RHE: Chapter 2014: Outplayed!

Chapter 2014: Outplayed!

Translated by: Hypersheep325
Edited by: Michyrr
I have to leave as soon as I can!
The recollection of how Wang Chong had destroyed two of the black rings in the Pavilion of Petal and Sepal like he was some sort of god, his eyes cold and intimidating, sent shivers through An Yaluoshan's soul, and he once more felt that deep-rooted fear.
This fellow was too strong!
And too domineering!
Not only had Wang Chong seen through his plan to steal the Dragon Qi, he had also destroyed his formation. Not even the presence of the Sage Emperor could stop Wang Chong from trying to kill him!
When this man hardened his heart, he was no longer human. He was a madman!
An Yaluoshan was still the Andong Protector-General, but it seemed that this scoundrel didn't care. Even if his actions would bring a calamity on the Wang Clan, he just didn't seem to care.
Damn thing! One day, I'll make you and the Wang Clan pay! An Yaluoshan mentally cursed.
At this moment, two explosions came from the bronze pendant hanging from An Yaluoshan's neck, and two more hazy lights burst forth, revealing Wang Chong's figure.
In this short while, another two clones had been exposed. He now only had three clones in the city to distract his pursuers.
An Yaluoshan felt his flesh crawl, and a pressure immediately descended on his shoulders. Not daring to linger, he picked up the pace, fleeing in almost a panic.
This bastard was truly too fast…
A few moments later, in the northeastern part of the capital, he came to a high and thick city wall where several pine trees stood.
When An Yaluoshan saw these pine trees, he finally smiled in relief, a great burden coming off his shoulders.
"Hahaha, what King of Foreign Lands? What Nine Provinces Protector-General? What War God? In the end, weren't you still made to run around by my diversions?"
An Yaluoshan looked back at the bustling capital and smugly smiled.
Regardless of what had happened or how many of his clones had been exposed, in the end, he had still won.
Once he was gone from here, he would have left the capital.
"Once I pass through here and return to Youzhou, I can truly begin that plan. Wang Chong, we will meet again, and at that time, I wonder how you'll fight against me?"
Heartily laughing, An Yaluoshan stepped forward, lowered his body, and picked something up. A moment later, a secret tunnel hidden behind the pine trees opened.
This tunnel led beneath the city walls, all the way out of the capital.
This was the escape route An Yaluoshan had prepared for himself.
An Yaluoshan chuckled as he drew back his belly and tensed his muscles. Whoosh! He lunged into the tunnel like a civet cat, and it was only a few moments later that he was on the other side.
"Hahaha, I really wasn't discovered!"
When he saw the dense forests beyond the walls, An Yaluoshan joyously laughed, truly feeling like a fish in the sea or a bird in the sky.
Now that he was here, everything behind him no longer concerned him.
"Wang Chong, you missed this chance. You can't kill me again. In the future, the Great Tang will be mine!"
An Yaluoshan laughed.
He just needed to move another seven or eight li to where he had agreed to meet with the men in black. At that time, he would be completely safe. No matter how unwilling Wang Chong was, he would still be powerless to do anything about it.
He, An Yaluoshan, had finally completed his grand aspiration of playing around with the sovereign and subjects of the Great Tang like they were toys.
Just when An Yaluoshan was at his cockiest, a cold and aloof voice like the voice of death itself entered his ears.
"An Yaluoshan, you've kept me waiting. Are you sure… that I can't kill you?"
When he heard this familiar voice, An Yaluoshan felt his heart skip a beat, and his body trembled. Raising his head, he looked to the side. Next to the pine tree was an aloof young man wearing an imperial robe, neat and tidy, as if he had been waiting for some time.
As An Yaluoshan turned to look, that aloof young man also turned to look at him.
"W-W-Wang Chong!!"
An Yaluoshan's eyes flew open in disbelief. As their eyes met, An Yaluoshan felt like he had been struck by a hammer, his breathing almost coming to a stop.
Incomparable shock!
The shock and disbelief were so great that his body staggered backward several steps!
How could he appear here?
And wasn't he chasing his 'clones' just a moment ago?
How could one person appear in two places at once?
He felt like he was seeing a ghost.
"How are you here?" An Yaluoshan stiffly said, scowling.
Wang Chong chuckled as he slowly walked out from behind the tree with contempt on his face.
"If you can appear here, I naturally can as well. Did you really think you were the only one with substitutes?"
