We are back, sort of.
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Apex War God We are back, sort of.

So, sorry about the long hiatus. Many things happened, and we faced a manpower shortage. plus, It was kind of tough for me to make time to check every chapter and so on. I take full blame for it. 

Anyway, I know I promised to make up for the past backlog, but honestly, the backlog is so big now, it's very daunting to even think about it. So, I'm sorry about this, but I'm going to have to break my promise to make up for all the backlog. For now, I'm just going to release chapters as and when I can, I'll try to do more than the initial release rate of 2 per week to make up for that fact. Then, we will set a more routine release rate once things stabilize.

Anyway, expect a release some time today.