IMDC: Chapter 1872 (Raw 1883): Reasons


Clearly, Lan Luo’s shocked expression was not a pretense. It looked like she was unaware of many things.

Actually, Xiao Chen did not know, either, but he could guess.

From the start, the Soaring Dragon Marquis had firm control over the situation. If he had wanted to, he could have stopped the bet between Xiao Chen and Monarch Yu at any time.

Nonetheless, the Soaring Dragon Marquis had not done that. He had given tacit consent to the bet.

Moreover, when Xiao Chen’s saber pierced Monarch Yu, the Soaring Dragon Marquis did not stop it.

The Soaring Dragon Marquis just stood aside as Xiao Chen defeated Monarch Yu in front of everyone, reducing him to an embarrassingly pathetic state.

The Soaring Dragon Marquis only stepped in when Monarch Yu seemed to lose all reason, wanting to use a killing move to go down together with Xiao Chen. Furthermore, the Soaring Dragon Marquis had done it so easily.

Such a scene verified some of Xiao Chen’s guesses.

However, that did not matter. Xiao Chen did not mind any of this. By now, he already took many things easy.

The Soaring Dragon Marquis held a high position and had horrifying strength compared to regular people.

However, Xiao Chen treated the Soaring Dragon Marquis as an equal in his heart, not feeling any need for caution around him.

Xiao Chen just needed to maintain the basic respect for an expert, and that was sufficient.

“Xiao Chen, are you saying that my father deliberately implicated you and caused you to become the target of Monarch Yu’s rage?” Lan Luo asked anxiously when Xiao Chen remained silent.

“Perhaps. However, it was not on purpose, just going with the flow. The main reason is still Monarch Yu seeking trouble for himself. Otherwise, I would not have noticed something strange and even clashed with him.”

Xiao Chen consoled, “Don’t be troubled by this. As your father is part of the dynasty, he often cannot directly offend those of the royal clan. As he holds a high position, he influences the dynasty’s interests and cannot casually express his stance.

“At this time, if an outsider appeared and dealt with this burden for him, it would naturally be for the best. Furthermore, I do not mind going with the flow and selling him a favor. After all, he is your father.”

Xiao Chen emphasized the word “your,” expressing his thoughts on this matter.

Because you are Lan Luo, I do not mind even if your father is in the wrong.

Although Xiao Chen did not state this meaning explicitly, Lan Luo still heard it.

“Thank you.”

Lan Luo felt warmth in her heart. After giving her thanks, she quickly took her leave. She had a doubt that she needed to clarify.

After Lan Luo left, Xiao Chen looked at the little monk, who was still beating up Monarch Yu’s escorts and guards. Then, he said softly, “That’s enough playing. Let’s go.”

“Roger that.”

The little monk cheerfully sent out a Heavenly Heart Finger and knocked back four late-stage Star Venerate old men.

Then, the little monk leaped into the air and landed in the sling on Xiao Chen’s back.

The remaining people immediately felt much more relaxed as if relieved of a heavy burden.

Only the two Holy Venerates continued staring at Xiao Chen with lingering dismay.

The two Holy Venerates did not want to let Xiao Chen go so easily.

After Monarch Yu suffered such severe injuries, as guards and escorts, they would definitely have to take responsibility. None of them would be able to escape punishment.

Xiao Chen gave these people an indifferent look before leaving directly, ignoring them.


Inside the Soaring Dragon Marquis’s study in the Marquis’s Residence:

“Father, this Xiao Chen is really incredible. Although he is currently only a Star Venerate, I can see that his potential is even greater than the princes He is completely worthy of Eighth Sister.”

Long Yan continued excitedly, saying to the Soaring Dragon Marquis, who was currently reading a book in the room, “In addition, Eighth Sister truly likes him. I think it really can work!”

Putting the book down, the Soaring Dragon Marquis said, “Never mind. After the Hidden Spirit Temple’s people come, let him leave. It is best not to wade into these muddy waters.”

Surprised, Long Yan said, “Father, isn’t this what you wanted? To let Monarch Yu, who came with a marriage proposal, fight with Xiao Chen, to get him to leave on his own initiative after his defeat.

“You have already achieved your aim. Why are you not agreeing to Eighth Sister being together with Xiao Chen?”

Xiao Chen’s guess was right. From the start, the situation had been in the Soaring Dragon Marquis’s control.

On this trip, Monarch Yu had indeed brought a marriage proposal from his father, Duke Yun, to the Soaring Dragon Marquis.

[TL Note: In ancient Chinese culture, marriage is arranged by the parents. Even if there were two in love with each other, it would be the male’s parents that had to make the proposal to the female’s parents rather than the two doing it between themselves. Of course, while the parents are the ones with the rights, they tend to ask their children’s opinion first. However, the children’s agreement is not necessary, and marriage can be forced.]

Duke Yun held authority in the dynasty. He was also closely linked to the Eighth Prince’s faction.

