IMDC: Chapter 1874 (Raw 1885): Strange Demons

Inside the deep and immeasurable, boundlessly vast, and incredibly mysterious thunder cloud:

Xiao Chen had formed the Heavenly Swallowing Seal with both hands to suck out the hidden demonic nature in the clouds. The demonic nature turned into thousands of black ribbons and entered his body.

The environment here was different. The concentration of demonic Qi here could not be compared to that of the forbidden sea. Hence, the process of forming demonic clouds would definitely be much slower than in the Ash Gray Sea.

However, barring the unexpected, it was just a matter of time before Xiao Chen formed a demonic cloud seed.

The scary Demonic Cloud Bird behind Xiao Chen with a demonic light in its eyes looked very realistic and solid, even somewhat horrifying.

The Demon Blood Vulture wandering around occasionally met the gaze of that Demonic Cloud Bird and quailed in cowardice and fear.

The Demon Blood Vulture felt like it had met its ancestor, an exceptionally unbearable experience.

After two hours, a speck of black light appeared above Xiao Chen’s dantian.

This speck of black light looked exceptionally deep. It was only a speck, but it gave the impression of boundless, vast energy.

Xiao Chen was on the verge of condensing a demonic cloud seed.

Just at this moment, two strange, black-clad men, who were hunting Thunder Spirits in the depths of the thundercloud, felt an unusual aura. Their expressions changed at the peculiarity.

“That’s odd. There is actually someone cultivating a Demonic Dao Cultivation Technique here.”

“Let’s take a look. It could be someone from our race.”

These two strange men were described as strange because their skin had indistinct black scales and there was a single horn on their forehead. They did not look like humans.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

The two walked out of the thundercloud. When they saw the ribbon-like black demonic light drifting about in the thundercloud, they revealed expressions of extreme surprise.

“Big Brother, this seems to be the Heaven Swallowing Seal!”

“It is the Demonic Cloud Heaven Swallowing Art. I had read about it in an ancient text. It is one of the top ten Demonic Dao Cultivation Techniques. Interesting…this person must have just started cultivating it. Otherwise, he would be able to absorb all of the demonic nature here and would not have to go through all this trouble.”

The stronger of the two was skinnier and had a denser scale pattern on his face. Greed flashed in his eyes. Clearly, he wanted the Demonic Cloud Heaven Swallowing Art.

“Let’s go!”

The two moved quickly in the thundercloud, flying to where Xiao Chen was.

One hour later, the Demon Blood Vulture’s feathers suddenly released a scarlet light. It screeched loudly, and its sharp cry shook the surroundings.

Xiao Chen’s heart skipped a beat. He was at a crucial moment, but a strong enemy was coming.

“It is not someone of our race!” the slightly plump man with scales said when he saw Xiao Chen, who sat amid thousands of demonic ribbons, and the Demonic Cloud Bird image behind him.

The skinny man looked at the Demonic Cloud Bird image and said, “It is indeed the Demonic Cloud Heaven Swallowing Art. Attack!”

Without hesitation, the two turned into a flash of electric light, quickly charging at Xiao Chen.

However, the two had gotten only halfway when countless dense, red beams shot out from the thundercloud.

Those were the Demon Blood Vulture’s feathers. They shot out like arrows, covering the sky as they bombarded the two.

“Dang! Dang! Dang!”

The Demon Blood Vulture’s sudden attack covered a large area. The two strange men could not dodge at all. Catching the two off guard, hundreds of feathers flew towards their bodies.

Then, a water screen flickered around the two and successfully blocked the venomous feathers.

However, their attacks were stopped as well, and they were forced back.

“A Demon Blood Vulture!”

“That is the weird bird cry earlier! To think that he has a Demon Blood Vulture protecting him! Big Brother, this person is somewhat troublesome.”

The slightly plump, scaled man became hesitant, afraid that Xiao Chen would be hard to deal with after Xiao Chen succeeded and woke up.

“What are you afraid of? Fortune is found in danger. This person is not even a Holy Venerate. So what if he wakes up?!”

The skinny man had been consumed by greed. After he verified that Xiao Chen was cultivating the Demonic Cloud Heaven Swallowing Art, he did not want to give it up at all.

“Go and restrain this strange bird!”


With a roar, the slightly plump man’s scales surfaced, densely covering his face.

Then, he raised his sword and swept it across.

The sword immediately and easily cut through the thundercloud and landed on the Demon Blood Vulture’s back.

The Demon Blood Vulture found such a heavy strike unbearable.

However, the Demon Blood Vulture was a force to be reckoned with. After the sword struck it, it immediately counterattacked.

The Demon Blood Vulture turned around and pecked. Its gigantic body swerved nimbly in the air. Its hooklike beak lashed down, trying to gouge a large hole in the slightly plump man’s chest.


