Chapter 1919

 Chapter 1919 (Raw 2020): Solar Divine Daughter
 After everyone followed General Feng into an inner hall and sat down, General Feng clapped his hands.
 Someone immediately came over and brought out the extra rewards that Wei Hongfei and the others asked for before.
 Wei Hongfei did not show any joy on his face. He waved his hand and said, “I do not need it. I only barely managed to complete this mission. Flame Dragon City took severe damage. Give them to those injured brothers. The Golden Dragon Palace does not lack this little bit of resources.”
 The moment Wei Hongfei said these words, Liu Feng and the White Dragon Palace core disciple felt embarrassed.
 However, these words made sense after thinking about it. The Flame Dragon Legion’s losses referred to all the Dragon Race cultivators who died in the sea of lava.
 The cruel scene appeared before everyone’s eyes when they thought about it. They could still hear the miserable cries by their ears and smell the bloody stench that seemed to spread for five thousand kilometers around.
 Liu Feng and the White Dragon Palace core disciple also chose to give up their extra rewards.
 General Feng said softly, “There is no need for you all to feel guilty. It was my command that failed in this mission. Everyone performed with flying colors. The extra rewards come from me and have nothing to do with the army.
 “Also, it is not as though there is no good news. The Rakshasa Race army also suffered severe losses, and the Golden Crow Empire snatched the resource node. I have already negotiated with their leader. For the next ten years, we will give them twenty percent of the gains from the resource node. The resource node still belongs to our Dragon Race, and the Dragon Race’s flag will fly there soon.
 “At the very least, we demonstrated the might of the Dragon Race. Now, the entire underground world’s factions will know about it. Without the Flame Dragon Legion’s bitter battle, inflicting heavy losses on the Rakshasa Demon army, the Golden Crow Empire would not have had such an easy time. Hence, you all completed the mission excellently.”
 Whether the group wanted the extra rewards or not, General Feng still forced the rewards on them, fulfilling his earlier promise.
 “The Golden Crow Empire?” Xiao Chen muttered to himself as he recalled something. Ao Jiao and Little Yellow Feather seemed to have gone to the Golden Crow Empire.
 Xiao Chen had known long ago that Little Yellow Feather had been slowly gaining memories of its ancestors from its bloodline.
 Back then, Ao Jiao had said that she was going to send Little Yellow Feather back to its kin.
 The past scenes that took place in the Grave Sea appeared before Xiao Chen.
 After that night with the wind, the flowers, the snow, and moon, there was no more news of Ao Jiao and Little Yellow Feather. Xiao Chen had followed his heart and searched for Liu Ruyue step by step. However, where was Ao Jiao now?
 Could Ao Jiao be in this Golden Crow Empire?
 “Right, it’s the Golden Crow Empire, one of the Central Great Realm’s eight empires. The Golden Crow Empire became the empire with the greatest reputation three years ago. Rumor has it that the ancestor of the Golden Crow Race actually reappeared. Truly astonishing.”
 When mentioning the Golden Crow Empire, General Feng sighed.
 A pure-blooded Golden Crow actually arrived at the Golden Crow Empire. It was simply like something out of legends.
 The Golden Crow Empire rose up, shaking up the entire Great Thousand Realms.
 After all, the so-called Dragon Race and the other Great Desolate Eon races were not pure-blooded. They were only humans with the ancient bloodlines, descendants of the Great Desolate Eon races. This was true even for the Six Colored Divine Dragons.
 The appearance of Little Yellow Feather in the Golden Crow Empire was like a pure-blooded Ancestor Dragon arriving in the Divine Dragon Empire.
 The inevitable commotion that would cause could be easily imagined.
 General Feng recalled that back when this news arrived, it had shocked the Dragon’s Gate upper echelon.
 It even got the Dragon’s Gate upper echelon to send out a large number of people to search for a Great Desolate Eon Ancestor Dragon. In the end, there were no results.
 Dragons were not like the Golden Crow or the Vermilion Bird, which could undergo a nirvanic rebirth and pass down its memories through the generations.
 When Xiao Chen heard General Feng’s words, his expression did not change. However, he felt shocked in his heart. Indeed, it was as he had expected.
 Wei Hongfei, Liu Feng, and the others also showed calm expressions. They had long known about this, having been shocked back then.
 “General Feng, might I ask further about this? How did the Golden Crow appear?” Xiao Chen asked softly, unable to suppress the doubt in his heart.
 The others all gave Xiao Chen strange looks, showing their confusion. To think that he did not know about such a major matter.
 Xiao Chen’s heart skipped a beat; he realized that he asked the wrong question. According to his false identity, he should be well aware of this matter.
 He added, “Back then, I left the Central Great Realm to avoid enemies. I only came back after obtaining some fortuitous encounters.”
 General Feng nodded and said, “No wonder. However, it’s not a problem telling you that. Back then, when the Golden Crow Race offered sacrifices to their ancestors, they divined the arrival of the Golden Crow. They themselves did not believe it. After several divinations, they told the Golden Crow Empire upper echelon. Even so, many people did not believe it and did not do anything about it.
