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Zhan Yue Patreon Updates

Hi all, patreon prices have been updated to make it more affordable :) Please head over to

I have also created a discord channel for all of us to chill in :)

If you wish to support the novel, read up to 60 releases ahead of public releases, and contribute to a higher weekly release rate, please consider subscribing to my patreon. All support is appreciated. :) 
Currently, I am offering:
->5 advance releases for 5$
->10 advance releases for 10$
->18 advance releases for 20$
->30 advance releases for 40$
->40 advance releases for 60$
->60 advance releases for 100$

I have also set a few goals, which is that for every $1000 on patreon, I would increase the release rate by 2 a month!