EOD - Chapter 272: Ending And Beginning

Chapter 272: Ending And Beginning

“How should I describe it?” Momo said, “At that moment, I somehow understood something. It wasn’t like suddenly obtaining a power-up. It was more like it was a part of my power all along, but I had never truly displayed this power to its fullest.”

Momo grabbed Khina’s soul and extracted the purest part of it as the carrier for the new soul. Then, she forcefully fused it with the baby girl and formed a new state of life.

“Death isn’t the end; it’s just a different state of life. This world is a physical world, so the manifestation of life is the physical body. The various systems within the body sustain the life of the physical body; hence, once the internal systems are destroyed, the life dies. However, in reality, the body and soul are both interconnected and independent. Most of the time the soul still can survive even after the death of the physical body, but the independent soul can’t survive for long due to the corrosion caused by the physical world,” Momo slowly explained.

“In the underworld, a new balanced state of life can be formed where the soul supersedes the physical body as the dominant manifestation of the lifeform’s system of life. You all probably don’t understand this now, but to summarize, she’s not a normal baby anymore. Furthermore, since the soul became the main manifestation of her life, the real world is no longer suitable for her to live in due to the corrosion it causes on the soul. Thus, she can only go to the Underworld.”

The people who didn’t understand initially suddenly understood upon looking at the baby girl. Seeing a floating soul-like entity hovering beside the baby, all of them could understand what Momo meant by having the soul as the main and dominant manifestation of her life. Did that mean that the body of the baby girl now could be considered a puppet? Could they understand it as that?

“Not a puppet!” Momo seemed to know their thoughts but didn’t explain in further detail.

At this time, motes of light poured out continuously from Khina’s center. Anybody could tell that Khina’s soul wouldn’t survive for much longer.

Momo looked at Khina for a long while before saying, “I don’t hate you at all. If not for the events of the past, we wouldn’t have been able to grow to this point. If you want to, you can enter the Dark Kingdom. However, the core of your soul is already damaged, so even if you enter the Dark Kingdom, you will dissipate quickly, and the most that you will become is a broken soul without any memory.”

“I...want to stay by her side for a while,” Khina said.

“OK!” Momo nodded and propped up the baby.

A black light appeared in her hands, and Khina and Sha Luo both disappeared within the light. Momo’s eyes shined and she stared at the world inside the Dark Kingdom. Entering the Dark Kingdom, Khina carried the little baby Sha Luo in her arms with an incomparable motherly love. Based on the rate of dissipation of Khina’s soul, she would become a broken soul without any memories within two years.

Two years… she thought. Would Sha Luo even remember her after two years?

Momo then looked at the city absorbed inside the Dark Kingdom. After absorbing the city, the Dark Kingdom possessed some land of its own. The physical bodies of the people who were absorbed into the Dark Kingdom were dead. Momo looked at the broken city and felt that she could make her Dark Kingdom better. The Dark Kingdom should have the appearance of a kingdom.

After giving some instructions to the souls inside the Dark Kingdom, Momo turned to Vala, Heloise, and Mavis. Ever since the beginning of the White Underworld, the three of them had been the caretakers of it.

“Vala, Mavis, and Heloise, you guys can ignore it even if somebody tries to create trouble. I will make all the trouble-making souls disappear after settling the things outside.”

“Yes!” Vala and the two others immediately shivered and replied seriously.

Momo had changed. She was no longer the fat little girl following behind them. She had already become the White Underworld Princess, ruler of the Dark Kingdom.

“Bai Yi, there’s also Yeye!” Betsy reminded after Momo absorbed Khina and the baby girl into the Dark Kingdom.

“En!” Bai Yi nodded. However, in truth, Bai Yi didn’t know if Yeye still existed.

Yeye could only appear when they were connected to the internet, and Bai Yi was sure that the United Nations hadn’t overlooked Yeye and sent people to retrieve her. Suddenly, Bai Yi looked to the left and the rest of them followed his gaze. After a while, a team walked towards them. Everybody could recognize the group as people who had attacked Bai Yi’s team but escaped in time not to be absorbed into the Dark Kingdom.

Everybody had a look of puzzlement on their faces.

Don’t tell me they still have something planned, someone thought.

The man in front passed them a sealed box, and the people in Bai Yi’s team immediately narrowed their eyes.

