IMDC: Chapter 1912

 Chapter 1912 (Raw 2013): Mission Begins
 Xiao Chen did not have any complaints about getting assigned to scout.
 Completing the mission was sufficient.
 After Xiao Chen left the team, he moved swiftly. He did not delay along the way, not wasting any time fighting when he met with ghostly beasts. Four hours later, he suddenly felt a strange aura.
 His figure stopped. Then, he pushed off with his feet, retreating three steps.
 Two tall and sturdy black humanoids with hooves for feet, vermilion hair, jade-green eyes, and ferocious faces appeared before Xiao Chen.
 Xiao Chen felt startled when he recognized these horrifying, strange creatures. These were the Underground Demons that ruled the first layer of the underground world.
 The two Rakshasa Demons held weapons. Their jade-green eyes glowed as they looked at Xiao Chen coldly.
 The two exuded a terrifying Demonic Qi. Without thinking, they launched themselves at Xiao Chen.
 These two Rakshasa Demons were only Star Venerates, pitifully weak. However, they somehow mustered the courage to attack Xiao Chen.
 Xiao Chen stood erect. He did not retreat but advanced instead when the two Rakshasa Demons charged at him. He landed his attack first and struck them without using Great Dao Energy.
 Xiao Chen gave each Rakshasa Demon a punch, and they instantly fell to the ground, no longer able to get up. Without giving the two a chance to shout, he sent out two strands of saber Qi and silently finished off the Rakshasa Demons.
 After that, he unleashed the Heavenly Flame to burn their bodies to ash.
 “Since I ran into the Rakshasa Demons’ patrol, I should be close to the resource node,” Xiao Chen muttered to himself, no longer advancing as quickly as he had earlier, and looked into the distance.
 He discovered a rather tall landform and landed on it gently. Then, he opened his Heavenly Eye and looked ahead.
 Xiao Chen saw a vast plain with a dilapidated city.
 Based on this, he could tell that this was the Dragon’s Gate’s lost resource node.
 However, the Rakshasa Demons clearly did not like the aesthetics of the Dragon Race, having torn down the city directly.
 Tens of thousands of Rakshasa Demons were scattered everywhere among the rubble.
 There were also many tamed flying ghostly beasts in the sky, Rakshasa Demons with clearly higher strength riding them.
 When Xiao Chen saw this, he sucked in a breath of cold air. He had known that this mission was extremely dangerous; however, he had not expected it to be this dangerous. With so many Rakshasa Demons, he did not even dare to imagine the consequences if he got trapped.
 A tall building stood in the center of the dragon city rubble.
 It looked like a tower made by piling up countless ancient stones.
 These stones were already dyed red. This was the Underworld God Altar. The entire setup struck Xiao Chen as extremely absurd.
 Amid the solemn and dignified air, it had an evil and horrifying demonic nature.
 There was a statue of the First Underworld Monarch, Rakshasa Tian, erected above the altar. A few Rakshasa Demons sat by the feet of the statue, their eyes closed, regulating their energies. These should be the altar’s guards.
 There was a total of eight people. Each of the guards emanated the aura of a Holy Venerate.
 These people wore armor and had relaxed expressions. Their faces looked human, but they had a bone spike on each shoulder.
 Xiao Chen did not dare to look too closely, lest he inadvertently alert the enemy, so he withdrew his Heavenly Eye.
 He was in no rush. He sank into deep thought as he gazed at the rubble of the city in the distance, pondering how to complete the mission.
 All the thinking gave Xiao Chen a headache.
 Even if he sneaked past the Rakshasa Demon army and destroyed the altar, getting out still posed a huge problem.
 Xiao Chen looked around once, deeply imprinting the surroundings into his mind, before turning back to leave.
 The instant he turned around, the eight guards at the feet of Rakshasa Tian’s statue suddenly opened their eyes before slowly closing them again.
 It was as if they had noticed something, but they did not know what it was.
 After returning to the team, Xiao Chen informed Wei Hongfei, Murong Yan, and the others of what he saw.
 “No wonder that General Feng agreed to our demands so quickly. He is clearly just sending us to die,” Liu Feng, the Silver Dragon Palace core disciple, said in dissatisfaction, obviously upset.
 Wei Hongfei appeared rather calm. “The mission had a special indicator on it. Since you took the mission, you should have expected this difficulty. Furthermore, if the mission was not difficult, why would the reward be so high, reaching twenty thousand Primeval Heavenly Pills?!”
