IMDC - Chapter 2098 (Raw 2203): The Strong Reign


When Xiao Chen reappeared, he was already in the familiar secret realm. He saw Spirit Herbs, more than a thousand years old, flourishing all over the place when he looked around.

Previously, just any one of these items would have excited him.

Now, he found that not many of these natural treasures interested him.

There was a saying, only Spirit Herbs that truly grew in the wild and lived among danger were genuine natural treasures.

The nurtured Spirit Herbs in herb fields would always lack a certain spirituality, unable to reach perfection.

“Have I already arrived in the Heavenly Dragon Palace?” Xiao Chen muttered to himself as he looked at the familiar scene. This felt like a dream.

Just a moment earlier, he had been in a small town hundreds of millions of kilometers away. In the next moment, he arrived in the Divine Dragon Empire.

If Xiao Chen could use the Divine Universe Stele like this back then, he would not have been pursued in such a sorry state.

He could have come and gone as he pleased, no matter how far.

It seemed like there was no one in the Heavenly Dragon Palace’s herb garden secret realm. As Xiao Chen strolled around, he stopped before the Divine Rank medicinal cauldron.

Flames burned continuously in the mountain-sized medicinal cauldron. It looked like the Third Palace Master used it frequently.

Xiao Chen leaped onto the medicinal cauldron.

“Gurgle…! Gurgle…”

The fierce flames in the medicinal cauldron appeared like an endlessly surging sea. When Xiao Chen saw that, his heart pounded.

It seemed like some Medicinal Pill was being refined in there. However, he could not clearly see it through the sea of flames.

Someone is coming!

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

Xiao Chen saw a figure flashing, rushing over to the bottom of the medicinal cauldron. This figure muttered somewhat anxiously, “I’m slightly late. I only just found the final supplementary ingredient.”

The Third Palace Master seemed overly anxious, and he did not expect anyone to appear mysteriously in the secret realm. Hence, he did not notice Xiao Chen’s presence.

“Third Palace Master, it has been a long time!”

When the Third Palace Master suddenly heard a voice, his expression changed dramatically. However, when he raised his head, he saw a familiar face.

“Xiao Chen?! Wait— How?! How could Xiao Chen possibly return silently to the Divine Dragon Empire? What more enter my Heavenly Dragon Palace’s herb garden secret realm? Who exactly are you?!”


The Third Palace Master burst forth with a terrifying aura. He looked at Xiao Chen with caution and a stern expression.

Xiao Chen felt slightly stunned on hearing that. After thinking about it, he realized that if he were the Third Palace Master, he would be startled too.

Xiao Chen immediately jumped off the medicinal cauldron and landed on the ground. He said softly, “Third Palace Master, there’s no need to be suspicious. I am the one who lent this Divine Rank medicinal cauldron to the Third Palace Master. No one else should know this, right?”

The Third Palace Master moved to the side, still showing a suspicious expression.

This situation seemed too incredible; the Third Palace Master could not believe it. “If you read Xiao Chen’s memories, you naturally would know all this!”

“How about this Supreme Dragon Fist? Even if my memories were read, there should be no way to practice this.”

Without delay, Xiao Chen executed the Supreme Dragon Fist.

A dragon roared, and Dragon Might spread out. As Xiao Chen punched, tens of thousands of dragon images burst out from his body.

“It really is you!”

Now, the Third Palace Master finally believed it. Actually, he already felt that it was Xiao Chen from the moment he saw him.

However, this matter was too illogical. He could not help being cautious.

Mentioning the medicinal cauldron’s origins and executing the Supreme Dragon Fist confirmed Xiao Chen’s identity beyond doubt.

“How did you get in?” The Third Palace Master still felt puzzled. Xiao Chen could not possibly sneak in, given his strength.

This was the most tightly guarded secret realm of the Heavenly Dragon Palace. Even a Sovereign Emperor could not possibly enter silently.

Xiao Chen laughed softly, “Third Palace Master, don’t worry. I used a special secret method to enter. No one else can use it besides me.”

The Third Palace Master relaxed considerably on hearing that. He thought that something had gone wrong with the defense. Since that was so, there was no need to continue worrying.

A smile appeared on the Third Palace Master’s face as he said, “It has been only about six years since we parted, yet you are already a Small Perfection Sovereign Personage. This is truly shocking. If you had entered Ancestor Dragon City, you might not have been able to attain your current cultivation. It is Ancestor Dragon City’s loss for not wanting you.”

The Third Palace Master felt shocked at Xiao Chen’s change. He also felt very rueful.

