Chapter 1917

 Chapter 1917 (Raw 2018): Great Miserable Battle
 When the Demon Blood Vulture saw the direction that Xiao Chen was looking, it turned around in the clouds and headed for the battlefield in a flash of scarlet light.
 The two had been fleeing pursuit and incredibly weak at that time.
 After the two escaped, they had slowed down and focused on recuperating. They did not go to meet up with the Flame Dragon Legion as soon as they could.
 “Why is this happening?!”
 Soon, the two saw the extremely chaotic and cruel battlefield. The Flame Dragon Legion was surrounded by Rakshasa Demons and Flood Dragon Humans, which were severalfold greater in number.
 The Flame Dragon Legion’s troop formation was completely disrupted. The twenty-thousand-strong Flame Dragon Legion had broken down into small groups that were being dealt with by the Flood Dragon Humans under Yan Cangming.
 The Flame Dragon Legion could not re-form their formation.
 The worst thing was the location of the battle—a sea of lava, a hot and cruel environment.
 Flame Dragon Legion cultivators died at every moment in this lava land.
 Although several Flood Dragon Humans died for every Flame Dragon Legion cultivator that died, such an exchange was meaningless.
 Those Flood Dragon Humans had low cultivations. They all relied on the Demonic Dragon Armor to be able to fight the Flame Dragon Legion.
 Without the Demonic Dragon Armor, the Flame Dragon Legion would completely suppress the Flood Dragon Humans and easily break out.
 The most intense fight in the battlefield was definitely the one between General Feng and the Wu Ting, the Rakshasa Race’s Sovereign Personage.
 Wu Ting brandished two bone spikes and merged his Sovereign Personage Will with his Thunder Dao Might, forming a zone of lightning.
 When Wu Ting fought with General Feng, he did not seek to kill the other party. He only wanted to delay him.
 If a Sovereign Personage wanted to leave, Wu Ting would not be able to stop him.
 Even if the Flame Dragon Legion were destroyed, nothing would happen to General Feng. However, Wu Ting wanted to delay General Feng so that the rest of the Flame Dragon Legion would get destroyed. That was the situation he wanted to see.
 What could General Feng do alone then?
 Wu Ting smiled and said, “Even if I let you go now, you are powerless to save the situation. Today, the Flame Dragon Legion will be annihilated.”
 General Feng remained sullen, not saying anything. He only attacked more frantically, venting the rage and dissatisfaction in his heart.
 The Demon Blood Vulture hovered in the air far away, carrying Xiao Chen and Murong Yan.
 Murong Yan’s hot blood rushed to his head. Without even thinking, he wanted to charge down.
 Xiao Chen stretched out his hand to stop him. Then, he said, “Just protect me. There is no need to send yourself to die.”
 “Are you sure?”
 Rage already filled Murong Yan’s heart. He felt somewhat upset at Xiao Chen for stopping him.
 “It would be better than you going down to die.”
 Xiao Chen did not feel like explaining further. He took out the Soul Slayer Bow, drew it, and fired an arrow.
 Heart Flame from Xiao Chen’s fingertip merged with the arrow that silently entered the battlefield.
 The arrow was like a beam of dim light, silently piercing the Demonic Dragon Armor and into a Flood Dragon Human’s heart.
 Demonic Dragon Armor had a suppressive effect on a Dragon Race cultivator’s Veritable Essence Energy. However, it was like paper before the arrow infused with Xiao Chen’s Heart Flame.
 “Pu ci!”
 That Flood Dragon Human pierced through by the arrow died on the spot, losing all signs of life.
 The arrow did not lose any momentum; it continued to pierce through ten-odd Flood Dragon Humans before stopping. Although the arrow did not pierce their hearts, it destroyed the Demonic Dragon Armor they wore.
 Xiao Chen revealed an expression of understanding. It was as he had expected: the Demonic Dragon Armor countered the Dragon Race but did not have any defense against his Heart Flame.
 “Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”
 Immediately, Xiao Chen’s arrows became like dragons. He shot nine arrows every second, and each arrow pierced through at least ten enemies. In one second, one-hundred-odd Flood Dragon Humans’ Demonic Dragon Armor broke.
 The unlucky Flood Dragon Humans were killed by a single arrow and died on the spot.
