Change in Release Schedule; I Simply Can't Keep Up
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Change in Release Schedule; I Simply Can't Keep Up

As those of you who read my previous announcement know, I had started a job since the start of the year. At first, I thought I could just push myself and maintain the release pace until EIF was fully translated, which wasn't too far away. However, after one month of trying this, I found that even though I had the time, I'm just too tired to tl that many chapters. Perhaps I'm just still adjusting to a new routine, but as things stand right now, I just can't tl enough chapters. I have burned through all of my EIF stockpiles and am even slightly behind on the Patreon chapters for the highest tiers. 

It is with great regret that I have to lower the release rates for both EIF and TOOLATE to three chapters a week each (mon, wed, fri) until either I finish translating EIF (about 100+ chapters to translate, not release) or somehow get used to the routine and be able to push harder.