Chapter 681- 20 minutes later.
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Zhan Yue Chapter 681- 20 minutes later.

When I started to attack the 13th darkness dragon, there weren’t many of them left attacking our formation but there weren’t many of us left either. There were only 5000 players left on this huge map. The others were on the way to revive.

After focus firing, with Lin Xi’s sword skills, the final one of them fell to the ground.

Looking at the player and darkness dragon corpses on the ground, everyone was stunned. Lin Xi frowned as she looked at the corpses and walked to my side. She smiled, “I used the public mode when these dragons arrived, all the spoils of war entered our guild treasury and don’t belong to any single person, now… The guild treasury is filled.”


I was a little shocked and went to open the guild treasury. Now I was stunned. Although this battle was short and rushed, but With You earned a lot. Groups of equipment appeared in front of my eyes---

Heaven Frost Leggings (Chaotic Grade), Dragon Soul Necklace (Chaotic Grade), Dragon Soul Bracelet (Chaotic Grade)

Death Spirt Dragon Bracers (Legacy Grade) x3, Death Spirit Dragon Chestplate (Legacy Grade) x2, Death Spirit Dragon Leggings (Legacy Grade) x4, Death Spirit Dragon Dagger (Legacy Grade) x2, Death Spirit Dragon Axe (Legacy Grade) x2, Death Spirit Dragon Staff (Legacy Grade) x6


It was hard to imagine that all of this was dropped from this wave of Quasi Chaotic Grade monsters. There were three Chaotic Grade equipment and 19 Legacy Grade equipment. It was this wave alone. Apart from that, there were 102 super orange and orange gear. Although 4000+ of us died but our gains were far more than we could imagine.

“Feels like we are rich!”

Light Lantern frowned, “How do we split this batch of gear?”

Lin Xi said in the guild channel, “The equipment will be auctioned tomorrow. Fight well today and earn contribution points. At 12, you can use your points to exchange for the gear you want. Three of them are Chaotic Grade!”

All of a sudden, the guild was buzzing.

At this moment, the battlefield was still in chaos. With the dragons charging,

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