RHE: Chapter 2015: One Versus Three!

Chapter 2015: One Versus Three!

Translated by: Hypersheep325
Edited by: Michyrr
A sharp screech tore through the air. Before the black demon god even reached Wang Chong, two of its arms began to move, nocking an arrow to the bow and unleashing a black meteor of destruction at Wang Chong.
The God-Executing Demon Arrow!
This was a legendary arrow that was capable of executing gods.
An Yaluoshan had not used it once, not when dealing with Yeon Gaesomun in the war of the northeast or at the direst moment of the feast of all countries.
This was his hidden trump card!
An Yaluoshan had a very simple reason for not using this attack. Any Turk who heard the name of the God-Executing Demon Arrow, saw the form of the arrow, and spotted the dazzling inscriptions flashing like stars atop the arrow would immediately know that this arrow was unleashed by that mighty legend most revered by the Great Turkic Khaganate several hundred years ago, War God Yaluoshan!
And this god was the origin of An Yaluoshan's name!
Just a split-second later—
Boom! Boom!
Behind Wang Chong, to the left and right, two figures exploded out like dragons or tigers, joining An Yaluoshan in the assault.
"Great Blood Solar Dragon Demon Art!"
To Wang Chong's right, Cui Qianyou had a chilling expression, holding a nearly five-foot-long saber in his hand. The moment this saber left its sheath, it unleashed a fierce gale that tore through the heavens.
As he lunged forward, space resonated, and a massive blazing sun the color of blood appeared. Within it was a massive dragon demon that pushed the blood sun along with the saber energy toward Wang Chong.
This attack carried such power that all the grass and stones within several hundred feet were obliterated.
The Great Blood Solar Dragon Demon Art!
When Cui Qianyou was thirteen, he had jumped into a cave and found the residence of an ascetic, where he obtained this long-lost ancient technique of tremendous power.
According to the notes left by that ascetic, this was an ancient technique of the demonic path that had once unleashed a bloody storm across the Central Plains during the Spring and Autumn Period, and countless experts of both the righteous and evil path had died to it.
If all had gone as normal, this demonic art should have left its mark on history, perhaps even competing with the other ten great arts of the Central Plains.
But this senior had an eccentric personality. After slaughtering his way through the Central Plains and defeating countless powerful existences, he seemed to get fed up. He returned to the northeast and lived out the rest of his life in seclusion.
After obtaining this supreme art, Cui Qianyou diligently cultivated it, eventually reaching a masterful level. With his saber, he had once left a scar across a granite cliff face that was nearly one hundred meters across and extended several dozen meters deep, leaving a similarly deep impression on the people of Youzhou.
Cui Qianyou had a domineering saber energy, and though he was not famous in the Central Plains, he could compare to Li Siye and Gao Xianzhi with this one attack.
"Eastern Sea Qian Kun Force!"
To Wang Chong's back and left, another bellowing figure charged forward.
The air seemed to explode with thunder. Tian Chengsi appeared, his eyes furious and his brows twisted together. He swung the heavy sword in his right hand, causing all the air within several thousand feet to transform into pounding waves that howled toward Wang Chong in the center.
Those waves of air were endless, and even the hardiest steel would have been crushed to scrap.
Tian Chengsi's left hand did not remain idle. He wore a heavy gauntlet covered with spikes on his left hand, and he chose this moment to punch.
As this fist punched, it seemed to become imbued with a firm and heavy weight, strong and upright as a mountain.
No, it did not just seem like a mountain. This was the power of the mountains!
Rumble! As the punch flew forward, a massive mountain manifested behind Tian Chengsi, followed by a second, a third… A vast mountain range spread out behind Tian Chengsi, occupying the left half of the sky. And to Tian Chengsi's right were the surging blue waves of the Eastern Sea!
The Eastern Sea Qian Kun Force!
This 'Qian Kun' referred to the mountains and the sea, to two sources of energy that had been cultivated to the apex!
Just like Cui Qianyou, Tian Chengsi was obscure in the Central Plains, but in Youzhou, he possessed a thunderous reputation. There was barely a single person who did not know the name of Martial Maniac Tian Chengsi.
Amongst An Yaluoshan's generals, Tian Chengsi was by far the most obsessed with martial arts, and it was a mania that was also reflected in his cultivation style.
