IMDC: Chapter 1871 (Raw 1882): Greatly Startled

Monarch Yu showed an agonized expression. The saber Qi piercing his chest was unbearable.

However, Monarch Yu could not move. He felt extremely sullen.

“You are seeking death. How dare you injure the monarch?! Kill him!”

Seeing Monarch Yu’s sorry state, his numerous escorts and guards became enraged and charged at Xiao Chen.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

Many figures soared into the air. These people were Star Venerate elites and possessed extraordinary strength.

Using the God Shadow Bow had drained all of Xiao Chen’s Soul Energy. Then, he had a big fight with Monarch Yu.

He had spent a lot of his strength. Now, he could bring out only about fifty percent of it.

Clearly, it would be difficult for him to face so many enemies.

“You dregs! You want to bully others with your numbers? That’s not happening.”

Just when Lan Luo cried out and was about to get her first brother and father to do something, a figure appeared behind Xiao Chen.

It was the Little Demonic Monk Silver Saber, Yan Chen, pointing a finger into the air.

The Heavenly Heart Finger surged out.

The Heavenly Heart Finger, which the little monk made by merging a Buddhist Cultivation Technique and the Heavenly Heart Art, possessed immense might.

The people at the front bore the brunt of this finger attack and got smashed away.

After the group crashed into the ground, they suffered severe injuries, vomiting blood, and fainted from the pain.

The people at the very front were a sight too cruel to behold—dying without even a corpse remaining.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

It was not over yet. The little monk’s figure flickered, and his tender fist threw a punch.

No one short of a Holy Venerate could withstand a punch from the little monk.

In mere moments, the few Holy Venerates that came with Monarch Yu arrived at the dilapidated drill ground. These were the only people remaining that could block the little monk.

However, the little monk had already undergone a complete transformation, his physical body reconstructed.

Furthermore, the little monk obtained the Heavenly Heart Art left by the Scarlet Blood Pirate King, and his comprehension ability was even ridiculously stronger than Xiao Chen’s.

The Heavenly Heart Finger that the little monk comprehended was boundlessly strong.

Back then, Xiao Chen had thought about merging the Heavenly Heart Art with his Sharp Spirit Finger.

However, after trying it, he discovered that it was not that easy.

The difficulty involved was simply too great. He could only take a step back and settle for less, merging the Heavenly Heart Art with his archery skills.

Then, using the God Shadow Bow, Xiao Chen carved out another path.

Two Holy Venerates led the remainder of Monarch Yu’s late-stage Star Venerate guards, working together to fight the little monk. However, they only barely managed to hold on.

The little monk, who had a physical advantage, moved very nimbly. After returning to his baby state, he had become even nimbler than before.

Such a scene was a great shock when everyone saw it.

This was especially so for those Long Clan disciples who had disdained the little monk for being a small, mischievous child when they argued with him earlier.

These people felt a slight chill run down their backs. With such strength, if the little monk’s punch landed on them, the consequences would be quite horrifying.

Even Holy Venerates could not defeat the little monk. If it were those Long Clan disciples, they would probably explode from one punch.

“Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!”

Monarch Yu, who was in the air, cried out miserably. Several of his escorts went over to deal with that purple saber light.

However, the escorts found that they could not do anything.

That extremely strange purple saber light was solid but also seemed as ethereal and immaterial as an illusion. They had no idea where to start.

What Monarch Yu’s escorts knew could not explain how this Saber Technique was created.

“Young Master, wait for a while. Just wait for a while more. The might of this saber light is slowly weakening.”

Several old men surrounded Monarch Yu. They felt extremely anxious; sweat continuously dripped off their foreheads.

“I can’t wait anymore!” Monarch Yu roared and grabbed that saber Qi with both hands. Using all his strength, he slowly dragged it out.

With every centimeter Monarch Yu pulled the saber Qi out, he suffered heart-wrenching pain.

While the saber Qi looked like a simple strand of saber light stabbing into Monarch Yu’s chest, in reality, it was Xiao Chen’s Creating Dreams with the Saber.

This move stabbed an invisible saber light into Monarch Yu’s sea of consciousness.

The saber light that entered deep into his sea of consciousness and physical body was incorporeal and traceless. Now that Monarch Yu tried to pull it out, there seemed to be thousands of them. They were like reverse hooks; pulling them out was excruciating and caused a lot of harm. It was extremely terrifying.

Monarch Yu, who was screaming in agony, gritted his teeth in determination and forcibly pulled this saber light out.

“Xiao Chen, I want you dead!”

Monarch Yu’s hair scattered about messily. His body was in a sorry state. His eyes seemed sunken. He no longer possessed any of his previous grace.