 After ten seconds, more than a thousand sets of Demonic Dragon Armor broke, with at least one hundred Flood Dragon Humans dying instantly.
 The many Flame Dragon Legion cultivators fighting the Flood Dragon Humans found it strange. Even the Flood Dragon Humans could not understand what was going on when their Demonic Dragon Armor broke and exploded.
 After losing the Demonic Dragon Armor, these Flood Dragon Humans could no longer put up a fight against the Flame Dragon Legion cultivators.
 A simple swing of the sword easily slew the armorless Flood Dragon Humans.
 “Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”
 Xiao Chen’s arrows all flew in the same direction, immediately breaching the tight encirclement.
 “What’s going on?”
 The Flame Dragon Legion’s Dragon Race cultivators found this somewhat strange. However, this opportunity could not be wasted. They all instinctively rushed towards that opening.
 The momentum of the entire Flame Dragon Legion, which had reached rock bottom, resurged.
 The situation on the battlefield instantly changed. Such a clear departure from the expected tide of battle naturally attracted the attention of the Rakshasa Demons’ upper echelon and Yan Cangming.
 The same words appeared in their minds: What’s going on?
 Liu Feng looked around and eventually looked at the distant sky. He saw Xiao Chen and Murong Yan standing on the Demon Blood Vulture.
 “It’s Xiao Chen!”
 Several of the Flame Dragon Legion upper echelon, who knew about the mission, were greatly startled but immediately shouted, “It’s Xiao Chen and Murong Yan! They are not dead yet!”
 Yan Cangming, who had put in a lot of effort and pushed Wei Hongfei to the limit, was about to deal a finishing blow when his movements suddenly paused. Then, he looked at Xiao Chen, who relentlessly shot arrows.
 The Rakshasa Demons and Flood Dragon Humans that went over to harass Xiao Chen were either knocked away by Murong Yan or chased away by the Demon Blood Vulture.
 With these three working together, they were unrivaled in the air.
 “Damn it!” Yan Cangming cursed coldly. Then, he ignored Wei Hongfei and soared into the air, planning to handle the situation personally.
 “Stay behind!”
 Wei Hongfei, who was already severely injured, knew how horrifying Yan Cangming was. Even though he was already greatly weakened, he seemed to experience a burst of strength. He erupted with a tremendous aura, and strands of golden Dragon Qi revolved around him as he continuously soared into the sky.
 The Golden Dragon’s Dragon Might spread out.
 A murderous intent flashed in Yan Cangming’s eyes. However, he could not do anything about it, forced to remain behind. His Demonic Qi surged, and he gave off the aura of death.
 Yan Cangming’s aura changed greatly, his eyes flickering with the mysteries of death.
 In that instant, it was like Yan Cangming had turned into a grim reaper of hell. It was like a black dragon representing death lurked in the depths of his eyes, circling around continuously.
 “Touch of Death!”
 Countless strands of black energy containing the Death Dao shot out from the sea of lava. They were like the tentacles of a demonic ghost, looking incomparably horrifying.
 Yan Cangming was expressionless, the scar on his face sinister and scary.
 Then, he spread a palm, and the black energy that shot out turned into countless black tentacles, curling around Wei Hongfei.
 “Boom! Boom! Boom!”
 Wei Hongfei’s expression changed slightly as his fists danced around, launching many attacks.
 The roar of a Golden Dragon shook the surroundings. Tens of thousands of strands of golden Dragon Qi flew out continuously, trying to stop the black tentacles.
 Unfortunately, Wei Hongfei’s golden Dragon Qi corroded the moment it touched the black tentacles.
 A miserable cry rang out. Countless black energy tentacles immediately stabbed thousands of holes in Wei Hongfei’s body.
 Wei Hongfei could not move at all. It was like there was a huge mutated hand with thousands of sharp fingers piercing into his body, holding him up in the air and preventing him from moving.
 Black Demonic Qi slowly covered the golden light in Wei Hongfei’s eyes, and his lifeforce ebbed away.
 Yan Cangming flung his hand, and Wei Hongfei’s body crashed into many ghostly beasts in the air before falling into the sea of lava.
 No one knew whether Wei Hongfei was alive or not.
 This delay succeeded in buying Xiao Chen a lot of time. The breach in the encirclement not only did not close up but even widened.
 The Flame Dragon Legion took this opportunity to regroup and break out of the encirclement.