As Wang Chong spoke, another explosion came from the bronze pendant on An Yaluoshan's neck. The hazy light exploded from the pendant, displaying the scene around that distant clone.
The location was the southwestern sector of the capital, as far as possible from this area.
In the scene, with a massive explosion that sent dust flying into the air, the last 'An Yaluoshan' crashed to the ground, his eyes wide open. Nearby stood a tall and majestic figure wearing an imperial robe, the young face clearly that of Wang Chong.
Two Wang Chongs!
Two imperial robes!
One was in the southwestern sector of the capital while one was outside the walls to the northwest, but they were both Wang Chong!
An Yaluoshan stared at Wang Chong in both shock and anger. Even a fool could see that Wang Chong had used the same trick and created a clone!
"You thought yourself smart, but you were too smart for your own good!"
Wang Chong sneered at An Yaluoshan's furious visage.
In the Rebellion of the Three Princes, he had asked Miyasame Ayaka to disguise Young Master Qingyang to look like himself, and not even Hou Junji had been able to notice. How could An Yaluoshan?
An Yaluoshan had believed after leaving the Imperial Palace that his many clones would allow him to easily escape, leading Wang Chong in a wild goose chase, but he was far too naive!
Wang Chong's face chilled as he moved his right hand to the Origin Immortal Sword at his waist!
To deal with An Yaluoshan and kill him here, Wang Chong had brought the supreme Origin Immortal Sword with him.
Just when Wang Chong was preparing to strike, An Yaluoshan waved his hands, cold sweat breaking out all over his body.
"Before I die, I would like to ask a question. I considered my escape route to be extremely secretive, and I restrained all my energy. How did you find me?"
An Yaluoshan was befuddled by this question. His escape route in the northeast was a top secret that he had been preparing for ages. Only his closest advisors knew about it. How had Wang Chong managed to find his real body and even come to wait ahead of him?
"Hmph, there's no harm in telling you!"
Wang Chong coldly sneered. He knew what An Yaluoshan was trying to do, but if he really thought that was all it took to succeed, then he was deeply underestimating Wang Chong.
"The Nine Revolutions Jade Marrow Pill the Sage Emperor gifted you feels rather nice, yes?"
An Yaluoshan's face instantly began to shift between green and white in pure rage.
This bastard!
He had been on guard against almost every possibility, sending out so many clones, restraining his energy, altering his body… but he had never imagined that the Nine Revolutions Jade Marrow Pill that the Sage Emperor had gifted to him and that he had accepted in a moment of greed would become his fatal error.
He had never imagined that Wang Chong would be so treacherous as to tamper with the Nine Revolutions Jade Marrow Pill.
In order to prevent Wang Chong from tracking them down, An Yaluoshan had scanned all five members of his group for any mental marks planted by Wang Chong. He had also released Thousand Li Fragrance and had everyone change clothes after exiting the palace.
And to prevent any potential deception with the guards, they had also decided not to bring any guards with them.
But in the end, he had never imagined that he would lose to Wang Chong because of one pill!
An Yaluoshan had been heavily injured, but he had been feeling cocky over the fact that he had just stolen the Sage Emperor's Dragon Qi and had even been gifted one of the extremely effective Nine Revolutions Jade Marrow Pills. While he was sighing over its miraculous effects, he had failed to notice the mental mark Wang Chong had planted on it.
"Let me send you on your way!" Wang Chong coldly said, his expression callous.
"Wait! Wait! I still have a question…"
An Yaluoshan flailed his hands and shouted.
But Wang Chong ignored him. A gale howled and a flash of lightning erupted from his body, a powerful energy instantly locking onto An Yaluoshan.
Seeing that he could no longer delay Wang Chong, An Yaluoshan turned cold, his face savage and harsh.
"You really think I'm afraid of you? Strike!"
With a massive explosion of Stellar Energy and a fierce gale, An Yaluoshan swelled in size. As he stomped his foot down, a black-armored demon god emerged behind him.
This demon god's body seethed with pitch-black flames, and all that could be seen were two cold and emotionless eyes. All other details were lost in a sea of darkness.
With a savage roar, the giant demon god produced spears, pikes, sabers, tridents, bow and arrow, meteor hammers… Rising into the air with An Yaluoshan, it attacked Wang Chong with these numerous weapons.

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