 “This continued until the Faux God ancestor of the Golden Crow Empire, who was in closed-door cultivation, suddenly came out of closed-door cultivation. Then, before everyone’s disbelieving eyes, he respectfully led a pure-blooded Golden Crow and a young woman over. This caused a huge commotion in the entire empire.
 “It was really mysterious. That young woman was very pretty. Even without makeup, her face was exquisite, and her lips looked very fresh. She had bright eyes and shallow dimples. However, her bloodline was ordinary. Nonetheless, she openly sat on the pure-blooded Golden Crow without any fear. You should know that the Faux God ancestor did not even dare to look straight at that pure-blooded Golden Crow.”
 Xiao Chen could not help laughing in his heart. It would be strange if she were afraid. She was the one who brought it up.
 Back then, Little Yellow Feather did not even care about me, its master. It only liked to stick to Ao Jiao.
 If the Golden Crow Empire’s people knew that Ao Jiao gave their supreme holy beast the name Little Yellow Feather, they would probably die from anger.
 The others still felt rather interested in the discussion about the Golden Crow Empire. The past matters mentioned still astonished them.
 Murong Yan, who sat beside Xiao Chen, said, “I know about this matter. That young woman called herself Ao Jiao. I heard that her beauty is unparalleled, comparable to our White Dragon Holy Daughter.”
 The White Dragon Palace core disciple immediately felt unhappy. “How could she compare to our White Dragon Holy Daughter? Our White Dragon Holy Daughter has a Grade 7 bloodline and an innate dragon soul, one that is sparkling and crystal-clear. In regard to her disposition and beauty, she is excellent and surpasses everyone. She is a beauty that could bring down nations. How could anyone compare to her?”
 Seeing the serious expression of the White Dragon Palace core disciple, Murong Yan smiled and said softly, “I was just saying it, but you speak as though the White Dragon Holy Daughter is yours…Xiao Chen, don’t you think so?”
 Xiao Chen felt stunned but did not comment on it. It seemed like both of these women were his. Even that Golden Crow was his. He had used the Solar True Flame and the Heavenly Flame to hatch it.
 Of course, he definitely would not say that out loud.
 Wei Hongfei thought for a while before saying, “The Golden Crow Empire has the Divine Flame Order as their national religious sect. I recall that after the young woman came, she was installed as the Solar Divine Daughter.”
 General Feng smiled and said, “That’s right. According to rumors in the Golden Crow Empire, the Solar Divine Daughter went to the sun to bring out the pure-blooded Golden Crow.”
 Puzzled, Liu Feng asked, “Speaking of which, exactly what benefits did this pure-blooded Golden Crow bring the Golden Crow Empire?”
 General Feng replied seriously, “The benefits are great. Why else would the Golden Crow Empire’s Faux God ancestor come out of closed-door cultivation to attend to this personally? I heard that back then, there were many great battles happening in secret. Many factions did not want the Holy Beast to return to the Golden Crow Empire. Many powerful characters came out to stop it from happening and nearly succeeded.
 “As for intangible benefits, naturally, it would be the increase in the empire’s Luck. Just consider the development of the Golden Crow Empire for the past three years. As for the tangible benefits, let’s put it this way, if a pure-blooded Ancestor Dragon appeared and you took a look at it, you would be able to increase your strength by twenty percent.”
 Wei Hongfei nodded and said, “There is a statue in the Golden Dragon Palace that is said to be a petrified Golden Divine Dragon. Back when I just became a core disciple, I was allowed to cultivate under it for three days. After that, my strength increased by at least thirty percent. Many of the problems that plagued my mind suddenly cleared up. It is hard to imagine how much benefit I would gain if I cultivated beside a living Divine Dragon.”
 General Feng said, “No matter what, the Golden Crow Empire growing stronger is a good thing for our Divine Dragon Empire. Although the eight empires compete with each other, we do help each other out. We are still allies in name. A stronger Golden Crow Empire will be able to shoulder more of the pressure from the dynasties, giving the other empires an easier time.”
 The eight empires were all elite empires. They all had overlord-class bloodlines from the Great Desolate Eon. The four dynasties had to keep their guard up against them.
 The conflict between the dynasties and the empires could be traced back to the early period of the Martial Epoch’s birth.
 “Xiao Chen, although you did not ask for any extra rewards, you have to accept my kind intentions.”
 General Feng took out a brocade box and gave it to Xiao Chen in front of everyone.
 General Feng did not have the slightest qualms about the gift. Wei Hongfei and the others did not overthink it, either. Be it the matter of Xiao Chen chopping down Rakshasa Tian’s clone with one saber strike or saving the Flame Dragon Legion at the final moment, Xiao Chen was worthy of General Feng awarding him a valuable item.
 Xiao Chen did not stand on ceremony, immediately accepting the brocade box. Murong Yan smiled and said, “General, I have contributed as well. Don’t forget about me.”
 “Naturally, I won’t forget.” General Feng smiled faintly and took out a gift for Murong Yan.
 Murong Yan opened the box and smiled in delight. It had a flame seed that came from the depths of the Abyssal Underworld.
 The Red Dragon Race was innately good with fire. This great gift suited him well, making Murong Yan very happy.
 As Xiao Chen was about to open his brocade box, General Feng stopped him and said with a smile, “Open it after you return to the Heavenly Dragon Palace. I will not send everyone out of the city.”

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