IMDC: Chapter 2042

 Chapter 2042 (Raw 2137): Desolate Slave
 What does she want?
 Xiao Chen felt somewhat suspicious. This flutist was already very close to him.
 The flutist was less than two meters away and still approaching. However, she stopped when she was one meter away.
 Just as Xiao Chen felt confused, the flutist said with a lively voice, “This young master seems to be afflicted with the White Marsh Beast Empire’s Thousand Taste Revolution?”
 So, it is because of this…
 Xiao Chen smiled helplessly in his heart. For one instant, he thought that he really was that charming.
 “That’s right. I am indeed afflicted with Thousand Taste Revolution. Do the fairies of the Heavenly Fragrance have a way to deal with it?”
 The flutist shook her head and said, “Only our sect Elders can deal with this toxin. The process is very tricky, as well. Moreover, our sect rarely receives outsiders. Here is a Detox Pill; it can provide some temporary relief to Young Master. I wish Young Master good luck.”
 So, the other party came over to give me a Medicinal Pill.
 Although this Medicinal Pill could not neutralize the toxin, it was a kind gesture. Xiao Chen gave thanks and accepted the Medicinal Pill from the other party.
 “Heaven helps the worthy. I hope Young Master will pull through.”
 The flutist left with a sigh. Practically no Holy Venerate afflicted with Thousand Taste Revolution ever survived.
 Although the flutist said that heaven helped the worthy, how could it be that easy?
 “Might I ask for this lady’s name? So I can repay this gratitude in the future.”
 “We are just strangers encountering each other by chance. It was just a matter of convenience; there is no need to.”
 The flutist continued walking, leaving with her fellow disciples.
 The flutist came like the wind and left like the wind. This happened so quickly that it felt like a dream.
 If not for the lingering fragrance in the air and the Medicinal Pill in Xiao Chen’s hand, he might not believe that he just interacted with a group of Heavenly Fragrance disciples.
 He shook his head, then carefully put the Medicinal Pill away with a faint smile.
 Xiao Chen looked at his surroundings and entered deep thought. I have to find a city and figure out my exact position first.
 The Desolate Sea is very vast and sparse.
 This place lacked resources, encouraging a tough and unyielding nature in the locals. Newcomers required luck if they did not want to spend too much time searching for a city.
 An incredibly huge setting sun appeared at the horizon in the west.
 Such a sunset could only be appreciated in the Desolate Sea, an incredibly stunning sight.
 After the sun set, the sky quickly turned dark.
 The temperature plummeted rapidly. In stark contrast to the arid day, the night was bone-chilling. When one opened one’s mouth, a cold, misty breath came out.
 A blood moon?
 Xiao Chen looked up and discovered that the moon had appeared in the sky at some point in time.
 However, this moon was a moon that looked as scarlet as blood. This was his first time seeing a blood moon like this, causing him to frown heavily.
 Previously, Xiao Chen seemed to have heard that the moon of the Desolate Sea was scarlet every night.
 He checked his surroundings and noted something off. The chill that spread through the air was sinister. Rather than the result of temperature, the chill in this place was due to the dense concentration of sinister energy.
 It was rumored that the decisive battle of the previous great war between the righteous factions and the demonic factions had taken place here. Both sides had killed until they turned frenzied.
 This reduced the wonderland to the Desolate Sea of today.
 Countless bones, corpses, and aggrieved spirits were buried in the ground.
 Aside from this being connected to the northern region, the eastern region, and the Xuewu Dynasty, this was a place of chaos. Killing and massacres happened nonstop all year round.
 After the great war between the righteous factions and demonic factions, who knew how many more corpses and bones had gotten buried in this place over time?
 Xiao Chen inspected his surroundings with his Spiritual Sense. He heard the wails of many malicious spirits and resentful souls. The terrifying shrieks, the sinister, cold air, and the blood moon in the sky inspired anxiety in this boundless night.
 He opened his Heavenly Eye and saw resentful black energy wafting out of the ground sporadically in the night. This energy spread out in the air and lingered there, drifting about and looking very strange.
 “It looks like it is not suitable to travel at night in this place.”
 Xiao Chen did not know much about the Desolate Sea, having only heard a little about it.
 He felt many differences from the day. The boundless night gave off an extremely dangerous feeling, with many parts of it feeling unfathomable.
 The Desolate Sea’s night seemed exceptionally mysterious.
 Xiao Chen was unlucky in the day; he did not manage to find a city. Then, the night suddenly turned so strange.
 After thinking for a while, he chose to rest here for the time being.
 He got the Demon Blood Vulture to patrol the surroundings while he continued cultivating.
 Having already attained a Divine Body, Xiao Chen now had to spend time on his cultivation.
 He had remained stuck at the late-stage Holy Light Stage for a long time already. He needed to break through to the Sovereign Stage quickly.