He roared furiously, and a terrifying aura erupted from his body. An invisible might and pressure encased the entire drill ground.

The boundless figure of a dynasty appeared in the sky, vague and indistinct as if it existed between illusions and reality.

A terrifying dynasty’s might spread out from that place, putting enormous pressure on everyone in the drill ground.

Everyone felt their legs turn weak, unable to stand firmly.

“It’s over. This Monarch Yu is going all out. He’s trying to use his bloodline to forcefully bring out the dynasty’s accumulation. He wants to use the supreme dynasty’s might to crush Xiao Chen. He intends to go down with him.”

“Unless one is a high-ranking noble with a king-level title or has the permission of the emperor, one cannot truly move the dynasty’s accumulations. As a monarch, he is still far from sufficient!”

“Quickly leave! Quickly leave! Monarch Yu has gone crazy.”

All the Long Clan disciples and the Marquis’s Residence’s subordinates in the drill ground greatly changed their expressions as they fled.


Just as that dynasty’s terrifying accumulation took the form of an ancient city, a Sovereign Will surged out from the high platform.

The moment this will surged out, it prompted everyone in the vicinity to bow in worship.

“Boom!” This Sovereign Will crushed the dynasty’s terrifying accumulation in one strike.

“Men! Treat Monarch Yu’s injuries.”

The Soaring Dragon Marquis, who had kept silent on the high platform all along, spoke for the first time after he neutralized Monarch Yu’s frantic last-ditch attack with one wave.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

Immediately, many experts of the Marquis’s Residence went out and contained Monarch Yu without allowing any explanation, then brought him away.

“Disperse. This practice ends here.”

The Soaring Dragon Marquis stood up, not looking at Xiao Chen at all. Then, he turned and left, leading the Marquis’s Residence’s upper echelon away.

However, Long Yan took a deep look at Xiao Chen after standing up.

On this day, the grace of this white-clad bladesman had truly shocked Long Yan. Even a prince could not compare.

A prince might have a higher cultivation, but in terms of grace and tyranny, only a handful of the current princes could compare to Xiao Chen, such a rarity.

Upon seeing Xiao Chen look over, Long Yan quickly turned away and left with his father.


Lan Luo did not have any reservations. She gently floated down and landed beside Xiao Chen. Then, she said with a frown, “Are you alright? I have no idea what got into his mind. To think that he targeted you like that. I really misjudged him. Earlier, I was still considering whether I should join the Divine Sword Pavilion with him.”

Xiao Chen looked to the front and said indifferently, “I’m fine. The little monk helped me block those people earlier, and your father prevented Monarch Yu from fighting to his death. I did not suffer any major injuries.”

After Monarch Yu was taken away, his escorts and guards were no longer in a mood to fight.

However, they could not leave just because they wanted to.

The little monk was determined to teach these people a lesson, not letting them leave at all.

“Little ancestor, we are in the wrong. Please let us go.”

“Stop hitting me! Little child, why are you so unreasonable?”

The two Holy Venerates held on bitterly. However, the late-stage Star Venerate old men were all beaten into submission.

As the little monk hammered his tender little fists on their bodies, they would rather have died than suffer the pain. All their old bones felt close to shattering.

“So, you can bully my big brother with your numbers, but I am not allowed to bully you for a while? Is there still fairness and reason? I will not stop until all of you are completely beaten up and lying on the ground, unable to move!” The little monk spoke righteous words, but there was a wicked smile on his baby face.

The little monk was actually just purely itching for a fight. He had been stifled for so long without fighting. This time, he could not hold himself back.

Such a scene stunned all the watching Long Clan disciples.

This was indeed a bona fide little ancestor. Anyone who saw this would get a headache. This Xiao Chen and the little monk—a “father and son” pair—were indeed undefeatable when working together.

Each one was more terrifying than the other. Who could have expected the sweet-looking, innocent, harmless, and extremely cute little monk to be even more violent than Xiao Chen? That was truly terrifying.

When Lan Luo saw this rather bizarre scene, she also felt shocked. However, she thought of something, and her expression immediately turned worried.

“Oh no. You have offended Monarch Yu. His father, Duke Yun, who supports him, will not let this rest. If he puts out a wanted notice for you, it will be very troublesome.”

[TL Note: It is possible that the name used after their titles is not their family name but their given name. It is also possible that they use different family names due to how the royal clan system works, where people of certain positions, usually the emperor or very high-ranking officials, get given different family names.]

However, Xiao Chen did not care. He said softly, “This is what your father wanted to see.”


Lan Luo’s expression changed drastically. Her chest rose up and down as she breathed heavily in shock.

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