The emperor was about to change. Without any special circumstances, every emperor had to abdicate after one hundred years. Then, the next emperor would be chosen from among the most outstanding princes.

That was to say, one could be emperor of the Yanwu Dynasty for only one hundred years.

After that, one had to abdicate and let the latter generation enjoy the resources, the dynasty’s Luck, and the supreme authority that came with the position.

This was so that the dynasty would always have new blood, ensuring the eternal vigor of the dynasty.

Furthermore, this would allow the dynasty to preserve its combat prowess in the competition with the surrounding empires and dynasties.

Otherwise, if the dynasty atrophied and declined, its Luck would also decline in a vicious cycle.

Once an ancient dynasty atrophied and declined, losing its Luck, it risked destruction.

There had been many examples since ancient times.

Not to mention those from history, just the current powerful Tianwu Dynasty was a good example. Due to the dynasty’s Luck declining, the Tianwu Dynasty had nearly fallen.

Hence, the rulers of the various dynasties and emperors did not remain in power for too long. No matter how wise a cultivator was, one’s management style would inevitably ossify with time.

This was something unavoidable. Hence, there needed to be a change every one hundred years to preserve the dynasty’s vigor and vitality.

Right now, the Yanwu Dynasty’s current emperor’s one hundred years were almost up.

The various princes were in intense competition, and people of various strong factions took sides.

The Soaring Dragon Marquis did not want to have any connections to Duke Yun. He was unwilling to be pulled into the maelstrom that was the competition between the princes.

However, Duke Yun’s faction was very strong. The Soaring Dragon Marquis could not directly reject the proposal while giving him face.

Coincidentally, Xiao Chen appeared at this moment.

So, the Soaring Dragon Marquis thought of using Xiao Chen to defeat Monarch Yu and making Monarch Yu withdraw on his own initiative.

The Soaring Dragon Marquis had no other choice but this.

Even though this ended up offending Duke Yun, it could be explained as a fight between juniors. On the surface, Duke Yun would not be able to find a reason to seek trouble for Xiao Chen.

This plan seemed flawless. It would not occur even to Monarch Yu himself.

Monarch Yu was a smart person, believing that everything was within his plans. How could he possibly fall for the Soaring Dragon Marquis’s scheme?

However, facts were as such. Right now, the unconscious Monarch Yu had already been carried out of the Marquis’s Residence. He would be too embarrassed to come back and deliver the marriage proposal.

Seeing his eldest son looking at him in confusion, the Soaring Dragon Marquis asked softly, “Why do you think I was certain that Xiao Chen would defeat Monarch Yu?”

Long Yan smiled and replied, “Father is a Sovereign Personage and naturally has great eyes. How can you not tell? With just one quick exchange, you would be able to see who is stronger and who is weaker.”

When the Soaring Dragon Marquis heard that, he laughed. Then, he removed the armor and the heart-protecting mirror covering his chest, exposing an eye-catching wound on his shoulder. Even now, this wound still festered, remaining clearly visible.

“Father, when were you injured? Did an assassin get in?”

Long Yan’s expression changed radically as he stood up in a fluster.

The Soaring Dragon Marquis put his armor and heart-protecting mirror back on. Then, he explained indifferently, “Xiao Chen left this last night.”

“Ah!” Long Yan’s expression turned even more shocked.

The Soaring Dragon Marquis said, “It’s fine already. There’s no need to worry. However, healing it is somewhat problematic.”

The mysterious black-clad man watching Xiao Chen practice the saber during the night was the Soaring Dragon Marquis himself.

The Soaring Dragon Marquis had intended to attack to test Xiao Chen’s strength.

Who knew, on that night with the luminous moon in the sky, the white-clad youth had danced alone facing the moon.

The Soaring Dragon Marquis had taken only one look and had been stunned, intoxicated by that exquisite Saber Technique, where light and shadow flickered and that gentle saber light hiding a surging heart roared angrily.

The Soaring Dragon Marquis had forgotten his original purpose, quietly watching Xiao Chen’s Saber Technique and having his horizons broadened.

Unexpectedly, Xiao Chen discovered the Soaring Dragon Marquis. By the time the Soaring Dragon Marquis startled to his senses, the saber light had already struck him.

So, the Soaring Dragon Marquis left in a hurry, paying no mind to his wound. He discovered how extraordinary this saber light was only after the sun rose.

Shockingly, even the Soaring Dragon Marquis could not eliminate it entirely.

After Long Yan heard that, he felt a chill. Xiao Chen’s potential was far greater than he had imagined.

To think that Long Yan’s father could not make the wound heal quickly. This Xiao Chen was truly a monstrous demonic genius.

The Soaring Dragon Marquis gave Long Yan a deep look as he said indifferently, “Now, you know why I want to send him away, right? It is not that he is insufficiently excellent. Instead, he is overly excellent. My Marquis Residence cannot afford to rear such a great True Dragon.”

“I understand now. However, Eighth Sister…” Long Yan frowned slightly as he thought about his most beloved eighth sister, feeling somewhat sad.

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