Xiao Chen could sense the Third Palace Master’s joy and happiness. The Third Palace Master had truly missed him. This was also why Xiao Chen thought about meeting the Third Palace Master after being able to activate the Divine Universe Stele.

“I’ll go tell Second Brother. He is now very busy. However, he will be delighted to know that you came!”

Xiao Chen quickly stopped the Third Palace Master. “Next time. I am already satisfied with seeing the Third Palace Master.”

The Third Palace Master said sullenly, “Alright, then. Tell me what you have experienced in the past few years.”

Not hurrying to answer, Xiao Chen said softly, “I would like to know how the First Palace Master is now.”

The Blood Dragon Guard’s Vice Hall Master Li only knew that the First Palace Master was imprisoned. He had not shared any details.

“Big Brother is fine. You don’t have to worry. One hundred years will pass in the blink of an eye for him.” The Third Palace Master sighed softly, appearing somewhat sad when mentioning the First Palace Master.

Xiao Chen felt somewhat relieved on hearing that. Back then, Xiao Chen would have been smashed to death with one palm strike from the Ancestor Dragon City Sovereign Emperor Elder if not for the First Palace Master.

After not seeing each other for so long, Xiao Chen and the Third Palace Master chatted happily.

They touched on the past, bringing up many old memories.

The Heavenly Dragon Palace was the only place in the Great Thousand Realms that made Xiao Chen feel at home.

He would never forget his many experiences there. When he thought back about many things, it felt like they just happened yesterday.

Had it been possible, Xiao Chen would not have left the Divine Dragon Empire. No matter where he came from, he had the Dragon Race’s bloodline in him.

“What is the Dragon God Crown Prince’s cultivation now?” Xiao Chen asked.

The Third Palace Master thought before replying, “He became a Great Perfection Sovereign Personage two years ago. He has the Purple Gold Dragon Emperor personally giving him pointers and the Golden Dragon bloodline’s infinite resources, as well as experts of the senior generation to guide him on Secret Techniques and Cultivation Techniques. His bloodline and talent are excellent. Such a person had a higher starting point than others.

“However, there is one aspect where he cannot compare to you: his mental state cultivation. Now that he is a Great Perfection Sovereign Personage, he needs to settle down and focus on comprehension. His mental state cultivation is the most critical now.”

Mental state cultivation was essential. However, it was not as crucial as the Third Palace Master made it out to be. He said this mostly to console Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen smiled faintly but did not dwell on it.

If Xiao Chen brought out all his trump cards, even a Peak Sovereign Personage might not be able to defeat him; he did not fear the Dragon God Crown Prince.

“Will I have a chance to return?” Xiao Chen asked.

Showing a somewhat serious expression, the Third Palace Master sighed, “Actually, you did nothing wrong and can return at any time. However, the Golden Dragon bloodline is exceptionally fearful of you. You startled the Golden Dragon bloodline when your Supreme Dragon Fist defeated the Emperor Dragon Fist six years ago. This drew many of their older-generation experts out of closed-door cultivation.

“If you can reach the Divine Vein Realm, you can return at any time. According to Ancestor Dragon City’s rules, as long as you are a Sovereign Emperor and are willing to be loyal to the empire, any crime can be pardoned. Even if the Golden Dragon bloodline wants to make things difficult for you, they won’t dare to do anything openly.”

The great value of a Sovereign Emperor went without saying. Ancestor Dragon City would not pursue Xiao Chen’s past if it could get the service of a Sovereign Emperor.

On the contrary, it would reward Xiao Chen to try and pull him in.

This was a world where the strong reigned. Often, logic and reason were actually unnecessary.

Xiao Chen smiled bitterly when he heard this. “So, that’s the case. If those Elders from Ancestor Dragon City felt that I could advance to the Divine Vein Realm, they would not have made things difficult for me because of my bloodline back then, right?”

The Third Palace Master’s silence was tacit agreement.

Strength represented everything. The First Palace Master was an example. He had plunged Divine Dragon City into chaos and committed an even graver mistake than Xiao Chen. However, he was only sentenced to one hundred years of imprisonment. This was because of the First Palace Master’s strength.

Ancestor Dragon City did not wish to lose a peak expert like the First Palace Master. Naturally, they would not make things difficult for him.

The Third Palace Master took a sip of wine. Then, he said indifferently, “If you can advance to the Divine Vein Realm before you are one hundred years old, I believe that the powerhouses of Ancestor Dragon City would even come to you in person to seek forgiveness. The Purple Gold Dragon Emperor does not have full control over Divine Dragon City!”

“I understand.”

Xiao Chen showed a grave expression, not saying anything more. Many times, the logic was simple: the strong reigned.

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