Before An Yaluoshan had awoken to the Power of the World and become Child of the World, Tian Chengsi, though he was a high-ranking officer, would spend more than twenty days out of the thirty in a month cultivating on the shore of the Eastern Sea rather than with his army.
He enjoyed wearing extremely heavy armor, holding a heavy saber, and fighting in the middle of the Eastern Sea with massive waves, making the Eastern Sea into his enemy.
At the start, Tian Chengsi had cultivated only at the edge of the sea, but he slowly advanced deeper and deeper, even holding his breath and striding through the bottom of the sea to continue his cultivation.
Tian Chengsi's art had no legacy, and his master was the Eastern Sea itself. Thus, his energy came in layer after layer, wave after wave, making one feel like one was trying to fight back against the entire Eastern Sea.
Tian Chengsi's strength was simply immense. In a particularly famous incident, a fishing boat had been returning when massive waves came out of the Eastern Sea, almost turning it over, yet the weather had been bright and clear. It was only when Tian Chengsi stepped onto shore and the waves settled down that everyone realized that those massive waves had been caused simply by Tian Chengsi practicing with his sword.
As Tian Chengsi honed his technique to the limit, he managed to comprehend from the pounding waves of the Eastern Sea the principle that 'at the extreme of Yin is Yang, and at the extreme of Yang is Yin'. At the same time, he comprehended the bold and upright power of the mountains.
These two opposite energies brought out the best of each other, resulting in Tian Chengsi's Eastern Sea Qian Kun Force.
Neither Cui Qianyou nor Tian Chengsi had ever revealed their true strength. However, in order to deal with the mighty Wang Chong, the two of them pushed their cultivations to the limit as they joined An Yaluoshan in assaulting Wang Chong.
Sensing the three energies surrounding him, Wang Chong coldly grunted, no sign of surprise in his eyes.
Cui Qianyou and Tian Chengsi had restrained all of their energy and approached furtively. They had thought themselves hidden, but in reality, Wang Chong had noticed them long ago.
An Yaluoshan had believed that he could distract Wang Chong and create an opportunity for his subordinates, but this was nothing but wishful thinking.
Their plans had never been hidden from Wang Chong.
"Origin Immortal Art!"
Wang Chong's eyes chilled as he used the number one technique of the Central Plains, the Supreme and Infinite Origin Immortal Art, and summoned the Trayastrimsa Heaven.
In a flash of light, a dazzling golden pavilion surrounded by transcendent energy emerged behind Wang Chong.
Wang Chong stood like a mountain, not even trying to dodge these attacks. With two massive booms, Cui Qianyou's Great Blood Solar Dragon Demon Art and Tian Chengsi's Eastern Sea Qian Kun Force vanished into Wang Chong's Trayastrimsa Heaven.
Those destructive energies seemed to be transported into another dimension, vanishing without a trace.
Their majestic attacks had vanished in the blink of an eye, absorbed by the Trayastrimsa Heaven.
"How could this be!?"
Cui Qianyou and Tian Chengsi instantly paled.
In terms of cultivation, the two of them were peak Great Generals. While they didn't believe that their full-force attacks could kill Wang Chong, they at least believed that they could heavily injure him. But to their shock, Wang Chong had absorbed all of them, making their hearts freeze.
Before they could react, two streams of energy blasted toward them and blew them back.
The two of them screamed as they crashed into the ground in a cloud of dust.
At the same time, Wang Chong thrust out a palm, and a dazzling ball of energy shot out and obliterated An Yaluoshan's God-Executing Demon Arrow!
An Yaluoshan's eyes flew open, and deep inside was a tinge of fear.
His God-Executing Demon Arrow was not as grandiose as the attacks of Tian Chengsi and Cui Qianyou, but it was far stronger. More importantly, the arrow had an extremely frightening piercing trait that could penetrate through both Psychic Energy and Stellar Energy. An Yaluoshan had predicted that this would be an arrow that would heavily injure Wang Chong and create additional openings, but Wang Chong had destroyed it with one strike of his palm.
What left An Yaluoshan even more fearful and uneasy was the terrifying energy that Wang Chong had locked onto his body.
Countless bolts of lightning erupted from the Origin Immortal Sword, and in that moment, Wang Chong struck.
"Lightning Flash!"
An icy voice that was neither too loud nor too soft resounded in everyone's ears, and in a flash of light, Wang Chong disappeared.

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