This slightly plump, scaled man braced his sword across his chest, but he was still sent flying.

He nearly lost his grip on his sword.

“Damn it!”

The slightly plump, scaled man roared and started an intense fight with the Demon Blood Vulture.

Using the surroundings to his advantage, he only managed to hold his own against the Demon Blood Vulture, unable to gain the upper hand.

The Demon Blood Vulture was very strong in the air. However, it could not do anything to the other party, as he hid in the cloud and appeared unpredictably. Despite its aerial advantage, it could not catch the other party; it wished several times that it could use large-scale attacks.

However, the Demon Blood Vulture was too close to Xiao Chen. It had to restrain itself lest it injure Xiao Chen.

“Good opportunity. I can kill him with one strike.”

The eyes of the skinny man lit up as he fixed his gaze on Xiao Chen.

The skinny man decisively drew his demonic sword in an instant.

That skinny man’s pair of eyes brimmed with demonic nature. His sword flickered with a watery, purple light, spreading out radiance. Then, rings of electrical pulses swept out. This was a perfect fusion of water-attributed and lightning-attributed energies.

This silent sword strike had the berserk speed of lightning and the stealth of fine water. The gentle water-attributed energy covered up the surging sword intent and lightning-attributed energy.

An ordinary person would very easily overlook this sword strike’s might and clash head-on.

Without being mentally prepared, one would get caught off guard and injured, possibly losing one’s life.

Xiao Chen felt somewhat anxious. That speck of black light had yet to condense a demonic cloud above his dantian. He still needed some time.

There was no other choice. Xiao Chen could only take a risk.

Otherwise, if Xiao Chen gave up on everything he did, he would sustain even greater injury.


At the crucial moment, Xiao Chen opened his eyes and executed the Sharp Spirit Finger with one hand while continuing to form the Heaven Swallowing Seal with the other, multitasking.


Xiao Chen gathered the Veritable Essence Energy, Soul Energy, and Vital Qi in his body. Then, he used his body as a cauldron, connecting the heavens and the earth and drawing from the power of the world.

The Sharp Spirit Finger managed to clamp down on the other party’s sword.

“Boom!” Berserk energy burst forth from the sword.

The thunder-attributed energy and sword intent contained within the water-attributed energy instantly exploded, and Xiao Chen nearly went flying.

Fortunately, the Demonic Cloud Bird image behind Xiao Chen helped him stabilize the space.

“How can that be?!”

The other party actually managed to catch the skinny man’s sure-hit sword strike with two fingers, greatly startling him.

A cold light flashed in Xiao Chen’s eyes. Then, he gently twisted his fingers. The energy gathered in his fingers immediately repelled the sword containing lightning-attributed energy and sword intent.

That sword twisted, and the skinny man vomited a mouthful of blood as he got flung back ten kilometers.

After flicking his opponent away, Xiao Chen did not bother to chase him. He swiftly formed the Heaven Swallowing Seal with both hands and worked on absorbing the demonic nature in the thunderclouds and condensing the demonic cloud seed.

“I don’t believe that you can catch my sword strike again!”

The skinny man roared furiously, and scales appeared on his face as he sent another sword strike at Xiao Chen.

Three, two, one…

When that sword strike was only half a meter away from Xiao Chen, he finally succeeded in condensing the demonic cloud seed.

The Demonic Cloud Bird image behind Xiao Chen entered his body, together with the thousands of strands of black demonic light.

Then, everything gathered in that speck of black light above his dantian.

However, just at this moment, the skinny man’s sword light was only ten centimeters away from Xiao Chen.

Azure Dragon Divine Wings!

In the time it took for a spark to fly, the Azure Dragon Divine Wings flared wide behind him. The wings spanned more than thirty meters as they flapped ferociously.

Electric light surged out as Xiao Chen turned into a beam of light and arrived behind the skinny man.

Xiao Chen instantly drew his Tyrant Saber, and the purple Tyrant Saber pierced through the water screen and the scales of the other party, causing black blood to spurt out.

That skinny man’s attack struck only Xiao Chen’s afterimage.

The skinny man shrieked and revealed a pained expression. The scales on his face turned back into a pattern.

Then, Xiao Chen pulled out the Tyrant Saber, causing more blood to spurt out. The skinny man let out another miserable shriek. Not daring to turn around, the skinny man plunged straight down, trying to flee the place.

Xiao Chen sheathed his saber, showing a confused expression. “What is that? He has the aura of Fiendish Demons in his body, but the black scales and the horn on his forehead suggest that he has some Dragon Race bloodline.”

The person who fled was rather strong, so Xiao Chen did not intend to give chase.

However, there was still the other strange man fighting with the Demon Blood Vulture. Xiao Chen did not intend to let that person leave.

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