 Now that Xiao Chen had lost the Heavenly Dragon Palace’s protection and come to the Desolate Sea, he felt that his Holy Light Stage Cloud Sea Realm cultivation was completely insufficient.
 After checking his resources, he found that only about five-hundred-thousand-odd Primeval Heavenly Pills remained of his initial millions.
 This would not last him very long, posing something of a problem.
 This was what happened when leaving a sect. One had to deal with many things by themselves.
 However, Xiao Chen had long grown accustomed to this problem. He held a good attitude towards it and did not worry too much.
 He laid a simple Spirit Gathering Formation under the night sky and put in Spirit Jades.
 Then, he waved his hand and swallowed one hundred Primeval Heavenly Pills, then refined them, along with the Spiritual Energy that the Spirit Gathering Formation drew.
 The Purple Thunder Divine Incantation slowly circulated, and Xiao Chen digested one hundred Primeval Heavenly Pills in mere moments.
 After attaining a Divine Body, Xiao Chen’s cultivation speed was entirely different from before.
 However, his requirements for resources also multiplied.
 As Xiao Chen cultivated, sounds of fighting suddenly rang out in the night.
 Based on the sounds, the fight was not far from him.
 That was not exactly right. The source of the sounds steadily approached. Soon, he sensed two auras.
 The two auras tussled, making it hard to judge what exactly they were.
 The night significantly impacted Xiao Chen’s vision and Spiritual Sense.
 He stopped cultivating, soared into the air, and landed on the Demon Blood Vulture’s back to wait in readiness.
 Xiao Chen had to open his Heavenly Eye while on the Demon Blood Vulture’s back before he finally managed to see what was happening.
 A gray-clad man was fleeing the pursuit of another person.
 Mud covered the gray-clad man, who appeared to be in a sorry state and a dangerous situation.
 The anthropomorphic ferocious beast had a layer of death Qi, which obscured its appearance. This made it seem like something of the Demonic Dao.
 Seeing people of the Demonic Dao was normal in the Desolate Sea.
 The righteous and demonic factions maintained a delicate balance in the Desolate Sea.
 The conflict between the two factions in the Desolate Sea was not as intense as in other places.
 The gray-clad man appeared extremely weak, clearly severely injured. When he saw Xiao Chen, he rejoiced and shouted, “Friend from the Dragon Race, I am Qin Zhuolin. Would you help block the Desolate Slave behind me?”
 Desolate Slave? What is that? Is that thing behind him not a Demonic Dao cultivator?
 Without much thought, Xiao Chen attacked decisively.
 “Thunder Monarch Spear!”
 Xiao Chen used his Thunder Dao’s Great Dao Energy to drive the Five Element Divine Lightning. Then, as he held the Five Element Divine Lightning and infused more Great Dao Energy into it, it quickly turned into a solid-looking spear.
 Boundless electric light burst out into the surroundings from the spear.
 A monarch’s aura spread over the spear, and Xiao Chen’s face appeared serene under the illumination of the electric light in the night.
 In the time it took for a thought to form, the Thunder Monarch Spear chased down the strange Desolate Slave. Then, horrifying electric light exploded, lighting up the night sky.
 Qin Zhuolin took this opportunity to climb onto the Demon Blood Vulture. Then, he urged, “Quickly leave. This thing cannot be killed. You cannot fight it, either.”
 “Is that so?”
 Xiao Chen looked over. Although the Five Element Divine Lightning did not rend the Desolate Slave, the Desolate Slave fell to the ground and could not get up again.
 The Five Element Divine Lightning had blasted away most of the death Qi on the Desolate Slave’s body, leaving the Desolate Slave’s body twitching continuously.
 “Five Element Divine Lightning!”
 The stunned Qin Zhuolin revealed a joyful expression as he said, “I see. It’s the Five Element Divine Lightning. No wonder you dare to enter the Desolate Sea as a Holy Venerate. However, you still have to rush away. There is still a pack of these things behind.”
 Xiao Chen did not dare to be careless, so he got the Demon Blood Vulture to turn and leave.
 As Qin Zhuolin sat on the Demon Blood Vulture, his previously flustered expression eased.
 He reached up to wipe the mud off his face. His facial features looked upright, giving him a valiant air. However, his complexion seemed somewhat pale, similar to that of White Marsh Beast Empire cultivators.
 With a suave smile, Qin Zhuolin said, “Brother, many thanks for saving me. If you need anything in the future, you can just ask me. I will go anywhere you call me to in the Desolate Sea.”
 “You are too polite. What’s up with the Desolate Slave chasing you?”
 When Qin Zhuolin heard that, he felt mildly startled. After a while, he smiled in understanding. “It looks like this is your first time in the Desolate Sea—and you did not come here on purpose but were probably forced to do so.”

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