 Liu Feng retorted softly, “I was just saying. Since I took the mission already, I cannot withdraw halfway.”
 The Flame Dragon Legion had already mustered. They were just waiting for the core disciples to destroy the Underworld God Altar. There was no time to waste.
 The group picked up its pace. At full speed, the seven moved very quickly.
 When the city came into view, the other six’s expressions changed completely. This included that of the previously calm Wei Hongfei. He also frowned heavily.
 Hearing Xiao Chen describe it was one thing. Truly seeing it for themselves was something else altogether.
 Feeling somewhat flabbergasted, Murong Yan said, “Had I known, I would have left a will…”
 Tens of thousands of Rakshasa Demons camped in the rubble of the city, occupying the resource node that originally belonged to the Dragon’s Gate.
 Furthermore, that Underworld God Altar stood in the center of the rubble.
 Liu Feng said, “Is there any way to sneak in?”
 Wei Hongfei shook his head and said, “Clearly, that is impossible. If we could sneak in, General Feng would have sent someone already. It would not be up to us to do it. The reward for this mission would not be so big, either.”
 Xiao Chen thought that if they wanted to sneak in, they would need someone to stand out and distract the Rakshasa Demons.
 At least half of the Rakshasa Demons had to be lured away for the rest of the Dragon’s Gate group to have a chance to sneak in.
 “Murong Yan and I will draw their attention. The five of you take that opportunity to sneak in. This is the signal flag. I’ll hand it to you, Liu Feng.”
 Wei Hongfei took out a flag and passed it to Liu Feng. Then, he made some simple preparations.
 There were no tricks that could be used under the circumstances. Only such an arrangement would work. Wei Hongfei was rather decisive, not hesitating at all after settling on his course of action.
 “Murong Yan, you have no objections, right?” Wei Hongfei asked seriously as he looked at Murong Yan.
 Murong Yan smiled and said, “Since when did the Red Dragon Race have people scared of death? Since you dare to stand out, why won’t I?”
 These words made the core disciples of the other palaces feel embarrassed.
 If it were them, they would definitely hesitate for a long time before going to lure the enemy away with Wei Hongfei.
 After all, not everyone could be like the Golden Dragon Palace’s core disciple, confident and not fearing death at the same time.
 “Rakshasa Race, is there anyone who dares to fight me, Wei Hongfei!”
 Wei Hongfei soared into the air, radiating a resplendent golden light from his entire body as well as a horrifying Dragon Might.
 The moment Wei Hongfei, who was shining brightly, appeared in the dark space, he caught the attention of all the Rakshasa Demons in the rubble.
 Strands of golden Dragon Qi revolved around Wei Hongfei’s body. The golden light dyed the clouds in the sky above it, making them golden and glistening and exceptionally eye-catching.
 “This person’s Golden Dragon Race bloodline is nearly at Grade 6.”
 Xiao Chen evaluated Wei Hongfei. Wei Hongfei was indeed rather incredible. The prestige of the Golden Dragon Palace was well deserved.
 “Whoosh! Whoosh!”
 The moment Wei Hongfei appeared, countless figures flew towards him.
 All of these were Rakshasa Race experts. They all exuded terrifying Demonic Qi and looked sinister. However, when they reached one hundred meters of Wei Hongfei, golden light flashed in the sky as he exploded six Rakshasa Demons with a punch.
 These Rakshasa demons turned into blood mist that spread out in the air.
 “Hahaha! Is there really no one in the Rakshasa Race that can fight me?”
 Wei Hongfei burst out in wild laughter, and the Dragon Might spreading out in the sky intensified. The golden clouds burned like they were flames.
 “Bang! Bang! Bang!”
 Just at this moment, a pillar of fire suddenly appeared in the city and flared up to the clouds, illuminating the dark space completely.
 Without saying anything, Murong Yan directly started killing after he landed in the rubble.
 Between Wei Hongfei and Murong Yan, one attacked the Rakshasa Race experts in the sky while the other killed the Rakshasa Demons on the ground, using the Red Dragon Race’s incredibly berserk Fire Great Dao.
 There was no pattern to it at all. Wherever the Rakshasa Demons were thickest was where Murong Yan would go.
 “Are we still not going?” Xiao Chen asked when he saw the Silver Dragon Palace’s Liu Feng delaying. Who knew what Liu Feng was thinking?
 “Do I need you to give me instructions?”
 Liu Feng glared at Xiao Chen and ignored him, leading the other three away. “Let’s go.”

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