End of book one
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Journey Towards The GODS End of book one

Greetings, chapter 179 marks the end of book one, I thank all the readers for reading and supporting this filthy book! As you can see from the abnormal size of chapters(some are 3K+, some 4k+, and some even 5k+ words full), I am not at all capable of writing in a webnovel style. Usually, webnovel chapters are 1.5K to 1.7K words long and chapter numbers stretch for as long as authors can keep increasing. I am completely unable to do it. I write scenarios without thinking of chapter length and word count, I write them as they come to my mind. However, it needs to change and I need to manage words per chapter from now on. It is a very difficult process for me and it won't feel good to read from the start. But I will do my best.

Now the bad news(or the worst news), I have not managed to write much for the last three months. I admit that I was being lazy but at the same time, there have been situations completely out of human hands that keep me from writing much, for example, consistent electricity outages. The situation is pretty bad in my area and this is merely the tip of the iceberg. But still, I have been a bit lazy too, I can't deny it but I am writing what I can. 

I want to write a whole lot of chapters and then begin uploading. There may not be any chapters next week or even the week after that and I apologize for it. I hope for your understanding. I will definitely start uploading from June if I can not manage within May. I hope to see you all soon.