Chapter 666- Dragon Region Technique
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Zhan Yue Chapter 666- Dragon Region Technique

Not long later, a new defence line appeared in front of the dimension legion army. Dragon Region forces faced Cannibals that they had never seen before but they didn’t look afraid at all. On the contrary, they were pumped up. In front of With You, there were Dragon Region soldiers too that helped us block the cannibals.


“Wu wu wu---”

The conch sounded out and the cannibals started to retreat to form a formation around 200 meters in front of the Dragon Region army. Not long later, the dense group of Cannibals was prepared. In front of them, their king appeared and his eyes were filled with killing intent, “Dragon Region? Scoff, even Dragon City in the past fell. So what about the so-called Dragon Region? Cannibals, attack, trample over them!”

“Kong kong kong---”

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Before the Cannibals charged, they roared before running with their stone hammers.

“Prepare to defend!”

Among the Dragon Region soldiers, a tender voice spread out. The commander was hidden within the army.

In the next moment, the Cannibals were right ahead. Stone hammers descended from above.

“Dragon Defence Fortress!”

Along with orders being given, the Dragon Region warriors roared and dragon energy surged out from their dantians. Dragon energy spread out and formed dragon winged pillars in front of them that was covered in scales. It was as if they had summoned an impenetrable iron wall. Cannibals smashed onto the pillars and they were actually forced back.

“Flame Dragon Stab!”

Along with the commander shouting, numerous Dragon Region soldiers on the frontline stabbed out. Red dragon energy spread from around their bodies as they slashed out 5-10 meter long flame energy that thrust into the bodies of the Cannibals. In a blink, a huge group of Cannibals fell in front of the frontline.

“Charge, charge!” The Cannibal king roared from far away.

More Cannibals charged forwards.

“Retreat by five meters!”

With the order given, all the Dragon Region soldiers move

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