The leader of the group passed them the sealed box containing Yeye’s main computer and looked at Bai Yi directly, “I have no ill intentions. I’m just returning this to its rightful owner.”

After a long while, the man smiled and turned away.

“Does this mean that you owe me a favor?” The man said as he walked back to his team. “Just kidding, I just felt that it wouldn’t be fun if I let you constantly think about me because of this thing.”

“Your name?” Bai Yi asked.

The man heard Bai Yi’s question and replied loudly without turning his head, “Darren! They call me Big Brother De!”

He was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to hold it in and challenge Bai Yi. His body was trembling with excitement. This new era, this revolutionary age had already begun.

Bai Yi only watched Darren’s back retreat with the rest of his team. It seemed that various people had already started revealing themselves in this new era. After Darren’s group left, Bai Yi looked at the people in front of him.

“Let’s leave!” Bai Yi said and the rest of them immediately followed.

Although the United Nations’ scheme had failed, he couldn’t deny that the United Nations still had more power than they did. Furthermore, they were all injured. It wasn’t that they couldn’t fight at all, but it wouldn’t end well if they met any more enemies and were detained because of them.

The group followed Bai Yi and headed out of the city. None of them had thought of where they should head to now. Bai Yi didn’t have a plan either, but the most important thing was to find an absolutely safe place to heal. They could talk about the rest later.

A few clear cries rang through the sky, and Bai Yi saw the three flying evolved lifeforms in the air.

He suddenly said, “We’ll go back to the Devil Isles!”

The people belonging to Bai Yi’s team originally recognized the birds upon sight. They were the flying evolved lifeforms that brought them to Tasmania from the Devil Isles! The three creatures had never returned to the Devil Isles after coming to this place. They weren’t among the most powerful on the Devil Isles, but they were overwhelmingly stronger than the lifeforms on Tasmania. They were obviously happier living the life of a tyrant.

However, the three of them were apparently going to become slave labor again and take Bai Yi’s group back to the Devil Isles.

They still remembered Bai Yi’s team, and Momo’s overbearing pressure on other lifeforms was practically inborn. Although they were injured, Bai Yi’s team easily got the three flying evolved lifeforms to fly back to the Devil Isles.

Everybody stood on the back of the three flying evolved lifeforms and looked back at the slowly disappearing coastline. They were returning to the Devil Isles, but it was only a temporary break to recuperate. When they returned, their target would be the wide world from which they had been isolated for more than ten years.

Just wait and see, you bastards!


It ended. The battle of Tasmania ended just like that, and there was probably nobody who had expected that outcome. The United Nations’ so-called underworld failed, all the dead souls went into Momo’s Dark Kingdom, and the city had been left in ruin.

A large majority of the people in the city had died, and there were only a few hundred survivors from the two sides who had clashed. From the total number of survivors from the Devil Isles, not even a hundred remained. From the United Nations, there were only the two hundred plus evolved humans remaining who had run away at the beginning.

However, these survivors were all witnesses of the battle of Tasmania. Various mystical and magical powers became real such as the strength of a perfectly evolved LV3 and the overwhelming power of Momo’s Law Treasure: Dark Kingdom.

Just as Bai Yi said, the world was free!

The entire world stood on the edge of revolution, and the era of the next hundred years would select the people who could truly stand at the top of the world. It was easy to imagine just how great an impact these survivors would have on the world!


An intense and frightening aura suddenly erupted from Tongariro National Park Research Facility on the Devil Isles. The various lifeforms living in that area felt as if a catastrophe was imminent and immediately ran away in a panic. A figure broke through an embryo and walked out of it. Her naked body was perfect and incomparably tempting.

The woman was reborn after absorbing the flesh and blood of the Progenitor as well as the essence of countless experimental subjects.

In Hong Qi Hua’s eyes were the hatred and grudge that came from the Progenitor, the experimental subjects, and various evolved lifeforms. The hatred flashed continuously in her eyes before fading into nothing.

In the end, she only spoke one word, “Humans!”

Taking a step, Hong Qi Hua stepped on the blade of a small willow leaf knife. Hong Qi Hua bent down and picked up the willow leaf knife in her hands.

She brandished it lightly and thought, What a familiar feeling.

Written by Demon’s Realm (妖的境界). Translated by windiven. Edited by ArtyTheKid, Jafz.