrying enough force to annihilate the world. In this brief moment, Wang Chong had used almost every technique at his disposal.
For one thousand feet around, all the loose rocks, fallen trees, grass, and even boulders were swept into the air and sent hurtling toward An Yaluoshan.
And preceding them was Wang Chong's Psychic Energy, slamming into An Yaluoshan's mind with the weight of a mountain.
Even when restrained by the world, his strength reduced to sixty percent, Wang Chong did not care!
"Cui Qianyou, Tian Chengsi, strike! His strength has decreased!
"Wang Chong, you can't kill me!"
An Yaluoshan's eyes flashed coldly, and a moment later, the Turkic War God manifested, seeming even more solid, imposing, and terrifying than before.
"Protect His Excellency!"
At the same time, Cui Qianyou and Tian Chengsi raised their weapons and joined An Yaluoshan in attacking Wang Chong. They were devoted to him, and since he did not want to leave, neither would they!
"Great Blood Solar Dragon Demon Art!"
"Eastern Sea Qian Kun Force!"
The two of them once more used their strongest techniques.
They were not An Yaluoshan, so they did not sense the shifting of the world. But when they got close to him, they could feel that powerful energy flowing into their bodies, not only healing their injuries, but also strengthening their bodies.
Compared to just a few moments ago, they clearly felt that they had become much stronger.
Even though they didn't know what had happened, this boost in strength imbued them with immense confidence.
The three of them once again attacked together, but the power was on a completely different level.
A moment later, there was a heaven-shaking explosion, their prodigious Stellar Energies striking Wang Chong's storm of attacks. The shockwaves produced by this clash made even space collapse, spreading dark fissures through the air.
A terrifying storm ripped through the world.
Even though An Yaluoshan's group had applied all their strength, they were still no match for Wang Chong. Their three Stellar Energies managed to persist for a few moments before being obliterated by Wang Chong's power.
The remaining energy in Wang Chong's attacks descended like a frenzied dragon and slammed into An Yaluoshan, Cui Qianyou, and Tian Chengsi.
Even though An Yaluoshan's group had been strengthened, the final result was no different.
There was an explosion of thunder, the world seeming to tear itself apart. A bolt of lightning brighter than the sun flashed down, appearing between Wang Chong and An Yaluoshan to obliterate Wang Chong's furious dragon of energy.
Wang Chong's final burst of energy hadn't even been able to touch An Yaluoshan before it was scattered and dispersed by lightning.
An Yaluoshan, Cui Qianyou, and Tian Chengsi, standing all together, were completely unharmed.
The eyes of Cui Qianyou and Tian Chengsi flew open in immense shock.
Even if they hadn't seen the first incident clearly, this time, everything had taken place right in front of their eyes.
One time was a coincidence, but twice was no longer as simple.
"Hahaha, Wang Chong, you see! The heavens are helping me! Even the heavens are helping me! How could you possibly fight against me?!"
An Yaluoshan suddenly spread out his arms and heartily laughed, his voice brimming with arrogance.
The same thing had happened!
He was the true Child of the World, the Child of Heaven's Will. The entire world was protecting him!
This bastard thought that he could fight with him, but all his achievements and all his illustrious titles were absolutely useless!
No matter how many times he tried, he would never succeed.
"Wang Chong! You want to kill me, but it's impossible! To oppose me is to oppose the heavens, to oppose the world, to oppose the future master of the Central Plains and ruler of all peoples! You defy the heavens!"
An Yaluoshan's clothes danced around him as he looked at Wang Chong with immense derision.
"Yield to me! Wang Chong, you are destined to be my slave! The more you want to kill me, the stronger I become! No one can stop me!
"On your knees! If you submit to me, I will consider letting you live! This is your only choice!"
Limitless power!
When Wang Chong attacked him, An Yaluoshan could sense power surging into him from all directions, more than at any other time.
Wang Chong couldn't kill him, only make him stronger and stronger!
"Is that so?"
In the sky, Wang Chong's face turned dark and sinister, but he quickly replaced the darkness with cold killing intent.
"You think too highly of yourself, with no idea of how reckless you are! If you want to become the master of the Central Plains, you'll have to survive this trial first!"
Wang Chong's entire body seethed with killing intent.
What did it matter that the heavens were helping him?
He would kill the heavens as well!
Wang Chong's eyes chilled as he immediately restarted his assault. He completely vanished from sight, escaping from the senses of the trio.
Cui Qianyou and Tian Chengsi turned nervous, instantly sensing immense danger.
The two of them closed ranks with An Yaluoshan, warily watching their surroundings.
"Qianyou, watch out!"
An Yaluoshan suddenly trembled, and without another word, he thrust out a palm toward Cui Qianyou's left side. A wave of energy struck the ground, creating an explosion of dust.
But while An Yaluoshan's reaction was fast, he had still underestimated Wang Chong's strength.
Air exploded, and Cui Qianyou only had time to turn halfway around before he was struck by Wang Chong's palm. The energies of the Trayastrimsa Heaven and the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art flashed in unison, one of them draining Cui Qianyou's energy while the other one pushed him away.
There was a scream as Cui Qianyou crashed into a large tree outside the walls, snapping it in half, followed by a second, a third… Cui Qianyou broke through ten-some trees before finally stopping, filling the air with wood shrapnel and dust.
Then came another scream. On the other side of An Yaluoshan, Tian Chengsi had wanted to go and assist Cui Qianyou, but then he was struck by what felt like a giant awl, sending him flying away.
In just a few short moments, Wang Chong had deprived An Yaluoshan of his two Great Generals.
The Stone of Destiny had said only that Wang Chong's attacks aimed at the Destined Foe would be weakened to sixty percent. It had said nothing about attacking others.
While Cui Qianyou and Tian Chengsi were considered 'Servants of the Dragon', his general stars, and had the support of the world, they presented no threat to Wang Chong. They could not be considered Wang Chong's Destined Foe.
Wang Chong had used this loophole to remove An Yaluoshan's two strongest allies from the battle.

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