Chapter 1868

 Chapter 1868 (Raw 1879): Competition at the Drill Ground, Part 3
 Monarch Yu took the bow from Xiao Chen’s hand and instructed indifferently, “Raise the gravity to fortyfold.”
 Monarch Yu’s casual words surprised everyone into sucking in a breath of cold air.
 Long Hua felt mildly startled. He practiced archery frequently and naturally knew the difference between fortyfold gravity and twentyfold gravity.
 There was a great difference between the two, not just a simple doubling of gravity.
 Twentyfold gravity was already very exaggerated. This was merely the strict requirement of the Marquis’s Residence. As for other clans and factions, the usual basic foundation required only tenfold gravity.
 Archery skills like Long Hua’s would be greatly praised anywhere else.
 However, Monarch Yu’s actions were somewhat terrifying, especially for experts in this field. The archers that knew the difference between twentyfold and fortyfold gravity would be even more shocked.
 Even the general that followed the Soaring Dragon Marquis on the tall platform felt slightly shocked. He said softly, “Lord Marquis, if Monarch Yu can score ten points, his archery skill should be on par with that of the top ten in our army.
 “The most important thing is that he is still so young. This is indeed terrifying.
 “As a relative of the emperor, he naturally has a noble inheritance, yet he is not arrogant, able to settle himself down to cultivate. That is the hardest thing to do.”
 Monarch Yu’s performance garnered a good evaluation from the Marquis’s Residence’s upper echelon.
 Lan Luo, who sat beside Long Yan on the tall platform, looked over, clearly unhappy. She felt that this Monarch Yu had a grudge against Xiao Chen. Seeing that Xiao Chen was using the bow, he wanted to one-up Xiao Chen.
 “Luo`er, what do you think of Monarch Yu?”
 The Soaring Dragon Marquis did not reply to his subordinate. He turned his head and spoke to Lan Luo, showing some affection in his eyes.
 Lan Luo remained silent for a while. Then, she answered simply, “His strength and talent go without saying. What does Father think?”
 The Soaring Dragon Marquis smiled faintly and did not say much more. “Just keep watching. The good show is just beginning.”
 Long Yan thought about what his father said but could not catch what his father meant, not understanding it.
 On the drill ground, Monarch Yu drew the bow, held his breath, and focused.
 Then, Monarch Yu released.
 The arrow turned invisible the moment it shot out. Despite the fortyfold gravity, the arrow still firmly hit the bull’s-eye ten kilometers away. After it pierced the target board, the tail continued to quiver.
 The sound made everyone’s eardrums ring. Monarch Yu had succeeded in standing out and shocking everyone.
 Under the effects of fortyfold gravity, even a late-stage Star Venerate expert could find it hard to bring out their advantage in speed. Even Holy Venerates would be slightly affected and be unable to bring out their full power.
 However, Monarch Yu used only the ordinary Goose Dragon Bow under such circumstances and firmly hit the bull’s-eye from ten kilometers away.
 Then, Monarch Yu handed the bow to Xiao Chen and asked softly with a smile, “Brother Xiao, are you interested in competing? Since you are able to gain a favor from the Hidden Spirit Temple, I believe Brother Xiao must be someone extraordinary.”
 “Right. Compete! Compete!”
 Just at this moment, right after Monarch Yu inspired awe from the rest, his suggestion immediately gained the support of the many Long Clan disciples.
 The Long Clan disciples were already hostile to Xiao Chen during the family banquet. Now, it looked like Monarch Yu was willing to stand up for them.
 Furthermore, they would also be able to see Monarch Yu’s strength. This was indeed something good.
 “What’s wrong? You aren’t afraid, right?” Long Bo caught hold of this opportunity to mock Xiao Chen.
 “Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”
 Instantly, countless gazes from all over the drill ground focused on Xiao Chen.
 These gazes contained mockery, disdain, and coldness, which made for unbearable alienation.
 Monarch Yu’s many plans had successfully isolated Xiao Chen in the Marquis’s Residence.
 However, Xiao Chen had an extremely strong mental state, far from what this group of people could imagine. He replied indifferently, “It is not impossible for me to compete. However, you will have to wager.”
 “A wager?”
 Monarch Yu rejoiced in his heart. A brilliant light flashed in his eyes as he said seriously, “If I lose to you, I will agree to one request from you.”
 Xiao Chen had his own plans in his heart. After thinking for a while, he chose to play along.
 At Xiao Chen’s agreement, Monarch Yu laughed wildly in his heart. He had been waiting for this opportunity and got Xiao Chen to agree to it.
 “What are we competing in? As long as you win at something, it will be considered my loss. However, if you lose, you will have to agree to a request from me as well.”
 Monarch Yu radiated strong confidence. The might of a ruler spread out from his body.
 The invisible dynasty’s Luck hovering over his head spread out, together with this ruler’s might.
 The tyrannical dynasty’s might immediately turned ancient, distant, and noble, looking like poetic history and shocking everyone.
 It was like what everyone faced was not Monarch Yu alone but an ancient dynasty, which could tear open an insignificant corner at will.