 Earlier, the Flame Dragon Legion cultivators were scattered about, unable to bring out the Flame Dragon Legion’s might as a single entity. Now, they finally pulled together.
 The exquisite machine started running again. The Flame Dragon Legion became one once more.
 A surging Dragon Might gathered as the Flame Dragon Legion charged out with unstoppable momentum, trampling on the corpses of Flood Dragon Humans and Rakshasa Demons along the way.
 At this moment, it was Wu Ting who was trying to get away but was firmly blocked by General Feng.
 “Damn it! Why is it like this? Why did this sure-kill scenario break?”
 Wu Ting felt incredible rage as he brandished his bone spikes. He could not understand why things turned out this way.
 Xiao Chen felt dizzy as he stood on the Demon Blood Vulture. He held the Soul Slayer Bow with one hand and held his head with the other as he knelt down one knee.
 Heart Flame was a simplified version of Heart Force.
 The extremely profound Heavenly Heart Art formed Heart Flame using Soul Energy and Veritable Essence Energy. Xiao Chen continuously and recklessly drew on these energies within a short period, overdrawing from what he just recovered.
 Murong Yan, who had been dealing with the harassment, returned to the Demon Blood Vulture. Seeing the pale Xiao Chen, who looked like he might collapse at any moment, flustered him considerably. He quickly helped Xiao Chen up, urging, “Xiao Chen! Xiao Chen! Hold on!”
 “Have they broken out of the encirclement?” Xiao Chen asked somewhat weakly.
 Murong Yan looked back and saw a huge dragon moving out through the opening that Xiao Chen made.
 The remaining Flame Dragon Legion cultivators escaped the encirclement.
 “They succeeded,” Murong Yan quickly answered.
 “Leave at once.”
 Without much thought, Xiao Chen gave instructions. The Demon Blood Vulture immediately obeyed the orders. Its body released a red light, and many red feathers containing a strong toxin shot out in all directions.
 After the space was cleared out, the Demon Blood Vulture figured out a direction and flew far away.
 “You think you can flee? Death God Mystery Chop!”
 Yan Cangming rushed over with a strong murderous intent. He yelled and executed a killing move.
 The sky tore, and a dim, cold light containing the mysteries of death streaked across the sky, turning into a thirty-kilometer-long saber light that chopped down at the Demon Blood Vulture.
 “Heaven Burning Rage!”
 At the crucial moment, Murong Yan turned around and stood in front of Xiao Chen, not even thinking before throwing a palm strike.
 Fire burned half the sky, illuminating the surroundings like it was day.
 Murong Yan’s rage soared, blazing with a fierce flame. Anger filled his heart, and his bloodline burned, covering his entire body with fire.
 Then, he leaped into the air. Controlling the descending, gigantic, flaming hand in the sky, he blocked that Death God Mystery Chop.
 “Pu ci!”
 Who knew, that Death God Mystery Chop, which contained the Death Dao, chopped down heavily on the palm strike that overdrew on Murong Yan’s physical body and bloodline.
 A mouthful of black blood spurted into the air, and Murong Yan fell, half-dead. The Demon Blood Vulture quickly caught him.
 “Damn it! He actually blocked it!”
 Seeing Murong Yan block his killing move incensed Yan Cangming.
 Just as Yan Cangming was about to make another move, he suddenly saw clouds surging in from all directions.
 Six tribulation clouds massed above Yan Cangming.
 Xiao Chen had taken the opportunity to execute Divine Lightning Eye.
 Yan Cangming’s expression immediately changed drastically, and he descended hastily. As a person who cultivated a Demonic Dao Cultivation Technique that contained the mysteries of death, he had accumulated an overwhelming amount of sin in his body—a terrifying amount. He dreaded getting struck by tribulation lightning the most. It would be like a heavenly punishment.
 On the ground, the Flame Dragon Legion managed to muster its strength and retreat, although the damages were heavy.
 The Flood Dragon Humans and the Rakshasa Demon army continued giving chase. However, the distance between the Flame Dragon Legion and them slowly widened.
 The Demon Blood Vulture had casually chosen a direction to fly to. As it gave off a scarlet light, an indistinct golden glow appeared in its eyes.
 The Demon Blood Vulture did its best, carrying Xiao Chen and Murong Yan away in the clouds.

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