 Monarch Yu’s aura appeared extremely horrifying.
 The people who were standing quite close to Monarch Yu got pushed back by the sudden appearance of the dynasty’s might. They did not dare to look straight at him.
 “The dynasty’s might. Monarch Yu is a duke’s son, after all. He possesses the royal clan’s bloodline. When he gets serious, he becomes totally transformed.”
 Several people felt shocked. As they gazed at Monarch Yu, they already looked up to him.
 Xiao Chen observed carefully. He felt the vastness and antiquity of a dynasty. This Monarch Yu used less than a millionth of it, and he could already bring out such terrifying might.
 The accumulations of a dynasty were indeed horrifying.
 At the same time, Xiao Chen thought to himself, This Monarch Yu is overly serious about this. Could it be that he did all that with the ultimate goal of trampling on me in front of everyone?
 How exactly did I offend the other party, for him to take such measures?
 With this thought, Xiao Chen looked grave and could not help getting serious. If this Monarch Yu wanted to use him as a stepping stone as he had done with the others, in order to advance his own goals, then he had targeted the wrong person.
 Xiao Chen’s expression turned slightly cold as he said indifferently, “It looks like Monarch Yu’s archery skills are pretty good. Let’s compete in that, then. Let’s see whose archery skills are better.”
 “This person really overestimates himself. Monarch Yu showed only a bit of his skills earlier. Even though it was at fortyfold gravity, he still easily hit the bull’s-eye. Clearly, he had held back. To think that this person took the initiative to compete in archery. Did a camel kick his head?”
 “He is really stupid. Haha!”
 Words of disdain rang out. The many Long Clan disciples and the Marquis’s Residence’s subordinates looked at Xiao Chen, feeling that something was wrong with his mind. He had been given a chance to choose the field of competition. To think that he suggested one of Monarch Yu’s fortes.
 “Compete in archery with me?”
 Monarch Yu was stunned for a moment; then, he laughed, “As you wish. Men, increase the gravity by another ten folds!”
 The gravity at the archery range reached a terrifying fiftyfold. Under this formation, space even twisted.
 In such circumstances, it would become much more difficult to hit the bull’s-eye.
 What made things even more difficult was that the arrow had to travel through the twisted space and still hit the bull’s-eye.
 It was as difficult as ascending to heaven.
 “This Monarch Yu is incredible. If he still can hit the bull’s-eye under fiftyfold gravity, his talent at archery is terrifying.”
 Monarch Yu’s action shocked everyone. Even Holy Venerates might fall under fiftyfold gravity. They would find it hard to free themselves.
 If Monarch Yu could still firmly hit the bull’s-eye under such circumstances, it would be like saying that he had the strength to kill Holy Venerates.
 Monarch Yu held the Goose Dragon Bow and shouted. He drew the bowstring, and his dynasty’s might soared continuously.
 The dynasty’s might eventually took the form of a strand of golden dragon Qi. It flew into the sky, and the clouds there all scattered.
 The cloud cover vanished, and the vast universe with stars dotting the sky suddenly appeared.
 When one looked up into the distance, one could see a sky full of stars. Monarch Yu used his dynasty’s might to support himself and cleared out all the clouds in the heavens.
 This created the mysterious phenomenon of a reversal of the sun and day. Despite it being daytime, one could see countless stars flickering in the sky.
 The stars above the Central Great Realm looked exceptionally bright.
 What did it mean to be central? It meant that it was the center of the universe, of the Starry Heavens, because the Great Thousand Realms had it as the origin. The countless clusters revolved around it.
 At this moment, Monarch Yu gave the impression that he was the only light among a sea of people, the person whom everyone revolved around.
 Monarch Yu suddenly released, and the stars in the sky gave off a bright light. The boundless starlight descending fell straight down.
 The arrow fired was like a rainbow shooting through the sun, transforming into a resplendent beam of prismatic light.
 All who blocked it would be swept away. It was undefeatable as it flew straight forward. The twisted space did not affect the arrow at all.
 “Boom!” In the next moment, a loud sound rang out. The target board made of precious divine material instantly shattered.
 The shock wave from this arrow slightly shook the entire drill ground. The sight of this might horrified many of those who were weaker.
 Monarch Yu’s entire body looked bright and resplendent, like he was a sovereign ruler. His long hair fluttered about, and starlight surrounded him.
 Monarch Yu smiled coldly and tossed the Goose Dragon Bow rudely at Xiao Chen. He said coldly, “How can you compete with me in archery? I want to see just exactly how you can defeat me!”
 Xiao Chen caught the bow, and the force contained within the bow shook the surroundings, kicking up a strong wind.
 Everyone felt Monarch Yu’s rage and disdain. At this moment, his aura reached its peak since stepping into the Marquis’s Residence.
 It was clearly Monarch Yu who was rude. However, the people present only felt that Xiao Chen should not have challenged him.
 Monarch Yu had shown that his archery skills were very strong already. However, Xiao Chen purposely chose this item. This was simply seeking trouble.
 “How I defeat you?” Xiao Chen smiled coldly to himself. Naturally, he already had a plan on how to win this bet.

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